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  1. Thanks, BazzaS. Wonderful advice. I'll do as you kindly suggest and let you know how I get on.
  2. OK, so I emailed my claim - which they ignored. So I sent it Recorded Delivery and they immediately emailed me back to say that they agree to paying the delayed flight compensation I have claimed "as a goodwill compensation". They asked me to sign to say I agreed to accept their offer and also provide them with proof of identity, bank account details etc., each of which I did, for which they acknowledged receipt of and at which time they confirmed they would be processing my payment. After my deadline to them expired, I brought this to their attention and said if you don't pay me, now, I shall be left with little option other than to pursue the claim legally. They have replied to say they require to get a couple of internal signatures, approving the payment, before it can be made and this might take "1 month, or so". How, if at all, can I hurry them up? Thanks, everyone.
  3. I thought as much but was hoping to save the cost of the Recorded Delivery charge. But I guess you're right. For the sake of a few bob, it could delay the claim considerably if they deny receipt of it, I suppose. Thanks for confirming that.
  4. I don't understand your answer, sorry. I haven't posted it yet. I'm going to post it to their London office, tomorrow. I have emailed it to their London office but have had no acknowledgement. Do I have to send it "Recorded" (signed for) or is "Proof of Posting" (which I believe is a free service) sufficient to commence the claim? Thanks
  5. I have found a definitive answer, for anyone else who might need it, but cannot yet post a link to the relevant ICO webpage. But I can post a quote from the page, I think, as follows: "Can I require individuals to use a specially designed form when making subject access requests? No. Many organisations produce subject access request forms, and you may invite individuals to use such a form as long as you make it clear that this is not compulsory and you do not try to use this as a way of extending the 40-day time limit for responding. Standard forms can make it easier for you to recognise a subject access request and make it easier for the individual to include all the details you might need to locate the information they want. However, any request in writing must be considered as a valid request, whatever the format." Hope this may help someone else, in future.
  6. My wife and I booked a flight to Vietnam, with Vietnam Airlines (through a broker). Less than 24 hours before, we were telephoned by the broker to say the flight would be delayed by around 8 hours as was the incoming flight from Vietnam by their Airline, upon which we would be departing. This threw pre flight and post flight travel arrangements into chaos, at such short notice, but there was nothing to be done to prevent that, so we just got on with it. As our arrival was delayed by just shy of 9 hours, I understand we can claim compensation. Vietnam Airlines have a London office so I emailed my claim to them but they have not replied. Accordingly, I've decided to post them a hard copy of my complaint and compensation claim. Do I need a "Proof of Delivery" or is a "Proof of Posting" slip sufficient, please? Thank you.
  7. All I can say for now is that there is the possibility of a Class Action being brought against this particular provider, in which I shall be instrumental (the instigator, no less), if it does indeed come to fruition. For that reason but also because of my own "position", it's imperative to "keep the powder dry", for now. If things go to plan we shall all be witness to the bringing to book of an organisation I suspect routinely (deliberately or negligently) imposes excess charges across its customer base and throughout its product/service range. Hopefully you will understand that I'm not being unnecessarily "secretive" per se and without due consideration.
  8. I shall reveal the identity, I promise. Just not now. I understand why I should (to hopefully help others - as I have been helped). Thanks so much for your valuable advice. It is genuinely appreciated. Hope I can reciprocate, one day.
  9. Thank you both for such swift and detailed replies. Until SF's post, I was considering a compromise in completing the nuts and bolts (proof of ID etc) of their form whilst referring them to the SAR for the details of my request as the SAR is significantly more flexible than their questionnaire style form. I won't reply to their legal team, I believe it is for them to direct the enquiry to the qualified respondents and I don't wish to appear willing to be subject to their instructions, unless valid (they have been very defensive, even confrontational, in our verbal dealings, since I raised the issue with them). I'm not protecting them, so much as me, at present. Thanks for the bank statement advice, you both raise, as I'd not thought of that!! Brilliant. Excuse my ignorance but what is a "TP" (is it "telephone service provider")? Thanks, again.
  10. I know that my telecommunications provider has been overcharging me but not by how much and over what period (they acknowledge as much but are being awkward in (not) helping me arrive at the amount they have overcharged, for me to reclaim and have said they will arrive at "an arbitrary sum" of their own if I am unable to provide them with full details of dates and amounts). So I sent them a properly worded SAR but they have replied with an in-house "SUBJECT ACCESS REQUEST FORM" for me to fill in (which suggests they receive a few requests) and told me I must return it to their "Legal Team", directly. 1) Do I have to complete their form or can I insist they respond to my formal SAR, as already provided to them? 2) Is it for me to approach their legal team or is it for them to pass the request over to it? Thanks in advance for any help and advice.
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