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  1. UPDATE: So, I rang Citizen's Advice first and they've got Equita to agree to paying back 40 pounds per month for 6 months since there's nothing of any value in my house they could possess and they wouldn't be getting access to it anyway. It's a bit of a stretch but I'll be starting some agency/temp work in the next week so that's definitely do-able. Plus, I've managed to land two full-time interviews for this week so fingers crossed I'll get one of those and I'll be able to pay the off fully So I guess that's pretty much resolved for now
  2. My housemate reckons we should be pointing out that we fall under Equita's vulnerable people policy. What do you guys think?
  3. I've found the three councillors for my ward. Is it worth emailing all 3 the same thing? From what you say, I should be going along the lines of explaining what happened to my payment plan, saying that I've tried to contact them and explain and negotiate a new payment plan based on my current finances. Since Equita have refused to engage in any meaningful discussion but seem hell-bent on removing my goods then I'm refusing to have any further dealings with them?
  4. I've found a list of my payments to the council online via the bailiff. 432.79 has been passed to the council which leaves me owing them 175.47. Because I paid their compliance fee straight off the bat, looking at what they've passed onto the council out of my original payments, I only owe Equita about 60 quid. If I write to/email the Council and Equita, who should I be trying to send my proposal to?
  5. UPDATE: So, Equita rang me this morning. They opened with asking me to pay in full, to which I obviously replied that I'd been trying to get in contact with them to discuss the fact that I have 0 income util I'm actually awarded anything. The guy on the phone said that since my last payment had been missed then next they'd be attending my flat with a view to remove goods. I double checked that they don't have a CGA which he confirmed they didn't. He basically ignored me when I told him that the reason my payment had been missed is that when I ran Equita to tell them I'd lost my job and unless I rearranged my payment plan then I would default, is that Equita told me my account was closed so I didn't chase it up and check it. He also didn't seem to listen when I told him that the reason Equita's payment had failed was that I had lost my job and it wasn't a case of WON'T pay, at the minute I'm genuinely a CAN'T pay. I offered to make a payment plan again on a much lower amount and he said they wouldn't be accepting anything at this stage. So, since Equita are dead set on coming over to attempt to seize goods, I was wondering: Since I've already been charged and enforcement fee before I made the original payment plan, can they charge me for that again? Shouldn't I count as a vulnerable person at the minute since I'm completely out of work and relying on the Government? What happens if I don't let them into my flat when they turn up? I dont have a car outside so no worries there What can I do to try and pay this off if Equita are point-blank refusin to make a plan with me? Finally, I'm moving out of this flat at the end of June. My tenancy's up then and I'll be moving elsewhere. What then? Just wanting to be prepared when they show up really
  6. I'd definitely remember if I'd signed a controlled goods act with them...Also, there's nothing in my flat that would cover the levy anyway. The kitchen appliances can't be seized so far as I'm aware and all the furnishings are rented from the landlord. The only thing of value I own is my Macbook which belongs to the place I used to work for until I've paid it off fully (I have a copy of the agreement too). So unless they're going to try and claim I've signed something when I haven't then I don't see how they're trying to charge the sales fee
  7. The council's been pretty good with this years's council tax to be fair to them. Discretionary council tax depends on whether or not there's money left for it in their budget I think so I'll have a look into that. I suspect Equita aren't going to be as understanding about it as most people are. If I could get them to refer it back to the council then I might be able to negotiate something with the council even if it's just token payments, but since I can't get anyone to talk to me from Equita about anything and the council keep sending me back to them I seem to be a bit lost as for what to do
  8. The issue I have with upping repayments from 20 quid is that I've lost my job and been moved onto Universal Credit. I haven't been officially told how much I'm going to receive but I've estimated to to be around 440 under my circumstances. So 440: I have to spend 300 on rent, 44 on this years council tax (with reduction), 35 on my phone bill (don't have a landline, relying on this for employers to contact me on). This leaves me with about 61 quid a month (going entirely on what I've calculated my entitlement to be) to sort out my household bills and food for myself The most I'm going to be able to give Equita while I'm unemployed is 20 quid a month and even that's a push. Once I'm working again though I'm more than happy to pay off whatever's left in full, it's just making do until I'm employed again
  9. I paid the 75 compliance fee earlier on in the process but forgot to ring back up and set up a direct debit with them for paying off the rest. As far as the councils concerned, they say I owe them 175.47 still so I guess Equita's total must include whats left of their fees and they must have taken some of my payments already made to cover their fees too. I just don't really want the whole thing hanging around any longer than it has to but I don't see what I can do if i can't get in contact with anyone and I can't afford to keep up the original payment plan
  10. I think I was given the notice after they'd visited and found that I wasn't in so I think they were right there with their 235 added on. And just saw, no I don't own a car
  11. Yeah it was made at the enforcement stage which I accepted. I never saw a bailiff, I got one of their enforcement notices through the door, panicked and rang them to organise a plan. I was originally going to go for 200 a month but the bailiff insisted on 250. They definitely haven't been into my flat, I definitely haven't signed a controlled goods agreement although the bailiff that rang me on the 8th said that there would be a fee of 110 pounds when he arrived at my flat which I don't see how he can charge. Original debt was 608.26, plus Equita fees brought it up to 843.26. I paid 100 straight away and another 2 lots of 250 before i lost my job so according to Equita I still owe 243.26
  12. I stuck my head in the sand with council tax last year and ended up having my debt passed to Equita. It got to enforcement stage before I managed to get someone to agree to a payment plan with me. I agreed to 250pm at the time as I was in full time work. I lost my job in April and rang Equita before my payment was due to advise them that I wouldn't be able to pay the same amount but would be willing to carry on paying a much smaller amount until I get back into work. (I'm currently waiting on an award of benefits from the DWP and have been given a council tax reduction for this year based on nil income until awarded universal credit because of this). When I rang Equita I was told that final payment had been taken and my account had been closed and that it was all fine by them. I didn't think to get the name of who I spoke to On the 8th, I was rung by one of their enforcement agents who told me that my last payment hadn't actually been made and they were informed of this on the 4th. He told me he would be coming round on the 9th. I rang him back later on in the day, he said he'd call me back in around 45 minutes and never did. He also has;t turned up at my flat. Since then I haven't been able to get in contact with him. I've called and texted, I've rung Equita, they said they couldn't do anything and out me back through to their bailiff who didn't answer the phone. I'm totally lost, I can't afford anything near what I was paying them back. The most I can spare is around 20 quid a month and I don't even know how much benefit I'm actually going to be given at the end of this month. I've been trying to find someone to talk to about it in the company but I'm at a total dead end. I can't spend forever in my flat waiting for him to eventually decide to show up!
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