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  1. Hi Lea !! This is Benoît again ! Just to update you about our situation. We had an appointment with the agency yesterday. So the agency is not going to pay the owner anymore so they told us we don't need to pay the rents anymore as well. Except for the bills so we can live in the house until the evictiont. They're going to discuss between them about the deposit to know if we can get back the money when the eviction is confirmed. (Because the situation is exceptional and some of us are not able to pay the deposit and the 1st rent for a new house/room) In fact the agency is clearly not clean. We shouldn't be 6 in the house but 4 only.. Moreover the contract for the house is not a "to-let" contract but it's a contract for a family. (I don't remeber exactly the good term). So that means the agency shouldn't rent the house for sharing. It's why we're thinking they try to be very kind with us because we could request the court easily to fix the problem. In this context, we should be able to save 1 or 2 rents and to get back our deposit. (Good news) BUT (because there is a but everytime)... My flatmates and I understood the agency had to request an extension period for the eviction (2 months) when we received the first letter of eviction. That should be done in 2 weeks after receiving of the 1st notification. But the agency is telling us the extension needs to be done when the eviction is confirmed by the court because it's a residiential house. Is the agency telling the truth ?? Because that could be a very bad news for us if we cannot ask an extension anymore.. Thank you very much for your help by advance.
  2. Thank you so much !! Let me know when you are in London and I will offer you a glass of wine !! Have a really nice day and week-end
  3. Lea This is me again... Both last questions again.. 1. Do you know if the lender (The Agency) or the mortgage company who is reposseing the house have to help us to find a new flat/house ? 2. Does the agency have to give back one part of our rent if we pay for one full month and we're evicted the 17th for example? Can we get back the money for the 11 days left ?
  4. Last 3 questions please.. 1. Imagine we request to extend the eviction period of 2 months. Do we need to pay the rent for 2 months even if we leave the house before the end of the 2 months ? 2. How much time will we have to leave the house when we receive the confirmation of the eviction from the court ? IS the same timing every time or does it depend about of each case? 3. Could we get back our deposit immediately when the eviction is confirmed? (Few days at least I suppose) Or do we need to leave the house to get the deposits ?
  5. Hi Lea, Thank you very much for your help. We have an appointment with the agency next Monday to talk about our situation and deposits. Where can I find more information about the Localism Act please? I tried to google that but that was not very clear.
  6. Good evening, Currently I live with my 5 flatmates in London and the last week we received a letter by a mortgage company to inform us the house is going to be repossessed. (In fact the landlord doesn't pay the bank anymore.) So it seems we need to wait the confirmation from the court to know when we are going to be evicted exactly. Then we should receive the confirmation before the end of June to confirm the exact date when all of them will have to leave the house. We pay the rent to an agency every month but our deposits are not protected. Moreover the agency is refusing to protect our deposit. So we're afraid to lose the money. In this context I have some questions so if you could help me that would be very great. 1. Can we stop paying the rent to be sure to get back our deposits from the next month ? 2. Do we need to give 1 month notice to leave the house after the eviction is confirmed by the court ? 3. Do we need to continue for paying the rent after the eviction is confirmed by the court ? 4. It seems we can request an extra time before leaving the house. (2 months) So do we need to request that now or do we need to wait the exact date of the eviction ? Let me know if you need more information and if you could help me that would be great! PS: I'm French so apologies for my English which is not perfect.
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