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  1. oh thats great thanks for your help. much appreciated. ill look at the link now. many thanks.
  2. hello i am filling out EX160A and am under some time pressure to do so and return however being weekend my solicitor is not available to help til Monday due to time pressure i need help before that? if anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated. monthly income (ESA invome related) there is no option for this? do i leave blank?
  3. sent sars off today see below. mr j bloggs (for purpose of forum - i used real name address ref for original) ref: 0000000000 mon 19 Feb 2018 DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998 - SUBJECT ACCESS REQUEST to places for people whom it may concern further to my formal complaint dated :17 feb 2018 Please supply me with copies of all the data which you hold on me in relation to any matter and in any form and for any period of time. Please note that I require disclosure of any personal data which you hold on me for the entire period of my dealings with you. This
  4. for clarity. my mother also alive but not on the scene she did not live with us at any point in this property (she also left for spain - before we moved in here) in hindsight i see why she left now.
  5. hello thanks for help i do not know for certain however if u see my original post you will see there is a precedent of similar case where 15 yr old so not legally allowed tenancy (18+) was abandoned by his mum (tenancy holder) identical property same block (2 bed) and was granted succession. his mum had not died left for Spain and he was granted tenancy despite mum being alive and him not being legal age for tenancy. which implies succession is possible. (see also earlier posts i mention the date i requested susccession of tenancy on grounds of abuse and health the tenancy
  6. hello stu ok so no 40 day period or £10 fee? yes there are court papers to say hearing wil be 7 march for possession order rather than note down on paper can i make a voice recording of the meeting? yes a advocate will be present i believe. thanks again
  7. Ok stu thanks i wall have a read of that now and ill send refrencing my complaint letter with date. Is it ok to do this by email as i did with compliant? Yes no documents recieved from places for people but a housing officer (like a support worker) but cant find suitable property or help very much, he told me im im being taken to court as did my advocate again very limited in what he can do but did inform me it was 7th march. Shelter exhausted the legal aid for me i believe and ended case currently swain and co and have given them all relevent docs evidence such as emails GP letter e
  8. hello stu and thanks for reply and concerns. i have not seen tenancy and know nothing of this sorry (however my neighbour identical property same block was given tenancy at 15 not legally allowed to succeed and single male in a 2 bed when his mum abandoned him). same housing associations landlord and same properties tenancy would be same. i was not named as with the case i just gave above i moved in at 12 so wouldnt of been allowed to be on tenancy. however i did pay rent and and name as a non dependant was on bills etc. father was made to leave safeguarding issue sought a prooert
  9. Just saw the other message, i contacted last week but will try to contact monday, i have visits Monday which will be very stressfull but i will attempt to do this again and push the issue last week she said they busy and aaaiting a response from council. So she wont be please with Me. Yes maybe the case as I've not heard of sars before and nobody has mentioned it. Thanks again
  10. As far as i can say i know for sure, dom abuse conditioning control financial abuse physical and mental non sexual although some of the abuse particularly verbal sometimes had sexual element to the verbal abuse.
  11. I understand just seeking help where ever i can. Ok i will fire off any evidence i havemt already she will have it mon morning then. Yes it would be very unfair (unbiased view) that a victim of abuse seeks help ends up homeless evicted court costs etc? Yes i contacted my mp he is lookimg into it i believe, but secretary said busy next two weeks when i contacted for update to my initial contacts dec/jan. She phoned crisos team at end of that call to get them to come out to me as she was worried (i got no contact days later still no contact. Yes i do hope something clicks s
  12. Yes i understand how it may seem that way but as i say i asked for help and she said she was limited in what she could do under the scope of legal aid. And often doesnt reply (prioritising paid cases i imagine). I cant say im not worried of course but more to seek advice and maybe someone else (who isnt prioritising paid case over legal aid case) could offer insight or maybe has knowledge or experience with similar situation etc. Sorry if you feel ive directed this in wrong place/way. Thanks E.g nobody nas mentioned sars for example.
  13. Hearing is 7 march? And currently have a legal aid solicitor (does that matter?) Ok how do i do that pro bono? Also do you have more info on the sars matters you mentioned? Oh sorry here, Places for people homes PO Box 2070, Preston, PR5 9BY 01772 667002 Thanks again Yes thats the ones TY i cant post links yet just had to delete whole message thankyou.
  14. yes i answered in the order u asked to try to sve confusion. places for people homes (housing associations) is who is taking me to court (possesssion order) to evict me. i have a drs letter for my mental physical issues (which i have sent to places for people) and have seperte info i already mentioned that covers abuse. however GP is reffering for C-ptsd (complex post traumatic stress disorder) which is often caused by systematic abuse over long periods (mine 30 years) with elements of control manipulation financial abuse etc. so i imagine my GP could write covering letter har
  15. Yes i know what you mean its driving me insane. Yes safeguarding emails and police emails crime ref and reports of assault historic abuse etc So you think send the info to places for people i kind of did in my formal complaint i explained my req of tenancy and on what grounds dom abuse and ill health so its on internal system and that it predates notice to quit. Ok so how do i go about this SAR. who do indirect to etc. I have been shut in abused and suffering from ill health since 18/19 now 33/34 so dont kniw alot about anything outside these four walls. Sorry Yes but thi
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