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  1. I originally put in a claim via a claims management company and I would assume that they would have completed all the correct documentation. After numerous letters back and forth, they drew a blank. I then decided to contact Sainsbury's via email and was again given a 'not known' reply. What I will do is send a letter by way of hard-copy by registered post and see what happens. Thanks for the link!
  2. First time post folks - so please go easy. I'm fairly certain I was mis-sold PPI on a credit card I held for 10 years with Sainsbury's Bank. I settled the balance in full in 2013 and duly shredded all the paperwork and destroyed the card. I've contacted Sainsbury's asking them about the PPI but they are saying that they can find no record of me on their system. Given that I've destroyed all paperwork, I'm kind of at a loss what to do next. What I do have is cheque stubs with the dates of payment over the years, but as they seem to be fobbing me off, what's the best plan? An
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