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Found 3 results

  1. Hi,All please can i get some advice regarding todays events, i was off sick with a trapped nerve in my lower back (I am a delivery driver) i was asked by my manager via text if i would return to work as a passanger to show the lad covering my run the route as my normal finish time is 14.00 and he finished at 19.30 the previous day, I agreed to this and also informed my manager that the Naproxin and anti inflamitaries do help a little so i will chip in as much as i can, Upon arrival at one of my deliveries which was a pub that doesnt open until 11.00am we got there at 10.40 and i was absolutely dying for a wee i checked the gate to see if anyone was already there so i could use their loo however it was all locked up i decided to go to the furthest secluded corner of the car park to have a wee, suddenly i heard a woman shouting at my work mate but couldnt work out what she was saying however her tone was very aggressive, i finished and went to see what the commosion was about, i saw a female hanging out of the upstairs window of the pub (in the whole year ive been delivering there i never knew that they lived above as someone always comes and opens up) she started to hurl abuse at me something about a tramp weeing in her car park i calmly apologised and explained that i was very desperate and couldnt hold until they opened up in 15 minutes she was having none of it again apologised and got back into the lorry and rang my boss to tell him. he told me he would sort it and not to worry. My colleague then returned explaining that they were refusing the order so we took it back. Upon arrival back to work i saw my manager who said that they'd complained and are wanting to speak with the directors therefore he doesnt know what will happen now and the pub has told them they dont want me delivering there anymore if they order tomorrow i wont be on it, (however id only returned from sick to show my colleague this round so would i be in my right to go back off sick) Also the pub had sent in some sort of footage showing my colleague smoking in the lorry and my manager said i apparently "jumped" out of the lorry which is not bad for someone with apparently a bad back, i actually felt insulted and said id already told you im on medication and it does help a little so i will chip in as much as i can. if i was faking it i wouldnt have gone in at all why would i ? would it be advisable to get a doctors note explaining the problem to my bladder that this trapped nerve has caused. My previous 2 deliveries were schools who dont let you use the toilet for obvious reasons and i was in rural area with very thin roads no lay bys nor services. Any advice would be greatly received, sorry about the spelling
  2. I have on my credit file a defaulting ongoing account from lowells that they have started registering on my credit file since 2015. I contacted them in 2015 and asked who they were and they were very unhelpful. They could not tell me anything unless I gave them further personal information which I was not prepapred to do as they are already ruining my credit file. I have many other accounts which are all good but this is ruined my credit rating. it says the default date is 2011 but nothing is put on my file until 2015. its only for 280 which I would happily pay but it would still leave my credit rating in tatters as it looks like I have not paid a debt. It says it is for a credit card on my credit file but I seriously don't think I have any credit card debts. so confused
  3. "Sitzpinkler" is a derogatory term used in Germany to describe men who sit to urinate The finding was made when a landlord claimed his tenant had ruined a marble floor by sprinkling it with urine. The disgruntled landlord tried to retain a €3,000 (£2,300) deposit for the damage allegedly caused by his guest's acidic spillage. Despite growing domestication of men in this matter, urinating while standing up is still widespread But Judge Stefan Hank today ruled that men who stand up to relieve themselves cannot be held to account for any collateral damage. The Judge conceded that men who chose not to sit "must expect occasional rows with housemates, especially women". However in Germany, the debate over whether men should stand in the toilet continues to rage. Some toilets in the country bear red traffic-style warnings signs – expressly forbidding the standing position. "Sitzpinkler" – is a derogatory term used for men who decide to rest their legs and urinate. The insult implies that sitting is not masculine behaviour. "Despite growing domestication of men in this matter, urinating while standing up is still widespread," said Judge Hank in Court in the city of Duesseldorf today. That's a shame, it would stop the moans if we all sat down, we could never get told off for leaving the seat up
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