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  1. Just a quick update on this. The void has been removed, insurance company have accepted indemnity for accident! A massive relief! Thank you to everyone who offered help and advice in this matter!
  2. I told them. The V5 had to be sent in so I explained that it was still in my name. The worst bit is that I even filled part of it in so when I had to salvage the car recently I had to get a new V5 as I had already filled it in! I'm lucky to know someone who is a solicitor so hopefully will get some advice from him. I have to fight this all the way, I have no choice but am hoping that anyone who looks at this will realise the outcome of this whole matter is incredibly unfair on my son who to all intents and purposes has done absolutely nothing wrong.
  3. I know I come across as quite defeatist but I've read so much stuff on the internet that's negative that it's become incredibly depressing! Spoken to someone from the insurance company who was really lovely and said that we will try to resolve your complaint in the next 8 weeks or hopefully sooner. I am going to try to be more positive and fight this all the way. Thank you so much Uncle Bulgaria for all your advice! If I get through all this favourably then I will definitely buy you a pint!
  4. They haven't refunded the premium as yet. I'm actually seeing a solicitor regarding this issue next week. I phoned Collingwood this morning to see if they had received my complaints letter which they have. They said someone will be back in contact with me later today.
  5. True but as he was going to be the registered keeper the parent button didn't even get looked at until you mentioned that there was one! Didn't even see it when the policy was taken out. I realise that this is no excuse but it's only on a drop down box - unless you click on registered keeper -parent there is no warning.
  6. He's actually passed his test now but is unable to drive because of my error.
  7. Huge issue now with trying to get insurance! Because the policy is void then no one will insure my son! He's done absolutely nothing wrong here. I was the one on the wrong for not sending off the V5 - yet this voidance seems to have stopped him from driving before he's even started which seems so wrong!
  8. I have had a letter back stating "as you were not the owner OR registered keeper then the policy is void" My son however, was the owner at the time. Will this hold any weight as it's an OR not an AND.
  9. I will and thank you. I will wait and see what happens next. I will continue to contest it as unfair and hopefully Collingwood will realise that there was no intention to deceive them - just a genuine oversight on my part!
  10. Unfortunately as he was not the registered keeper when I took out the policy, the point would not have been given if they knew I was the registered keeper. It's really harsh but all I can do is contest it.
  11. She was very much of the opinion that no, you have no case which was quite upsetting. I realise I've made a massive mistake here but I genuinely never meant to deceive anyone! Hopefully my insurance company will take this on as I wasn't the owner of the car but the whole registered keeper thing could cause further issues. Thank you to everyone who has advised me so far - it has helped me a great deal.
  12. Thank you for all your help so far. It is very much appreciated.
  13. Another question if my insurance states that I am allowed to drive any car that I am not the owner of as a third party - could my insurance pay out third party costs as I was not the owner only down as the registered keeper by error?
  14. I spoke to a lady from the FOS this morning who stated that as he wasn't the registered keeper she wasn't sure if I had a complaint. This is all such a mess and all because I didn't send off a piece a paper. Talk about a lesson learnt!
  15. I understand what you mean about fronting - however, I had my own car with my own fully comp insurance. Took learner driver insurance out for my son on his own car -I just didn't send off the V5 - admin error on my part - I only drove his car as a named driver as named on the policy. I really did think I had sorted this in the correct way.
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