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  1. I took out a Service Plan agreement less than 14 days ago and want to cancel. Essentially you pay £26.99 a month for 18 months and it covers a major and minor service, fair enough. However, Ive decided to cancel and simply pay for each service in lump sums as it will in fact be better for me if I want to change cars within the timeframe as if I did then the balance is due which again is fair enough. However, I have NOT claimed on the plan at all and speaking to VW financial services they are saying ok but that it takes up to 28 days to cancel (funny how it only took 20 minutes t
  2. OK, so another letter calling it a Pre Legal Assessement which has a smell of a threat o gram as dx100uk called it earlier I hope Im right. Its saying my account may be transferred to Howard Cohen & Co solicitors who look like proper gits looking at a bit of googling about them which makes me think more and more its just a threat o gram?
  3. OK, points taken What if they just keep sending inane letters saying im wrong and theyre right and I owe them money? is there a way to stop that at all as I don't need the extra stress of it all to be honest.
  4. Think Ill wait and see what they send me next im sure that they will send something and then I guess replying and simply stating that they should stop harassing me for a statute barred debt would be the way forward and send it recorded too.?
  5. So, does that mean a CCJ and how would I know if they had issued one as I don't believe ive ever had one from them? again, sorry if this is a silly question I genuinely appreciate the help.
  6. So, yes it would appear the date on the photocopy is 04-05-07 ( I checked to make sure it wasnt a sunday lol, but it was a friday) so assume that means they can send a reconstituted copy? And on the sending letter due to expiry of the six years, ok not sent money or anything but does my contacting them (even though ive no memory of the card) not constitute them being able to enforce it somehow or am i being thick?
  7. Thanks everyone for this help as im really quite worried about this to be honest.
  8. Hi all, sorry for not replying, been a bit stressed with family life to be honest and work and thought I would get a letter from these guys within a week and would be back, guess what? I got a letter before the weekend (dated august 17th) so it's been 5 months since they said theyd look into it! so they have sent me what they says a copy agreement and says : Please note if an original credit agreement was not available, under the Consumer Credit Act a reconstituted copy my be provided Im not sure what this means but they have included a 2 page poor photocopy of what looks
  9. HI all new here. had a letter 10 days ago saying that a tesco card debt i apparantly owe money on is due to someone called HPH2 adn robinson way are to collect on it. I ignored it to be honest feeling it was a [problem] as i don't remember having a tesco card ever. a new letter came today with a list of payments I can make and to contact them so i did and spoke to a chap about this telling him i don't remember having one and could he tell me more. He said that the last time i paid it was a payment of £70 in July 2010! and I took it out in 2007! I have had problems with car
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