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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, The background story is me and my tutor agreed to meet at his home on Saturday from 9-12 for a three hour tutoring session. I have been to his house 5 times before using a mobile gps. Unfortunately yesterday I was on the motorway, went too far, my mobile wasn't working properly so I had to use my own navigation skills Moreover, I got lost and decided after I would go home because I was freaking out after getting lost and thought I would get more lost. My phone was not working properly so I could not contact him. I got home and my sister was there and used her phone to text my tutor an apology and gave him this reason. He now wants £105 for him for wasting his time. I did not have the tutoring session, could he possibly take me to a small claims court for not turning up at his tutoring session? He did not tell me his cancellation policy and I have not signed a contract or anything and I did not have the lesson.
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm new on here but would be really grateful if some can assist me. I booked some Guarantee pass driving lesson with a company, I failed the test 3 times, throughout my tutition I was calling the company complaining that the instructor was not teaching me correctly. Now that I have failed another test, they have written to me stating they are going to void the contract because they say nether I or my representative told them that I had a medical condition (I am dsylexic) and because a clause in the conditions states. "The Student confirms that he has no medical condition which may preclude him or inhibit him from sitting his practical driving test successfully". My representative states she did mention I was dsylexic in her initial call to the company to discuss the courses offered, after speaking to me the course was confirmed on the Monday 18th June . However the contract is validated when you make your payment which I did on 20th June, and was sent the contract by email on 21st June. THis clause is also in their Terms and Condition on their website. I have not disclosed my dsylexia to DVLA because I don't think I need to, I took my theory test with needing to inform them I was dsylexic. I only mention it to the instructor after failing my 2nd test because I starting to wonder whether this was why I failed. If I accept their proposal and things are still going wrong, or I am not happy, can I still take legal action if I wanted to. Their proposal What I would propose is to convert the course into a normal 12hr intensive course, as the existing agreement is void. The course will be done at cost price, with no additional administrative or test booking fee. The only funds payable will be the DSA test fee of £62 for a weekday test or £75 for an after hours or weekend test and the lesson price, calculated at cost. If you agree to this, the lesson fee will be £255.76 + DSA test fee of £62 = £317.76 On conversion of the course to the 12hr course mentioned, the outstanding lessons fees in terms of the void Guaranteed Pass contract will be written off. If I accept this proposal and things are still now working. Can I still dispute, either go to court if necessary?
  3. A friend of mine was in despair following Santander not only charging him for a failed direct debit,but then continued to add further daily charges. He informed me that he had called them and emailed them,explaining that the charges were punitive since his only income is Jobseekers allowance. The fees stood at £55 and were rising. He asked me if I could help,and duly wrote him a letter. I was finding it hard to understand,how a bank like Santander,were openly flouting their obligations. My friend had pleaded with them and explained his situation. Santander of course could see from the account too-that he was in reciept of benefits since they were paid into this account. No excuses then...lets get to work. Account number xxxxxxxxxxx Sort Code xx xx xx letter before action Dear Sir/Madam, I am very disappointed in your response to my complaints which were made to you today, and that you have chosen to ignore my request for hardship, I therefore have no alternative but to seek recourse through the county court system. I believe that Santander have treated me unfairly under the following BCOB rules of which Santander should be compliant with,since Santander is a firm regulated by the FSA. Rule 5.1.1 R states “A firm must provide a service in relation to a retail banking service which is prompt, efficient and fair to a banking customer and which has regard to any communications or financial promotion made by the firm to the banking customer from time to time.” Rule 5.1.4 G “Principle 6 requires a firm to pay due regard to the interests of its customers and to treat them fairly. In particular, a firm should deal fairly with a banking customer whom it has reason to believe is in financial difficulty.” Santandar have been informed that I am in reciept of state benefits and that I need these to cover essential living costs including food and heat/lighting. Santander have not at any point acknowledged that this is a hardship case despite me notifying you.You have levied charges of £55 in recent days,and have refused to refund these in your return call to me on 6th.June. For these grounds I feel that I have been treated unfairly. In order for this claim to be settled without the need for court action I require that the full amount taken of £55 returned to me by way of a credit to my account. If I have not received a satisfactory response within 14 days then court action will be commenced without further notice and further costs will be incurred. A judgment for a breach of BCOBS is very serious and the FSA would be empowered to act. Yours Faithfully Mr V. Upset Would the recipients of his email to Santander actually know what the letter was about ? You bet they did! He got a reply quite swiftly...in fact in the space of 30 minutes. Message: Good Afternoon Mr V. Upset Thank you for your email. I am happy to reverse the amount of £55, which have been waived due to exceptional circumstances. To ensure no further charges are incurred on your accounts, we would ask you to monitor your accounts throughout the month. This can be completed through Online Banking, Local Branch and Telephone Banking. I hope this information is useful and if you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact me via Secure Messaging or my colleagues on 0845 9724724. Kind Regards, The nice man (who knows his BCOBs from his bankcharges) Santander Customer Services So the message to all those who believe they have been treated unfairly,is to give them a taste of their own famous words when they fob you off with sorry we cant refund the charges..... "This may not be the reply you wanted"
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