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  1. I presume Restons/Arrow can't report the debt and place it back on our reports with the credit reference agencies? It has dropped off of all three agencies as of this year which is very helpful.
  2. Restons have said "There is no requirement for Arrow Global Limited to provide you with a Credit Agreement as your liability has already been determined when the Court awarded Judgment in this claim (claim number: xxxx)." This Judgment though was in favour of Sainsbury's Bank back in 2009. Do Arrow get the benefit of that Judgment?
  3. I am not entirely sure that it was an actual CCJ. Sainsbury's brought proceedings, wanted an order for possession on our property which I argued was unfair to our other creditors and then they settled for my offer of £1 per month. They prepared a court order agreeing to the £1 per month, not sure that is a CCJ? If Sainsbury's sold the debt on to Arrow, are Arrow definitely able to enforce the debt? I am getting mixed messages as to whether they can or not. Does a notice of assignment from Arrow in 2013 entitle them to pursue the deb
  4. Surely a CCA to Arrow/Restons is still relevant if they now own the debt? If they can't provide the CCA then surely they are not legally entitled to pursue the money? The court judgment was in favour of Sainsbury's though and not Arrow. I don't unfortunately have a copy so not sure whether a review is mentioned. I believe statements are meant to be provided every six months and this has never happened since the assignment which seems dodgy to me.
  5. Hi there, I have a question I hope somebody can help me with. We have been paying a historic debt originally with Sainsbury's Bank, a personal loan, jointly with my husband. The debt itself has since fallen off our credit records. We stopped paying it briefly and Sainsbury's Bank issued court proceedings. After advice from a debt counselling service we offered a nominal amount of £1 per month and this has been paid ever since. A couple of years ago the debt was assigned to Arrow Global who have not provided any statements thus far which I belie
  6. Thank you Old Cogger, that is quite expensive given that I am only paying Robinson Way £2 per month.
  7. Looks like a SAR is pretty expensive, much more than I'm currently giving Robinson Way. I had the account for many years, it was opened back in 1989. Not sure how long ago the overdraft was from but at least 15 years or so. The debt is around £6,500.
  8. Thanks DX, will send a CCA request to Arrow. What about the Lloyds overdraft debt? You said I should stop paying but what do I do when Robinson Way writes to chase for non-payment? As it's not a CCA, I can't send a CCA request. What else can I do? Can I just simply ask for any documentation relating to the overdraft?
  9. Thanks - do you have a template for the CCA letter I need to send? I haven't done a SAR for penalty charges and PPI as it wasn't a card, just a normal personal loan. With regard to the overdraft debt, you think I should just stop and see what happens? Robinson Way are pretty aggressive, they write every month to remind me to pay!
  10. of? What does this stand for? I presume you mean the Lloyds overdraft debt? The Sainsbury's debt when they brought court proceedings I offered token repayments and they withdrew with a court order. I think it was purely a matter of keeping the debt open as it was quite a large amount, around £18,000.
  11. I'm new here so not sure if I'm posting this in the right place. I need some advice please regarding two old debts. One is a CCA debt, a loan originally taken out with Sainsbury's Bank well over ten years ago now. We defaulted on this loan around 2008 I think. Sainsbury's started court proceedings and wanted an order for sale of our house to which I responded that we had other creditors so it was unfair to them. I got advice from a credit counselling service and she said to offer token payments to all creditors. A few years back we received a letter from
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