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Found 10 results

  1. I met a couple a few months ago,got chatting about this and that. Got talking about mortgages being self-employed things like that. Told me that after they have paid out for their home,food,gas electric and the rest they were left with next to nothing. Had a dog that they had had for ages but now needed a trip to the vet which seems to cost plenty. They told me that if they had been renting a property,private or council their low income would have given them housing benefit and they would then be entitled to get a little help with their pets fees.Think they meant the PDSA. Now way back in 2007 I was writing about people being in poverty in Detroit and the housing crises etc. People being repossessed or in arrears. At the same time there was a massive increase in people unable to afford to take their pets to a vet. What help is there available for people who cannot afford a vet because their income is low but their animals need help. And are not on housing benefit etc. Are there any groups anything out there that could help people and their animals. that are in these circumstances. I do not like to think that some animals maybe needing help and could be sad because they are ill or in pain. Thanks Tawnyowl.
  2. Not sure if allowed but wondered how many of us had pets, any sort! lol I have 2 rescue dogs, a Dalmatian & a Weimaraner ( Grey ghost ) The Dalmatian was badly abused and kept in a cage 24/7 and was just about scared of everything when I got him, he did not even know he was supposed to be a dog. He has come a long way in the 6 years since I got him apart from him not tolerating other dogs ( he was attacked by a dog when he was a year old ( b4 I had him ) and nothing was ever done to help him get over it ) so he can not be let off his leash as he thinks all dogs must die :/ He get on with the Weimy and in fact was bought up with another dog but any other dogs are a no no, have tried several things to help him but nothing has helped, he was also kicked in the head by a horse. He will be 10 in September, the Weimaraner is 11 in July but thinks he is a puppy as this breed never grow up!, I got him when he was 5 I have pictures but not sure how to put them on a post,
  3. (Please move to a better place if there is one. I could only find a homelessness forum, not a general housing one). Hi There, I am moving into a new property(1st floor flat) in a housing association on one of these new 5 year fixed term tenancies, with a 1 year starter tenancy first. I currently live in a council property, in which I have a lifetime tenancy. I have 3 cats(indoors) and the copy of the tenancy agreement they sent me states I need prior written permission to have pets. They have given verbal permission but say as I am not a tenant they can not provide anything in writing until I am a tenant (have signed the agreement and taken possession of the keys). They have also said they allow a maximum of 2 cats in a property, unless otherwise authorised(again, they have agreed verbally) although that limitation is not in the tenancy agreement. They said that we are allowed 3 cats with the provisio that if anyone complains we will be told to rehome them. Now these cats are not only a part of my family, but to lose them would cause my wife great distress(she has mental health issues and the cats are greatly theraputic). Does anyone know where I stand legally on this? Thanks
  4. My cat died at the hands of a vet . The vet refuses to give me copies of the x rays even though I offered to pay for the copies. Does anyone know what to do to get these?
  5. I hope this is the right forum and somebody can help me. I moved in with my girlfriend who rents about 6 months ago. She has a pet dog which she hadnt informed the agents about. They have been informed by a neighbour that she has a dog. They have called us in to speak to us. What will the next steps be? We have been great tenants, been there for a year and have recently signed up for another year. I accept that we are at fault, but can we be evicted as a consequence? Will we lose deposits? Be accountable for that years rent? The contract wording is written below and I've heard that the OFT deems it unfair to blacket rule out pets. Hope somebody to help clarify our situation. "the tenant agrees neither to keep any animals,birds,reptiles or rodents in or on the premises nor to allow his invited guests or visitors to do so.in breach of this cause to responsible for reasonable costs or rectification of any damage caused or for any appropiate de-infestationm,cleaning ,fumingation etc..required"
  6. Hi, I have rented my property for the last 18 months. Although there is a no pet rule I didn't think it would be a problem because a lot of residents in the flats have them (including 2 directors of the management company.) Said company have just posted a notice on the board outside saying any person renting have to get rid of any pets by 31st December 2012 of face eviction. Anyone who owns their flat can keep their pets. My landlord is fine with the one cat that I own. As I have mentioned 2 members of the board have dogs. My neighbour (who also rents) has just been served a notice to quit because she has a dog. She is in her 70s and registered disabled. Can they do this? I don't understand how they can distinguish between renters and owners in this respect? Can anyone help please? Cakey
  7. I just had my pet cat taken to the vet today as she was not being herself. She was diagnosed with various conditions and under vet supervision for 24 hours. I took out the insurance on 19th and the claim made is on 26/03/2011 since she started undergoing treatment. They are sending me a claim for but the advisor on the phone said that it was highly likely that the claim would get accepted as it is being made with in 14 days, she says its in the terms and conditions blah blah. when i took out the cover this is the email i got which should state that i cannot claim for 14 days but on the contrary says Tily’s policy starts on 19/03/2011. where do i go from here what are my chances any help would be appreciated Your pet insurance policy reference-number: Dear Mr Thanks for choosing LV= Pet Insurance. Tily’s policy starts on 19/03/2011. Your policy documents will be sent in the post within three working days. You should read these carefully and keep them in a safe place. Pet insured Tily Level of cover Essential Policy Start date 19/03/2011 Monthly premium £5.70 Payment method Monthly Your reference number
  8. Letters are going out to 4,000 Lloyds and Halifax pet insurance customers outlining the cost and details of their replacement cover. Lloyds, which owns both brands, abruptly pulled out of the pet insurance market last October. It had offered ‘cover for life’, which covered conditions year after year, subject to annual limits. But the bank left policyholders high and dry where their cats or dogs had pre-existing conditions because they could not find insurance elsewhere. Following pressure from consumer groups and a Financial Mail campaign, Lloyds finally agreed to reinstate similar cover for those worst affected. But it has taken many months of internal wrangling for the bank to thrash out a deal and help those they abandoned. The bank claims the majority of premiums will be at a similar level to previous cover. But changes have been made. All new policies will be branded as Halifax cover. Vet bills will be covered up to £6,000 a year. This is an increase from £3,000 for former Lloyds customers. Cover will continue on a lifetime basis, so the annual limit will renew each year – including for pre-existing conditions. Read more: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/news/article-2167014/Lloyds-Banking-Group-finally-unveil-revamped-insurance-pets.html#ixzz1zmYR6Fjy
  9. Hi, don't know if anyone has any advice... I have 3 cats at home. One 10 year old mog and two 7 year old BSH kitties. The BSH's are brother and sister. They all get on very well (thankfully) and live in harmony. I have a cat flap in the back door, and also have a shed in the garden for the cats. It has a catflap on it and is filled with old cushions etc. Now, my one BSH appears to have moved out recently. She's a strange thing, very clingy and she enjoys her home comforts. Over the past two weeks I've seen less and less of her. Sometimes I find her in the shed, sometimes not. She tends to pop in at night for a bit. I'm worried about her eating when she vanishes and also worried because this is new behaviour. Any ideas?
  10. hi Not sure if anyone can answer this here as related to pet insurance. But I am asuming insurance is pretty much the same weather house/pet or car??????? My renewal came through today and they have increased my payments by 75% - can they do that They stated that is because the number of claims for older dogs has increased therfore as my dog falls in to this category my premium has gone up! So from £340 I now have to pay £600 a year which means out of the £1000 insurance my dog is covered for each year I actually only get £400. He is an old dog and prob only got another year left but he cost us around £3000 a year in vet bills so that extra is going to make a huge difference.
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