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  1. The litigation process only started 6 days ago. Before that I was receiving idle threats to try and extort money from me. Besides, my issue is to do with teh legitimacy of the contract I was working under, something that the claimant has little idea about it would seem. When I left back in September I offered my help if there was anything that was not clear and this was not take up. Instead the claimant claims to have paid others to clean the "mess" I had left behind me, possibly in a similar way I was paid to clean up the "mess" that came before me. I received the first lett
  2. A little update to this... The claim is real and was served on 25th July to my previous address (even though the claimant was in receipt of my new address). After the obligatory 5 days grace to get to me I have until 13th August to file my acknowledgement of service and a further 14 days after that to file a defence. With this in mind, I have just spent some time (and £70+ VAT) with a local trainee solicitor who advised that on initial inspection the contract I was given may well be a contract of employment due to the terms and conditions within in (hours of work stated clearly
  3. I was self employed at the time but had no insurance. It's also not covered on my home insurance I have checked. That is exactly what they are expecting. See below, but the initial contact asked me for £4k or face a £12K claim in court. I am going to counterclaim. The facts are that I moved to PAYE when the contract with the client was cancelled and due to the stress and worry of this potential legal action (bearing in mind I have been sent letters, emails and text messages since December 2015 hassling me to pay up or face legal action), I lost sleep due to worry a
  4. So I guess we will sit and wait .... will update when the paperwork has arrived as I am at a loss as to how to proceed properly. Thanks for everything so far.
  5. It was an ongoing contract with no end date. Can I still counterclaim on this basis? Anyway..... Was greeted with this sent to me this morning via email... This has allegedly been filed on 21/07/2016 (according to the accompanying email I was sent) with my defendant address being stated as my old address, however I have proof via a signed recorded delivery slip showing that the client was made aware of my change of address on 19/07/2016, some two days before allegedly filing this claim (I say allegedly as I cannot check online as there is no password on the above form).
  6. The date that the client was going to file at the small claims court was 15/07/2016. I have not had anything sent here yet, but that's not to say that it is not on its way. I'll send the letter by recorded delivery and will sit back and see what happens. I cannot contest any claim until I have the documents anyway and there seems to be no way of checking to see if a claim has been made against me without them, unless anyone knows any different?
  7. I have redirection until the end of august, and I may extend it, however I am thinking that sending the letter with my new addres details by recorded delivery will be enough to prove that they have the new address. Out of interest, if the client is told that I have moved and have the relevant details, but serve the order to the old address and win via default, does being able to prove that the client has my new address details mean that I can contest if a judgement is made against me? Something like this? ....
  8. Which is exactly what I thought and why I needed confirmation. My luck is that I don't tell them of the change of address and they start proceedings and I lose by default. Should I add the extortion / harassment part too?
  9. Thanks for the quick reply. The comments would have been added as the SAR was compiled, 100%. For the record I do not think that they will go down the legal route at all as the case they are putting to me is very weak with no real proof, its all circumstantial. I was paid on presentation of my invoices and no mention of any breach of contract or my work itself was made at any point until after the contract ended. When I received the first indication that there was a problem, the client did not ask for help in resolving the alleged issues, but decided to go straight for the wallet
  10. To cut a long story short.... I worked as a freelance contractor for a firm for 6 months in 2015. The long term contract was eventually cancelled by mutual consent and in October. In December I was sent a letter from my client stating that they strongly believed that I had not fulfilled any of my duties under the contract and wanted £4,000 withn 30 days or were threatening to take me to court for £12,000 + I spoke to a solicitor who advised me that unless it was a letter from a solicitors on the clients behalf, then I should not respond as the client was probably "fishing" to see
  11. Sorry, no PPI, its CPP, some identity theft alert protection. Fat lot of good it did in this instance!
  12. It was never asked for, it is the difference between the Septembers statement of £540 and the sum of the amount removed after the fraud investigation concluded (£450). If nothing else had happened then the October statement would have read a balance owing of £90 (which is what was expected). However the £450 was not returned to the account until mid November so additional charges were added in October to the tune of £64 on the previous balance of £540. Hope that makes sense. There has never been a correct owing balance provided, ever, and it seems as if their computer has be
  13. Yep makes sense, paying the money actually used on the card is easy (as we have the receipts) however the interest charges are not as easy to work out due to the fact that they are the sum of several products (interest, cash advance fee and interest on that, some kind of payment protection he had on there etc.) Any ideas? Regards Spurs4ever
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