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  1. Thanks again SIlverFox - we do have shop watch as another of my children works in a shop as a Saturday job - they share names only if you are under 18
  2. Thanks very much for your help and advice. I am gutted by his actions/poor decisions, especially as his friend at school been caught 2 years ago and I thought we had put the fear of God into him then.... there will be some BIG sanctions put in place. Do you think the police will come round to the house? or most likely take no further action? We live in a small town with 2 Sainsbury's - so I will make sure he stays away from both... Can Sainsbury's pass his name to other shops in town too? or would this also be in breach of the DPA? Thanks
  3. Hi Firstly I am extremely upset/embarrassed by my son's behaviour - but I am trying to be practical in this post..... My 15yo son was caught shoplifting in our Sainsbury's Local this morning He was stopped by a shop assistant as he had put packs on condoms (!) in his pocket. He was stopped by the sandwich section near the door. My son admitted to nothing, nor made any excuses. Just handed the packs back. The store assistant took his name, address and mobile number, and said he was calling the police (he made a call, there and then at the till, and then bragged
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