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  1. as much as it pains me, you're right. I will take your advice on board. Thank you
  2. I wish I could let it go but I feel until this has been dealt with even just by way of a written apology, I will always feel I was accused of something I did not do and treated badly after that...and it doesn't sit well with me at all..
  3. But surely, the fact I have agreed to a settlement they offered and are now going back on is Ludacris. I am now feeling so angry because they are now trying to accuse me of stealing 2 avocados and only paying for two. Surely they cannot be allowed to treat people in the manner. I used to enjoy shopping there now I can't bear going there as I feel like I am thought of as a criminal. at the time this happened I was collecting medication which led me to feel really anxious for a while after this happened.
  4. Hi everyone, After the advice I was kindly given this morning, I contacted the legal department who have been sending me out the letters by email and telephone to inform them I am willing to accept a written apology and the £100 gift voucher. I thought they would be happy to be done with this and agree since they offered it to me in the beginning. Prior to this I requested cctv footage which showed me removing the avocados from the counter, the same cctv footage would show me leaving 2 avocados at the cashiers till and paying for the two I required. After speaking to the Sainsbury's lawyer this afternoon to confirm I would like to settle, he informed me this will no longer be possible because they have a discrepancy as to the amount of avocados I paid for and the avocados I removed from the counter.. I was gobsmacked!!!... I asked if they were now insinuating that I had paid for 2 and stolen the other 2?. He said not at all but we would like to review the footage none the less to ensure what I paid for and what I took home. Immediately I wished I had spoken with him via email so this could be recorded. I am sooooo angry at myself!. I ended up being so frustrated by the insulation I would have stolen 2 avocados and paid for 2. I have been shopping in this particular branch of Sainsbury's which is in East Dulwich (Dog kennel Hill). I have spent a lot of my salaries purchasing shopping for well over £150 prior to this incident. I am disgusted in the way they are continuing to treat me unfairly. Any advice on what to do next. I will respond the the legal team confirming our conversation on the telephone which insinuated I might have sneaked the other 2 in my bag... well he said a discrepancy.... any advice?????
  5. hi Thank you for all the advice, I think I will write to them and ask for an apology. Yes the voucher was a Sainsbury's store voucher...thanks for all the advice. x
  6. I did think about it but the accusations left me humiliated and so angry, I have never stolen in my life so to be falsely accused of stealing at the age of 42 is not okay. I am feeling like this will be dragged on by Sainsbury's and I am just worn out by the whole situation...
  7. Hello everyone I hope someone can give me some advice, I am a loss as to what I can do. In February I went to purchase my prescription and do a bit of shopping at a local Sainsbury's supermarket. Whilst at the pharmacy counter I noticed there were some avocados in a clear bag left by the side of the counter. I took this to mean someone had changed their mind and decided not to purchase them. I thought just what I had been looking for. I took the avocados (2) along with the rest of my shopping and proceeded to go to a cashier at the check out who scanned all my items and took payment. A short while later I was on the bus making my way home when an unknown number showed up on my phone. It was the pharmacist from Sainsbury's store asking if I was still in the store, for a minute I panicked thinking I had left my bank card or wallet instore. The cashier proceeded to ask me if I had taken the avocados that were by the counter, I informed her I had and had paid for them, only to be put through to the security officer who accused me of stealing even though I informed them I had the receipt with the name of the cashier who had scanned my shopping showing the 2 avocados. My initial reaction was anger because my personal information had been misused. I have since resolved this with the pharmacy, however Sainsbury's apologised and agreed their security officer had not followed store guidelines/policies when there is suspicion of theft. I was left humiliated on the bus as other passengers could hear me arguing that I had not stolen anything whilst the security officer informed me should this happen again the police will be called. Sainsbury's initially offered me a goodwill gesture for £30 vouchers which I thought was adding insult to injury, they then offered me £100 vouchers which I refused to accept. I feel the stress I went through on that day which raised my anxiety levels warrants more than a £100 voucher. I have not been able to return to that Sainsbury's supermarket because I feel my every move will be monitored. this incident affected my health for a while. I have sent them a LETTER BEFORE COURT but Sainsbury's responded by stating I did not have a case. I am sure the way I was treated was wrong as their own guidelines were not followed by the security guard?...Can someone help please...
  8. My sister and I have had the same issue of numerous phone calls and living without gas for two moths due to their engineers fault, they refuse to respond to our telephone calls regarding compensation. we have contacted Ofgem who have said they will write to Scottish Power on our behalf so we are waiting to hear back from Ofgem. I am constantly told the person dealing with our complaint (3rd level complaints apparently) is busy and will call us back but never does. we went for two months without heating and hot water with a small child in the house, absolutely atrocious but they don't seem to care. How long did it take for the Ombudsman to have compensation agreed for you? The gas is now working but we suffered for two months, will be leaving them as soon as they refund the direct debits they took whilst we had not hot water and gas, mind you we'll be lucky to get that back from their lack of response. We have spent so much money on phone bills we are at the end of our tither. The worst energy company to deal with, any advice would be appreciated. Thank you
  9. Hi After not having hot water and gas for eight weeks, thanks to Scottish power bad customer service and negligence, we contacted Citizens Advice Bureau and finally we received a call from what they call 3rd Level complaints department and the issue was resolved. We were then asked how much compensation we expected to receive by the representative and we said £150 for each week we were not with hot water or gas (18 March till 16 May). We have now been ignored each time we call regarding the compensation and informed someone will contact us. bearing in mind we had a small child who suffers from severe asthma and was quite ill during the period we had no hot water or gas. At one point during March and April my sister literally had a break down after being passed back and forth by customer services which then led us to contact the citizens advice bureau meanwhile Scottish Power continued to take our direct debit payments for the two months and we still have not been refunded and they refuse to respond to any of our calls. We are at the end of our tither and don't know what else we can do to get a refund of the direct debit payments they took and the compensation for the suffering we endure for those two months. Any advice will be gratefully appreciated, thank you in advance.
  10. dx and ims, i will be calling the fos tomorrow. HFC was so rude as to write a letter to me stating they would not respond to anymore of my letters but instead file them upon receipt. I had to read the letter about five times because i couldn't believe they can get away with being so rude especially when they cashed my postal order!!!. It has been a week over the 40 days and judging from their last letter i don't think i will be hearing from them so i will see what the fos advises tomorrow. Thanks again for all your help. twinkles x
  11. Hello all I'm looking for some advice regarding a request -sar letter i sent to HFC bank along with a £10 postal order beginning of January 2012. I received a letter shortly after requesting I sign an agreement to accept a payment of £600 for misold ppi which would go towards covering my outstanding balance. In the letter is also stated if i did not agree to this, any further letters received from myself would not receive a response but would be filed away. HFC stated they will no longer respond to my letters, they obviously meant what they wrote I have not received a resonse for the sar letter i sent with the £10 postal order. I am not sure where to go from here as I fear any correspondence I send them will ony be filed away with no response. I think it is quite cheeky of them to have kept the £10 i sent with the letter. Can anyone offer som advice on what to do from here on.. .I am actually in the process of looking for the receipt for the postal order but not sure what i can do even if i find it. I would really appreciate your help with this. Many thanks, twinkles
  12. Hi dx I wil certainly be follwing your advice and will update you with HFC's response. Your advice sounds more professional and no beating about the bush, whereas my idea was just going to lead me onto a cat and mouse game. Thank you twinkles
  13. I have decide to return the PPI offer letter crossingn out the part they put in about me agreeing the money offered will pay back the loan (well some ofit anyway) and write letting them know i amin financial hardship but am willing to pay of the remainder of the loan at an agreeable sum each month. Do you think this is a wise move?. I will state the account mentioned above for legalities sake. let me know if this could be a good idea or maybe just sign and return the paper work and not receive any money as it will go to the outstanding amount. i will send them an SAR next week for the charges they put on my account though. thanks heaps for your advice twinkles
  14. Hello asmilecostsnothing Thanks heaps for your advice, Quickquid has again refused an offer and told me they will be forwarding the debt to a debt collection agency in 90 days (after it has accumulated more charges/interest unless i can make an offer of £110 a month. so I'm lost as what i can do with this account. The Moneyshop I will try and call again with a different approach but the last time i spoke to them was the third time asking if they will accept a £50 payment and the advisoe i spoke to said thats all good but each month they would still continue to add interest onto my account which i find hopeless because most of the money i pay back will be covering the interest so i lost hope there. I have phoned Payday express and they have informed me they will be transferring my debt to The Moneyshop as they are a sister company and i should call the Moneyshop to pay this debt as well. Wonga whom i expected to be the worst at resolving this issue have been quite understanding to my surprise, I have been with quickquid and The Moneyshop longer (2 years) longer than all the others and expected a bit more sympathy as they have made quite a substantialamount from me yet they are the ones refusing to accept anything that i have offered. At times i feel i want to ignore all of them, change my number, not answer my door and ignore the letters but in my heart i feel bad but don't known what else to do with them. The good news is i haven't received ANY txt msges from Payday express (shocking) today so maybe they have passed my debt on. I just feel at least after a month of charges they could stop adding interest but it seems by the time the debt collectors get to me i will be paying so much interest from these companies because they refuse to send the debt untill after three months of charging me interest ...I am so stressed out, I know it is my fault for even borrowing from them in the first place but it got to a stage i couldn't pay my full rent because I was owing so much... apologies for going on and on, I will call all of the creditors again on Monday with offers and hear what they have to say meanwhile if you have any advice on how to handle the conversation please forward. Ever grateful Twinkles
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