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Found 10 results

  1. Help, Please can anyone advise me where to turn to. I bought a 3 year old approved used Mercedes from a Mercedes dealership on Dec 22nd 2017. I was told verbally that the car was being MOTed the day prior to my picking it up and I was giving paperwork listing the MOT date as Dec 22nd 2017 - Dec 22nd 2018. I was overseas for a while in Sept / Oct and left the car in airport parking. Whilst I was away my car was damaged with some scratching to the bumper. I returned to the UK and amongst the admin I had was a reminder for taxing my car. When I tried to do this I real
  2. Hi, I need your advice on the issue I am having with Mercedes-Benz. My ML Artico Leather car seats cover has started splitting on the both front seats which we noticed when it was 4.5 years old, it may have started long before. I have been trying to get Mercedes to repair them FREE for last 8 months. I have complained to Mercedes Head office but keep getting the standard reply from them. Mercedes is saying that the car is out of warranty but as a goodwill gesture they will contribute 50% of the cost of repair. They also say that If I am unhappy with their
  3. I bought a Mercedes S class S400 hybrid from Mercedes benz of Edinburgh in March 2014 to the tune of £84k. I work as a London Chauffeur providing chauffeur services to some very prestigious clientele. From the beginning I have endured nothing but Serious problems. The car had a serious engine cut out problem whereby when the car was transitioning from Hybrid mode to engine it would unexpectedly just cut out and there was no throttle. Of the many times that this happened there were two in particular that were actually life threatening and both times i had clients on boar
  4. Hi Me and my boyfried went into Mercedes last Friday, after spending almost 3 hours there we found a car (used 2 years old) we loved so we paid our order deposit of £500.00. We then left the garage expecting a phone call in a couple of days to go in and sign the finance papers and confirm when we can expect to pick up our new car as it would have to be delivered from one of their other garages. Later on the Friday we got a phone call to say that someone else was going to view the car on the Sunday who then bought the car. Mercedes now cannot find a car the same as th
  5. Mercedes Benz customers beware. Gary Savage [Mercedes Benz UK CEO & MD] has stated that the service"B" does NOT include checking the suspension - WHY ? If they check the tire pressure why do they not check the suspension ? By not checking the suspension they could be putting you life at risk. Tires have to be correct and equal pressure [after all that is why they fit tire pressure sensors. The reason being it is illegal to have incorrect or out of balance pressures as you could lose control in an emergency stop or manoeuvre, particularly in wet conditions and if in amo
  6. I bought a Mercedes Vito van the advert said it was it in excellent condition and even mentioned things that the van didn't have like electric wing mirrors i bought the van after traveling 6 hours on the train to see it and 52 miles into my journey home the van went into limp mode i rang him he said to switch the engine on and off and it may reset i tried it didn't so i rang him back he said as long as the van is driving and there are no warning stop lights on i should get home in it. I did eventually get home 6.5 hours later at 45 -50 miles an hour he had reassured me that i could take it to
  7. I recently bought a Mercedes Benz sprinter chassis,to have converted to an ice cream van.It has a computer to advise when a service is due. After 3000 miles the service message came on.The service garage, agree that there is a fault with the computer.However mercedes are refusing to replace the computer unit.They argue that the driving style is the reason the service message is being displayed.I know other ice cream traders with the same van and same driving conditions,most cover 7000 to 9000 miles between services.Any help or advice welcome.
  8. 'The OFT today issued decisions finding that Mercedes-Benz and five of its commercial vehicles dealers infringed competition law and has imposed fines totalling over £2.8 million. Each of the five decisions relates to separate infringements that took place over different periods between March 2007 and January 2010, involving different parties. The nature of the infringements varies but all contain at least some element of market sharing, price co-ordination or the exchange of commercially sensitive information.' http://oft.gov.uk/news-and-updates/press/2013/30-13
  9. Hi all I am asking for help on behalf of my Auntie and Uncle They had a Mercedes on lease hire and was returned, at the end of the lease. They had the car valeted and any defects taken care of. Mercedes have now sent them an invoice for £800.00 because the last service was not carried out by one of there dealers. To me this is extortionate, is there anything that they can do, to fight this, I think it will end up in court! Thanks in advance Leakie
  10. I bought my Mercedes Sprinter van new 5 years ago and had 3 yearly services with the same garage up to 42,000 miles. For the next 2 years up to 75,000 miles I used a local garage in the NW10 area which came highly recommended {had Astons, Bentleys etc in the garage}.... anyway my van broke down and I had it towed there and have since discovered that I need a new engine. I am amazed to be told this as the van has only 75,000 miles on it. The quotes I have been given by 3 different people in the past 36 hours have ranged from £3,500, then £6,000, then £9,000 and now back to £6,000. Wha
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