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  1. Thanks for your response. I guess I'm wondering whether to expect a letter seeing as it's been a month or so? I was wondering if you'd come across others who have not received letters? As most people said it takes about a week, I'm quite suprised. I would rather get the letter than sit here wondering.
  2. Hi I was caught shoplifting items worth about £7 in my local sainsbury's about a month ago. I was taken into the back, barred for life from all sainsbury's. They wouldn't let me pay for the items and just took it off me. I got the standard ban letter with the bit about my details being passed on to 3rd party recovery. They took my address, however I told them to send letters to my London address (I am a student), as they could contact me quicker, and I dont want my parents to see the letters. However I think they took my home address that is on my ID aswell. I was told I would be '
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