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  1. Conniff, Than you for your help. I understand you have pasted the relevant parts of the T&C but that does not answer my quires. That in your own opinion that once that ability (LEVEL 5 ) is reached that in is reasonable to then go back to them and request the instructor to asses them (chargeable) they then if you fail carry training and retest.
  2. It seams to achieve the level 5 in the time provided on the road (the course included the theory test so not all the time is on the road). That it was expected that the candidates would already have some experience at the controls of a car.
  3. Yes to take the test, (they have a duty to ensure safety) not the level you should be to achieve this in 5 days, i.e at level 2. They have not offered any extra lessons.
  4. [ATTACH=CONFIG]55995[/ATTACH] Thank you for this. I understand although disappointed advertising can be allowed to be so unclear. Still letter to someone may help? I have also as suggested attached their t&c's for your thoughts.
  5. Yes Conniff Are they able to advertise without T&C or a smal not explaining the small pint, as you have with financial transactions etc. However, in the T&C as I mentioned it does not indicate the level that is expected. The instructor said that to pass in 5 days 99% have had some lessons (to DSA level 2). In addition, the contract was accepted with the offer that retest will be free. They now say that this is not the case as she was not put in for the test.
  6. Interesting, it did give you the terms with the invoice which you then have 48 hours to read or it cannot be canceled.
  7. My Friend has been on a 5 day driver training course. she was not to the required standard DSA level 5 so was not put forward for the test on day 5. This she understands. However the reason I query this for you wise comments are the following: The website does not explain at what level you need to be, or that if they cannot get you to DSA level 5 then you will not be put in for the test or return for the test. see 5day website On the website it states If you are unsuccessful on your Theory Test or Practical Test Get FREE, unlimited theory and practical correction lessons until you pass. The complete course is only £914.00. This not only includes all the driving tuition but also the fee for your theory test and practical test This is not true. Could I complain to trading standards or anyone about this? in T & C's which you get after you have paid, it does state that in the case of non achievement further lessons can be agreed between the pupil and the trainer. My query here is, it sate that it includes the hire of the car for the test and if you do not Pass there is a MENTORING RETEST PROGRAMME should the candidate fail on the first test or any successive retest the driver. blah Blah Blah. FREE remedial help will be offered from the training centre until you pass. the Question. Additional lesson required to bring her to the standard required is the reasonable for these to be charged Should they only be provided by the centre to validate the MENTORING RETEST PROGRAM You comment would be appreciated.
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