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  1. Hi, I have a similar thread on Barclays. I have some old credit card charges on my Cahoot card from 2002/2003. I have the statements!!! I have plugged the charges into the compound interest calculator and the total comes to: Charges: £275 Compound interest (24.99%): £7842 Total: £8117 Do Santander/Cahoot settle eventually or are they courtroom bruisers?
  2. Hi all, Santander have made an offer based only on the PPI amount and associated interest and no interest because... 'On a rolling line of credit account 8% out of pocket interest is only applied if the loan would have had a credit balance had the PPI not been included. ... This is in line with the requirements of the FOS and FCA' I believe this to be complete nonsense: I take a restitution approach with unjust enrichment. Had I had the PPI amount then I could have invested it and gained at least 8% interest. Has anyone challenged this and been succesful? Do you agree wit
  3. Hi all, I got a Cahoot cc back in 2001 and have been paying the minimum payments for a very long time. Recently I’ve been unemployed and I’m struggling to meet the payments. They are not interested in setting up a payment plan until I have missed payments. Is there any merit in sending a CCA? Thanks for your help
  4. bobsp

    Cahoot CCA

    Hi all, SAR sent 14/12/06 Recieved statements 11/01/07 Request for payment £591,15 11/01/07 Nothing recieved so sent LBA 05/02/07. thing is I forgot to put in it another copy of the charges I am claiming (spreadsheet) does it matter, should I resend a LBA enclosing the spreadsheet, they got one sent with the request for payment sent 11/01/07.
  5. Hi all, Today i received a random letter from Santander regarding a £5500 loan debt. At first i was wrecking my brain what hell is this as i have my bank account with them. Thought i was stung for fraud again. There was no information, just my name, a sort code and an account number. It states opening balance march 2017 and current balance sept 2017. i googled the sort code and seems it belongs to a cahoot accounts. The last cahoot loan i took out was over 11 years ago (march 2006 to be exact), im almost certain i settled this (but haven't kept all those papers)
  6. Hi everyone, many years ago I requested a refund of PPI on a Cahoot fixed term loan. I received a response and an offer. As the account had arrears they stated the refund would be used to pay these off. This was about 4 years ago. Fast forward to the present after the supposed refund the silly sods have sold the outstanding balance to a certain debt buying company. The balance was never reduced and this is the first communication I have had off them in 4 years. So they never refunded the PPI payments. As it no longer belongs to the OC can I claim
  7. hello all, totally distraught to receive this just before christmas any help advice or moral support gratefully received. Name of the Claimant Hoist portfolio Date of issue – 14 12 2015 defence due by 4pm Friday 15 th jan What is the claim for.. ..the claim is for £11000 in respect of monies owed under the CCA. The debt legally assigned by santander and notice has been served. the defendant failed to make any payments. a default notice was served. the claimant claims 1. the sum of 11300 2. interest at 8% 3 daily intrest 4.costs
  8. I recently checked my Credit Reference File and saw that a default was on my account for a Cahoot flexi loan, the default was incorrect in that the last payment date and default date were some 18 months apart and the original debt was incurring interest, making the amount outstanding an additional £4 K. I approached Santander on 2 occasions and they refused to remove the default, so I then moved on to the ICO, who upheld my complaint and instructed Santander to put things right. The debt would be statute barred and should thus disappear, this happened on my Noddle file but still was
  9. Hello, Sorry I know this has been covered numerous times before. I took a Cahoot FlexiLoan out in 2003 at I believe approximately 5.9% or 7.9% which then rocketed yup to 23%. I also believe that I was sold PPI with this loan. I took an initial loan out of 2500 and made my payments until 2010. I then received a letter from Moorcroft Group in 2012 collecting of this loan with interest at £4686. I have now paid the full amount off and feel that it was unfair and that ultimately due to the interest hike I was forced into Financial hardship. I defaulted in Octo
  10. Hi Everyone I needed all my data connected from all my accounts due to HMRC pointless investigation I sent my SAR request over 60 days ago and heard nothing It was sent recorded delivery and it was signed for with my £10 postal order What is my next action ? I assume i need to send a follow up letter ? Anyone know of a good template and what my chances are Thank you
  11. Apologies if this is the wrong section but its a bit awkward. I had some serious debt issues that are now statute barred, Cahoot was one of them and i went to open a bank account at Santander and they had my details already. I thought how will they have that, Then i found out they took over Cahoot some time ago. As the debts were not repaid and are now statute barred if they do let me open this account will they be able to claim any funds from it towards the debts i did not pay? I still have health issues and i am not working, Just claiming ESA with no other income.
  12. Hello all, first post prompted by success with my PPI claim with LTSB I took out a Cahoot flexi loan in 2001 which I'm still paying off now, this was an internet application etc, and have discovered I'm paying PPI as part of the monthly payment looking at other posts Ive missed the rate hike opportunity but am looking finally after getting my butt in gear to make a claim for PPI throughout the life of the loan I have had available to me company sick pay, pension, death in service benefits etc I no longer have the original details of the paperwork, but believe I may
  13. Brief description, £6900 - Cahoot Loan (Original loan was £9k), Moorcroft Debt Recovery Ltd (Not showing on my credit report) - when was you last payment? Through dmp once every month I was under assumption my balance was £6900 but the letter says £4900. Whether that's there offer i'm unsure. Thanks, Neo.
  14. My wife and I have been on a Stepchange DMP for 4 years - we had over 30 creditors to begin with but now have around 20 and have paid off about 70% of what we owed. One of the remaining creditors - Cahoot - has recently contacted us to say that they are writing off the amount owing (which is £1579) because they have failed to provide us with any statements since the start of the DMP. Looking at the other creditors there are 2 more on there who don't send us any statements either. Is it worth raising this as a complaint with them? If so what wording should we use? They
  15. Hi, Following the advice from a previous post on here to send CCA requests to my creditors, I've had a response of sorts from Santander regarding my Cahoot Flexiloan account. I defaulted on the account 7 years ago and have been managing payments to them through PayPlan ever since. The Default expired on my credit file last year and I've stopped paying PayPlan (again, under advice) because they've been screwing up my payments and until I did some digging, I didn't realise their estimated settlement figure bears no relation to what Santander say i owe. I sent th
  16. Hi There, I had a JD Williams account in 2006 I cleared it the following year (07) before I moved house since then they have sent me threatening letters both from them and debt collectionicon agencies claiming that I still owe them money. My account was online and I didn't sign a CCA I believe that they acquired my new address illegally contrary to the data protection act I have written to them informing them that I cleared my account and to point out that they have acquired my new address illegally but they continue to send the letters. This has gone through several DCA's and is now
  17. I Had an account with cahoot from about 2002 and it was a very good way to borrow money I was up to about £8500 but it wasn't a problem, I then had an accident and had to give up work, I called cahoot straight away and told them about my change in circumstances, they told me that if I agreed to a ten year payment plan of £76 A month that they wouldn't default or record the debt, my son then offered to pay the amount and everybody was happy, that was in may 2007, In june 2010 I had a letter of Santander asking me for for the full amount or they would close and default
  18. I have had contact from Moorcroft over a debt with Cahoot now Santander. After a number of phone calls I requested they send me copy statements. All I received was a list of transactions on non headed paper. When I said that this was unacceptable they argued that they were not required to supply any further information until I spoke with a manager who said he would arrange proper statements. However I have now received the same statements with a Santander logo 'pasted' on the front page. Prior to the phone calls from Moorcroft I have had no correspondence from Cahoot/Santan
  19. Totally stunned to receive a default notice from cahoot, not that I wasn't expecting but because of how it is laid out. Letter is dated 8.10.13 and states that it is DN served under Section 87 (1) of the CCA 1974. It then says Dated: 8.10.13 which I assume is the date of service and gives the arrears amount and the breach which is the failure to pay the overdue amount. It then states I have to make payment of the overdue amount within 14 days of the date of this notice! The letter has just arrived today. Am I going loopy but the date sent and date of service in theory
  20. floricita


    I opened a cahoot bank account back in 2006. This had an overdraft facility of £300 on it. This wasn't my main account and I didn't pay 100% attention to it. My balance was in the overdraft. in 2007 the overdraft interest caused the account to go over the overdraft. Subsequently £35 charges were levied on the account each month + interest. The account got to £2000 and I sent them a letter at the time of the dispute with banks stating the charges were unfair. The banks won this case. the last I heard from them was in 2009 with a threatening letter saying that I ow
  21. I am in dispute with Santander about a flexible loan I had with Cahoot, I have no paperwork for Santander just their word they took over the loan they then stopped the flexi loan part without informing me, and put up the interest rates. Cahoot cancelled the standing order Santander never asked for a new one. I have a complaint in with the ombudsman but they seem not to be bothered about the complaint - well that the feeling I get I may be wrong. Have finally had the SAR late but I'm sure it does not have all the information relating to my account certainly no i
  22. Hi everyone, Can someone help with the CCA I received from cahoot, finally after requesting this back in Aug 2012, received Jan 2013! Page 1, looks fine with all the correct information. But could someone confirm everything is okay. Also notice on the bottom (office use only section) a date written '3 June 03' and on page 2, it has 22nd and 25th July!? Page 2, is where I have some issues with regards to my signature and date. I don't scan/photocopy enough to know what's what, but looks a little strange. Maybe nothing, but both have white space around them overlapping the
  23. Hi all, I've recently been charges 2 x £25 for a failed standing order and a failed direct debit. To tell me about this they've sent me a single letter. This seems like an exorbitant amount (I know they're a bank, but still). Is there anyway I can challenge this with a likelihood of success? Given that the whole process is automated, for a letter, I'd expect a charge of, say, five pounds. Any advice very gratefully received. Thanks, Mark
  24. Hi All I took out a small loan with Cahoot back in 2004 and have written them to get my final PPI figure (I have moved since and paperwork lost). They keep referring me to Santander. I have written, emailed, filled out forms for the last 2 months but Santander just will not reply to any of my correspondence. At my wits end - can anyone suggest what to do next? Thanks!
  25. I have a loan which was originally through Cahoot, taken out in about 2003. This fell into arrears approximately 9 years ago and for one reason or another, I didn't repay this after getting into a complete financial mess. I am now being chased by Robinson Way for the total amount of £7k. However, I've checked my credit files and there is absolutely nothing showing on here. The last letter I had from Robinson Way was in May 2012. I have never written to Robinson Way regarding this debt and I am certain I didn't make any payments to the original company during the last six yea
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