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  1. Thank you both so much, will send that now on their online complaints. Will update how we get on, and yes, a trip to Sainsbury is planned to kick off!
  2. Will try and get a copy up tonight, if not first thing in the morning. Thanks for the reply. Emma Parking Notice (1).pdf
  3. Help! My partner's received a notice through for overstaying the two hour parking period (by 33 mins,) which has recently changed from three hours (but has been signposted). We stopped for a brew first and then went clothes shopping - I do have a receipt for there for around £120 worth of clothes and we were genuinely in there so should we appeal? Info as follows: 1 Date of the infringement - 14th May 2 Date on the NTK - 18th May 3 Date received - not sure, we've just got back from Holiday and it was here when we arrived 4 Does the NTK mention
  4. We gave the dealer ample opportunity to fix the problem, which initially he agreed to do. He only wanted to refund once he decided our MG was faulty and expected us to take that back as is, not in the condition which he accepted and we sold it in. We had no idea that there were any problems with it and nothing was raised at the service. It was in good condition, so much so my partner had been considering using it for hill racing, but decided it was too slow and to get a proper car for racing. He could have offered to fix the car himself once we let him know that there was a lot of wo
  5. We bought a used car, part exchange on 1st November. We bought a 2006, VW golf, priced at £2695 for £2200 and the rest px for our MG ZR. We were told that there was a one month warranty with it, but were given no paperwork to this effect. Within half an hour of leaving the garage, the emissions light had come on so we immediately took it back. We were informed it was likely to be a filter problem, he made a phone call to a local auto shop so we could collect something to put in the fuel tank and we were advised that driving it in in a high gear between 2 & 3,000 revs for about 8 mi
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