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  1. Hi, I understand from the tutors point of view and I have stated I will pay for the two hours he has missed. I did not get a service, so I'm not sure why I should pay the extra £35. If he does take me to the small claims, without a terms of contract, will he win? I don't want this to go to court and I'm not going to use him again for a tutor, I believe he is overpriced, he changed his fee from £30 to £35 to reflect market conditions.
  2. I contacted my tutor an hour before the lesson was going to end. I could not sufficiently contact him because my phone was not working. However, I am willing to pay for the 2 hours. I've contacted my former driving instructor which he stated you did waste his time and pay for the time wasted, however, if we was to go to the small claims court, he did not provide me with a terms of contract which may go against him. I will pay for the 2 hours I've wasted.
  3. Hi, thank you very much for your reply, I really appreciate it. He has a day job and I believe he is on a high salary since he has been working for 20 years. I believe he earns extra for tutoring sessions since I wanted to book a slot before and monday-sunday he was taken, he tutors after coming back from work 7-9.30 and also tutors on saturday and sundays at his own and even on skype. I did not get a reciept. However, we agreed by text to meet up, does this fom a contract?
  4. Hi, The background story is me and my tutor agreed to meet at his home on Saturday from 9-12 for a three hour tutoring session. I have been to his house 5 times before using a mobile gps. Unfortunately yesterday I was on the motorway, went too far, my mobile wasn't working properly so I had to use my own navigation skills Moreover, I got lost and decided after I would go home because I was freaking out after getting lost and thought I would get more lost. My phone was not working properly so I could not contact him. I got home and my sister was there and used her phone to text m
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