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  1. My elderly parents have rented a house to a lady and her aunt for approximately 15yrs. The lady was the original tenant who after a short period of time asked if her aunt could move in and share the rent, buy making her contribution in her entitlement to housing benefit.This was agreed and for many years things have ticked along, although the tenant has on many occasions allowed the paid proportion of the rent get into arrears. The house is now in need of some repairs, the tenant has been pointing this out for quite a while, but due to some illness my parents
  2. Thank you. I did take further pictures (uploaded) and shall now formulate my defence based on your helpful pointers. cag rwu.pdf
  3. I get what you are saying and I really need to file my defence but am still unsure of exactly what it should say? I have now also taken a picture of the entire row of shops but am Unsure what my 3 line defence should be at this stage. Sorry to need it completely laying out for me, but I just don’t Want to get it wrong....
  4. sounding good. I have taken more photos and hopefully made the whole thing clearer. Image list: 1 – front of the row of shops – indicating parking at rear. 2 – Entrance to rear of shops / parking area 3 – the rear area 4 – rear area 5 – the rear of the restaurant with the “parking at rear” sign on the front of the shop indicating my parked position (parked as such due there being obstructions / rubbish preventing parking closer to the wall) 6 - a parking sign from CPM nothing to do with the restaurant 7 - a parking sign from CPM 8 – No parking bay, design
  5. I've been and taken further pictures of the site. Signs are displayed as indicated on the Photos provided by uk car park management, The new proprietor of the shop continues to engage uk car park management, but isn't the owner of the building or land. Shall I contact the land registry to find out who actually owns the land, before I go down he no contract could be or was formed route.....
  6. Thanks Eric's brother. Will get photos today. In terms of my 3 line defence. Should it be something along the lines of: No boundaries are indicated as to where parking is supposedly enforced. Evidence submitted not clear - pictures do not show position of vehicle in relation to entire communal space. The tenants of the building have no authority to create such a contract ( I will confirm this later today)
  7. Just heard back from Gladstones. They have enclosed the same documents as in post 31 a copy of ths parking charge notice and the covering letter which can be seen in the attached PDF. wHAT SHALL i DO NOW?
  8. Have done as advised on MCOL and used the template - made an error in my initial post as the claimant is UK car park management and not gladstones. I am instructed to send documents to gladstones though. Letter's in the post. Worried about getting a CCJ.... Doc1.pdf
  9. I received a PCN on 14th March 2018. Eventually gladstones became involved and I wrote to them on 03 December 2018, following the advice of CAG. I did not receive a response until 03 May 2019 which opened: 'Thank you for your letter dated 03/12/18, the content of which has been noted. We apologise for the delay in our response however, as no further action has been taken we trust you agree no prejudice has been suffered as a result' it then went on to demand £160 within 30 days. It contained a copy of the signage at the site. An Aerial photo s
  10. Thanks Ericsbrother. So shall I just not respond and continue this game of brinkmanship?
  11. Hi, Gladstone Solicitors Update: I have received a new letter from Gladstones, (attached hopefully) and a second copy of the original letter sent to me. They have not acknowledged my letter to them. I appreciate your good advice as always ... thank you gladstone 17 12 cag.pdf
  12. Hi Caggers, after reading the info on the link provided by stu007, and taking on board the advice from king12345. I separated the problems, Item 1: The Canopy. Item 2: The service charge. [1] The Canopy: I wrote to them on 23rd Nov, I have made it very clear that I strongly object to the construction of a new canopy, and a warning that any construction should not be attached or secured to my property. This makes it impossible for them to hang it up there anyway (copy of letter attached) They replied same day stating " Thank you for your email, I will discuss this with xxx n
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