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Found 14 results

  1. Hi all. A long story cut short - over the last few years I have never enjoyed picking up medication from our local Doctors surgery, which is a small branch of a bigger surgery, because of the awful service that you have to put up with - very slow service, pills almost always being mislaid or sometimes not being able to be found with a request to 'come back later'. I finally had enough last September when a I was waiting for over ten minutes for an employee to find my pills when I was in a rush as I had a busy day ahead of me, I phoned the main surgery to question why this was always happening and spoke to someone (let's call her 'J') in the position to deal with complaints. She advised that to make 'the board' aware of any issues, she needs to receive the complaint in writing. I explained that I was recovering from concussion and that my concentration levels were quite poor and asked her to pass on my concerns to them. She said again how if I was serious then she would need it in writing. I asked what would happen if she didn't receive it and she said that she would deal with it informally and I got the distinct impression that she was trying very hard to persuade me not to put it in writing and that she wouldn't deal with it. This did the trick and I never got around to completing the letter and ever since then I've always thought what an effective filtering system it is because rarely do people actually sit down to write letters these days. Unfortunately, due to the effects of the concussion and other issues, I never did complete the letter of complaint. During December I attempted to make contact with her manager (let's call her 'S') because I felt frustrated that J had effectively stopped my complaint from being passed on and still the local surgery was awful (I was in a line of people who were all saying similar things to "It's always like this"). Getting hold of her manager was extraordinarily difficult with various promises of a call back never materialising. Finally last week I rang the surgery and asked the receptionist to get S to call me back as I would like to complain about how 'J' dealt with my verbal complaint. Finally S left a voice message saying how she had heard that I wanted to speak to both her and 'J', which I found a little odd. Just now, I finally got to speak to 'S' on the phone. She explained that 'J' was listening in to the call. I asked for a meeting next week. S said that next week was not possible but whenever the meeting does take place then J will be present. I stated how I believed that being as part of my complaint was about J then this would make things quite awkward and uncomfortable for myself. S insisted that J would have to be present so that they would both hear what I had to say. S did press me for what my complaint was about and I explained that if she were to look at J's notes (that J promised me she took at the time) then she would know exactly what this was about (at this point I was suspecting that J never did take notes on my complaint and just let the matter slide) Although I persevered with getting a meeting with S in two weeks' time, she again insisted that J be present. My question is, is it the norm when making a complaint about someone that they be there whilst you are making the complaint? If it is, then so be it, but I am curious. *Sorry for the length of this, I guess I didn't cut it short after all.
  2. Hello I hope you can help - I have someone who is a decent human being but has been put is a difficult situation. Someone else was helping him before but I’ve been called on-board as the other person hasn't got the time. He has been on ESA for a long time, He suffers from severe social anxiety, depression, body image issues and also post-traumatic stress due to many issues; most of which are childhood-related, whereas the traumatic stress (I believe) was relatively recent (5 years ago) due a severe facial injury that required intense facial- reconstruction; (were talking hours of surgery and many surgeons) He has been on a continual downward spiral since as he has no support network and his heavy drinking with which he has used to cope with his social anxiety! This has now culminated with him having a psychotic episode a few weeks ago that resulted him being imprisoned for 6 weeks on remand. He received a suspended sentence plus counseling for drink. No one was hurt, though I’m assuming the experience hasn’t been pleasant for anyone that was involved. I cannot stress enough that the person Is decent human being that hasn’t had the help he’s needed for years. His ESA was such that even wrote him off (never needed a tribunal etc) but since coming out of prison he has found that his ESA has been stopped. Im assuming it was because he went to prison the last amount paid into his account was june 6th! and nothing after this. He doesn’t have the skills to get it reactivated on his own! I have done some homework, and found that he is classed (still) as a remand prisoner as just being locked up from June 6 to approx 5-6 later! I believe from my own research (limited) that..... 1 There is a 12 week period within which the EAS can be re-activated / or linked) is this correct? 2 and that this means that there is not major/ substantial extra information needed to be sent to the dwp? And that it is merely a case filling in a new form and re-activating the claim? 3 However he hasn’t been in proper contact with a DR due to him slipping off the radar in terms of doctors notes (he hasn’t needed them for over three years, so you can imagine that someone who suffers from such conditions has simply let things continue!) will he need one now? 4 Or is it simply a case of filling in the correct forms etc? He has no money since coming out of prison- his rent was paid by housing benefit but the short-fall which was made up by himself with the ESA which obviously means the current situation is-not sustainable 5 he will not need to see Atos, surely if it is simply the case of linking the claim? In conclusion I’m unsure which type of ESA he was on but I’m sure it falls within the category of not needed to attend any support group. He hasn’t needed to supply an updated Dr’s note to Atos or the dwp. I have not phoned the ESA yet on his behalf as I’m not sure if I’m up to the task. But the idea is I would like to get the ESA up and running the way it was before, but obviously to try and get him some type of support group as well. Can anyone help? As the 12 week cut off period is looming? Thanks
  3. Hi, on the 13th August I was referred to Ingeus by my JSA Advisor and told to expect a call off them. On the 15th August I had a severe epileptic seizure caused by stress and was given a sicknote for 12 weeks by my doctor. He thinks, due to me being severely depressed and prone to more seizures, that I should be on ESA. I closed my claim for JSA on the 17th and opened my claim for ESA on the same day. Later that day I had a letter from Ingeus telling me to attend on the 27th. There were no mentions of sanctions or anything like that, but it caused me to become very agitated. I called the number on the letter (their general enquiry number I think) and the man, without asking for any details, told me I still had to attend. Is this correct? My JSA claim is now closed and my ESA claim is being processed. I've never met nor spoken to Ingeus before, so do I still need to go? I'm very ill at the moment and this might make me worse I fear. Obviously in 13 weeks if they put me in WRAG, that's a different situation but right now I am very ill. Any info on this would be very very appreciated!
  4. I haven't been to the doctors for over 30 years so I am not sure what the procedure is any more and I have multiple issues I need addressing that require me to bite the bullet and make an appointment. I need the doctor to confirm in writing I have 1, colour blindness 2, fear of heights 3, motion sickness over long distances I am not sure how apart from colour blindness he would be able to diagnose the other problems, will the doctor just deal with all 3 in a single session and accept my word , will he even entertain such a request, would there be a charge if I am in receipt of JSA ?
  5. Bailiffs lock doctors out of Coombswood Surgery in Halesowen Mohammed Waqas, of Evergreen Pharmacist opposite on the Coombs Road surgery, said: "The staff turned up for work but could not get in as the locks had been changed. He added: "We are disappointed that the patient experience has been affected in this way, as are the practice, but we are assured that they are working hard to maintain patient services from their other sites." http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-36434956
  6. All they think about is themselves not me and you, they don't really care that you are in severe pain or need a life saving operation. They whinge they are doing too many hours and when the hours are cut they whinge they are losing pay. Join the real world, you can't have it both ways. How many will die in the next strike which will see the withdrawal of emergency cover as well. Proof there that they just don't care.
  7. Hi all,hope someone can give some advice on this. Here's a brief history,I had a subacromial decompression operation back in Dec.2014,I returned to work in Feb.2015,by this time they had introduced a night shift on a rota of 1 in 9 weeks aswell as the 6/2,2/10 shift.I managed to do 2 night shifts in 2015,by the end of 2015 my shoulders have gotten worse and sleeping has become more difficult,averaging 5/6hrs of interrupted sleep each night. This year they have increased the night shift rota to 1 in 5 weeks,I did my first one at the beginning of January where i averaged 3hrs sleep per day over the week. I went to see my manager and asked if i could be taken off nights,they came back to me and said if there's a medical reason they would look into it.So I went to my doctors,they prescribed me some tablets to ease the pain and aid sleep on a short term basis.I'm also due for another operation in March. The doctor gave me a doctors note/recommendation to be taken off nights until my shoulders are sorted out.Problem I have is that I've no idea how long this will be and work want me back on nights asap otherwise I could be out of a job,with work stating I'm not fulfilling my contract(I'm on an annualised hours contract) The works doctor has seen my note and said I should have no trouble doing the work but didn't understand it wasn't the work that was making me ill,it's the lack of sleep. I hope thats clear to understand,there are a few things in my doctors note I don't wish to disclose but believe me it was strongly worded. Any help appreciated
  8. So did they take the 'hippocratic oath' or the 'hypocrite'. Seems it's not a vocation any longer but a job for lets see how much money we can squeeze out of the NHS and sod the sick.
  9. I have just had a return to work interview where I was off sick for 9 days in total. I have been told by my manager that due to company procedure that due to me being off sick on more than 3 occasions in a 12 month period they will not be paying me the days I was off sick. Their company procedure states that: "The Company reserves the right to limit the number of absences in any 12 month rolling period to a total of 3 periods of absence. At this time the Company will review the application of the sickness scheme and reserves the right to withdraw the entitlement to OSP at any time" I had followed procedure and had contacted them keeping them updated of my illness and I went to the doctor on the 3rd day of me being off sick and I have a doctors note for the period I was off apart from the 1st 2 days. My question is, where do I stand, are they allowed to not pay me anything? What do I do now?
  10. Hello to all, I am the father of a fifteen year old autistic boy who had to recenlty attend a meeting with a "relatively" new doctor to our son (so far two visits) who frankly I feel has overstepped her boundaries and deserves putting back in her place. Some background my son was finally diagnosed at 13, some nine years after my wife and I raised our concerns but has been stated since he was four, due to a lack of diagnosis it has been one long and constant battle to get him any help and support from either his school or the NHS & my wife and I are worn out. My son only eats four different things, chips, pizza, jacket potato's & baked beans, we have been concerned about his weight since he was four and so far he has gone through two dieticians and four support workers who have treid to change what he eats to no avail and although we have not given up due to more pressing concerns like his asthma, pain in his legs and trying to ensure his happiness in a world he finds overwhewlming we have never pressed the matter. He also suffers from various medical conditions that various doctors have linked to his autism, he suffer pains in his legs, the doctors think it may be a mental or physical issue but are mixed as to which way forward. When he is in pain we often have to take him to hospital and he walks with a crutch, he does have a wheelchair but I do not use it unless he is in absolute agony. Now to the doctor, she has decided Jack's issue's are down to his weight not his autism and that my wife and I neglect him as we only feed him what he likes and do not force him to try other things, this would be difficult with a normal child but nigh on impossible with Jack. The fact that I work is also neglect apparently as my 60/70 hour working week should be less and I should be taking Jack swimiing etc. ( I do when I can) we have also tried to get him involved in boxing / rughy / footbal / cycling but as with a lot off autistic children he finds these activities in groups overwhelming. As I reminded the doctor that putitng the clothes on his back, the roof over his head and the food on his table was a long way from neglect and she then preceded to lecture me at 44 as to what I can eat our relationship has deterioted so much she threatened my wife with social services in front of our child but not me as she probably knew by then I would hvae wipped the floor with her "i am god attitude" Even though our GP / all his other doctors / his school have told her he is far from neglected she has followed through with her threat and contacted social services, which means yet another person rocking our boat while we try to steer a steady ship to adulthood for our son and I have no intention of letting her getting away with such a vindictive step based on no reasonable grounds just the fact that I would not kiss her ar?e and treat her like a demi god. We have nothing to hide and know when we get the call we will pass with flying colours but my wife has already suffered one minor stroke caused by the stress of our son's autism and my poor son has gone from a happy boy to one scared to eat or answer the door in case he is taken away from his parents, there must be some way I can teach this "bully" masquerading as a doctor a leasson and would welcome suggestions. :mad2:
  11. I signed up for a gym with a 3 year contract (dumb I know!). I had a back problem and was hoping this gym could help me as they 'claimed' they had a therapy pool. Ive been unhappy with the gym, equipment out of order for long periods of time, its smells unsanitised and the pool is definitely not as warm as it used to be. Since then, my back problem has progressed and Im now having problems with my leg and foot which is making walking painful. Im seeing a physio, podiatrist etc.. and during a chat with my doctor, he said he would be happy to provide a letter to cancel my gym membership. Im trying to find my contract but Im sure it said i could cancel on the basis of moving out of the area, redundancy or a doctors letter. Does anyone know how Harlands deal with this or will they be slippery customers and try to demand extra money from me (even though I havent used the gym in 5 months now due to my medical issues?) Thanks!
  12. Hi everyone My friends Mother has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and is going into a care home as her condition is quite bad. A utility company deb agency has refused to deal with his family stating they need a doctors letter which states who is to deal with utility company ! This cant be right can it ? They have already sent a doctors letter which states her condition but the debt agency wont accept it ! Any advice please would be helpful Thanks in advance.
  13. So at my workplace as with many others we have strict trigger points for non attendance and absence. Which rightly I appreciate as it's to ensure employees aren't going sick for a hangover or to go to a do or whatever. But nowhere is there any lenience for an employee who has genuinely been ill. Since I began working at my workplace I have had a lot of sickness(Possibly brought on by work in the 16 months) all backed up with medication and antibiotics I had proven I'd been given and in 2 cases now a doctors unfit to work form. Yet my employer doesn't see this as a reason to be off... I even had other colleagues asking me after I had returned to work having handed in my sick note, why I had time off when I wasn't ill and this has come from a managers mouth to the employees. Is this allowed, is a manager allowed to say on a presumption that when I had called in originally that I wasn't ill and throwing a 'sicky'? But carrying on with the current matter. I have just returned to work after having 8 days off and that being 6 working days due to having a bad chest infection that rendered me unable to do anything as I had severe trouble breathing and was coughing up blood, so respectively my doctor signed me off for a week. I have returned to be told by 1 manager that another manager is going to have a word with me tomorrow informing me that a letter will be sent home for a disciplinary hearing again. As said, I've been ill before and have had this meeting and I was shocked that they could do this, not knowing if this is allowed as I was legally signed off as unfit for work. If they do give me a disciplinary whether it's informal, written, verbal warning perhaps even dismissal as that's what this company is like (Our staff turnover is around 50%). What is the procedures over this kind of action I recently read up on ACAS's rules for disciplinary ect, and I found it interesting that to any disciplinary we have a right to appeal, which as of yet from 2 separate meetings was never told I could, I was never informed I can appeal to a disciplinary, is that grounds of which I can appeal to them now? or is a tribune more valid now? Let me know what you think guys as I'm sure somehow they 48Hour relief period between letter being delivered and the meeting occurring as standard policy will go out the window and they'll try and get my in either tonight on shift or tomorrow. Sam -
  14. I have been rather ill recently. I am already disabled with a broken back, but I was diagnosed with cancer last year and had surgery to remove the tumor. I had to go back again this March to have some more surgery to finish things off. I have been unable to work for some time, and the little money I have coming in does not cover the bills as such. I wrote to my creditors and asked them to write the debts off as there was no prospect of paying them. I have received a letter from one credit card this week. A nice enough letter, but it asks me for a doctors letter to confirm my illness. I am not actually sure what thay want me to get, but I feel very uncomfortable discussing my personal finances with my GP. Any advise would be appreciated.
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