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  1. Well I didn't receive anything from them and we are in court on Thursday. I have rung the court to advise no witness statement has been received by me and they confirm the same for the court. I will be sending an email to the courts so the judge is now aware of this and I was told it will be up to the judge on Thursday as to whether or not he allows their witness statement to be allowed as evidence. I did receive an 'without prejudice save as to costs' letter today from the solicitors offering roughly half the outstanding balance again stating they do not agree with the provisions
  2. The deadline on the documents is the 21st.
  3. So it is really a statement referring to the rulings I am relying on and using my documents and their responses to back it up? Is there a previous claim you recommend I look at to make mine comprehensible. I'm thinking it doesn't have to be book length
  4. Yes it does - ' ....... must include the statements of all witnesses (including the parties themselves.)' Rushing too much. Keep breathing
  5. it only asks for original documents and witness statements which of course do not apply for my claim. Having read it again I don't have to get my documents to the court etc for another month.
  6. Well finally I have a court date and will be paying further court fees and getting my court bundle to relevant parties next week. Apart from correspondence, T & Cs, bank statements do I need to print out the legal pronouncements I will be relying on given that I have gone back over 6 years as well as Sempra Metals or are these not necessary except when I turn up on the court date. I did offer to settle with a few hundred off the total but they have not responded to my 2 week deadline. Ahh well, if you don't try..................... Would the judge be pleased if I put a numbe
  7. Sending my prelim letter claiming compound interest today using the old cash advance rate of 39.94 as they raised the interest rate but I didn't incur any changes after this 7% increase last July so if I had to justify the new rate in court I think I wouldn't get a sympathy vote from the judge. Posting to:- 7 Handyside Street London NC1 4DA
  8. Some time ago I was advised by them that my claim and rights of action are being transferred to HSBC UK using a court sanctioned scheme. Hight Court hearing is the end of next month so it's all on hold then whenever then. Am I right in thinking this is not likely to result in my claim being kicked out of court. Was transferred to my local court just before this letter arrived too.
  9. Gracious, such a long time since the above post. Successfully sent my POC and filled in questionaire and received theirs back. Yes I did sent it recorded delivery and part of their POC seems to indicate that they had not read mine as it states my claim is statute barred as more than 6 years have expired and I went straight to legal proceedings without engaging with them. Oh really.............. .... It also states I have not disclosed any reasonable grounds for my claim as it fails to comply with requirements of CPR 16.2 and/or 16.4. Should I be looking at this last bit and
  10. Okay I think I've found it. I have to send POC within 14 days of issue date. Foolishly I somehow did NOT 'tick' the box stating I would send detailed particulars to the defendant. Is this going to be a problem and cost me money? I then need to file an N215 Certificate of Service which I will do at the weekend.
  11. Okay. I've now filed using MCOL and it was issued 23/01/18 and will be deemed to be served on the 28th. Do I now send the schedule and POC above to the defendant and also to Northhampton seperately?
  12. Cheers - off to file at court now.
  13. Here are the POC I will file next week if anyonecan agree they look okay. Do I sent to beneficial finance or HSBC? I shall use HSBC terms and conditions having read some thread. New POC Beneficial Finance Claim No [ ] IN THE [xxxxx] county court BETWEEN [Mrs xxxx xxxx] Claimant and - HSBC Defendant PARTICULARS OF CLAIM 1. The Claimant entered into an agreement (“The Agreement”) with the Defendant on or around xx/xx/xxxx, whereby the Defendant was to advance credit facilities to the Claimant under a running credit ac
  14. Would it be an idea to mention section32 of the limitations act when I send my LBA
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