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  1. Got a letter from Cabot today. "Thank you for paying in the past, we appreciate that you tried....you have £xx outstanding. You can set up a peronal payment plan..." From recall my CCG was held by Geoffrey Parker Bourne Solicitors, who are now down the drain. So, if GPB owned the debt that would be out there for scavengers now?
  2. How can I prevent it being a 'rubber stamped default judgement'? Other posts suggest that nothing is checked but they still get away with it. I've always been honest about what I owe, thought I was in the clear and now find that my debt was handled by a solicitors firm that was less than circumspect. Surely the court should write to me if they take it that far? And if they do, what do I reply with? I still intend to be honest, but I expect that the law will be followed by all parties. Your Q - Have cabot mentioned the CCJ or that they know they have a court j
  3. Sorry dx100UK and renegadeimp, I'm not ignoring or avoiding your questions. As said I shredded the CCJ thinking it was a part of my past and one more weight off. I've been trying to find paperwork while dealing with life and Cabot aren't helping. I have only the account number on the Cabot letter. If they have only basic details and not the full paperwork how do they actually sneak CCJs on people? I did the statute barred letter and they responded saying I have acknowledged the debt by paying 6 installments in 2013 but as far as I was aware the returned payment
  4. I celebrated after 2 or 3 direct debit payments were returned and shredded everything, I know better now. From recall I was paying Geoffrey Parker Bourne Solicitors and I just googled them and things have gone pear shaped! They collapsed around the time my payments were returned but no one from Wright Hassall Solicitors (really!) that took over contacted me. All I can think is that I should get bank statements dating back to 2008 which will show the regular £35 payments, who they were paid to, that I never intended to stop paying and then back track from there? p.s.
  5. Done! My credit file is still clear. I'll do a SAR to Cabot to make up for the guesses
  6. Had a CCJ. I paid £35/m for 5 years, my last payments were returned so I took it the debt was paid. 4 years later Cabot have turned up and no, they weren't the named collectors. I keep seeing they don't chase enforceable debts but I've also read they go sneak through the back door with new CCJs
  7. I sent the statued barred letter and Cabot responded with a 1/2 sheet of paper showing I'd paid £35 a month from 24/07/2013 to 30/09/2013 and therefore the debt isn't statute barred. The only match I can make with this sum is that in 2008 I had a CCJ where we agreed £35 / month and I set up a standing order (or direct debit) to pay and after 2 payments were / returned in 2013 I took it that the debt was paid off. Why else would a solicitor's firm stop taking money? My last letter from Cabot dated gave me 21 days to respond and that was dated 18/12/17 but was received 3 days a
  8. I'm sure it's barred as I buried my head in 2006 and never opened another account for anything what so ever. I think the 'prove it' route may be worth considering is there a link to a letter? Computers aren't my forte
  9. I don't know the card number, but they say "we own your MBNA - CREDIT CARD" (Their use of caps) and they want the repayment process to be as easy as possible and will guide me to free financial advice. Clearly CAG isn't on their list
  10. Helpful, thank you but to be clear if they come back with proof I do the statute barred thing? No proof = harassment and go away?
  11. They say MBNA - I honestly can't remember if I had an MBNA card as I had just about everything anyone would give me just to be able to buy food and shelter at the time. I know, if I did have and MBNA card, it would be statute barred as I took a deep breath and dive down in 2006 and stopped paying all creditors just to have some cash. Once I had some cash I acknowledged all creditors that contacted me within the 6 year period. I move next week.
  12. So should I write asking them for more detail / evidence as I'm worried about another CCJ and 6 year hassle? Perhaps my subject header was misleading but by saying I don't recall it doesn't mean I didn't have the card in question as I fell into the trap of opening new card accounts with 'free' transfers and then continued spending on the old card that had a zero balance as I owed more than I was earning.
  13. A google search led me here as I'm in the same boat as MadMat. I received a call yesterday, 21.11.17, from Cabot and the caller asked if I was free to speak to which I replied 'absolutely not'. This was true as I was just leaving for work at 07.45. Today I received a letter dated 17.11.17 saying they have recently confirmed I live at my address. I am in the process of moving house and can only think that the company that did the tenant referencing (I had to supply 10 years of addresses) passed my details on because I'm usually careful about sharing my details. I have
  14. Thanks muchly all, I feel better. The registry trust shows no CCJ's. I applied for the £2 Experian report last month and the worst it shows is some searches by Moneysupermarket for home contents insurance quotes and First Credit logging an entry in May 2013 but I'm not sure if that's visible to everyone??? Hang on! I've never dealt with 1st credit before. I'm going to take a deep breath and say no to having a CCJ. If that fails, I'm moving in with you
  15. In 2008 I received 3 CCJ's, one is now paid in full and the other 2 are being paid off at an amount agreed by the court. When these CCJ's were issued I was up front with my landlord's letting and managing agent we agreed to continue with a lease that had been in place from late 2006. I've never missed a payment in all these years. I now want to downsize and rent a new property as the year on year rent increases are getting too much. I've found a flat that I can easily afford however in the agents reference form there's the question 'have you ever had a
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