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  1. Sorry I'm not really this stupid but IT is not my strong point. I have been trying all evening to sort this out on the PC but Im just not savvy enough Can you tell me what I have to look for as I really don't know how to get 30 or so pages into one document I will try and get help from a colleague tomorrow sorry if I caused you stress
  2. experian Iv'e not done a multi page document ... have I? Sorry 1 A42918 experian.pdf A42918 experian.pdf A42918 welcome to legal letter.pdf A42918 origs.pdf 1 A42918 in.pdf
  3. I have moved a few times since this so didn't remove my address not very good at this sort of thing :???: Should I just sent it all? : 1 A42918 C48686 Notice - Default sum.pdf shoreham report.pdf A42918 nccheck.pdf A42918 C48686 Notice - Default sum.pdf 2 A42918 C48686 Notice - Default sum.pdf
  4. Hello again everyone I have received a CD rom with all the letters and credit searches Advantage done on me. Now I don't know what to do with it Please can you still help me Thank you in advance
  5. So All printed signed posted also sent registered post can be tracked. Sent past addresses and proof of current address. oh yeh and £10 postal order Thank you again everyone
  6. £100 per month comes out my wage every month it went to court on 12/09/12 So I have paid quite a lot it went to court on 12/09/12 £100 per month
  7. Starting the SAR now will get it posted tomorrow. Do I do this then the set aside? Thank you to everyone who has commented I have some as a friend got me some things I'd left and a load of letters from the house I moved out of and put it in storage for me. I left it there for about two years when I had room for the stuff I'd left. That is when I started to see all this about the court etc. I just gave in and accepted that I had to pay ... the court said so. Then I had a light bulb moment and thought I can't pay out £10,000 for nothing and started to try and do something but everyone always says you too late to appeal. Now thankfully I found this web site and how much you cover what do you think I need? I might have it I will find the paperwork I have and send off the SAR tomorrow I am working so won't be able to get back on until about 8.30 pm Thank you all
  8. They took me to court in 2012 Portsmouth Court No I didnt pay as circumstances changed and couldn't pay. which is why I gave them the car back The car was £4500 I thought they would sell ir for about £2500 (cheap) and I would need to pay the rest about £1500 but its nearly £10k you are correct they did send things to my old address the fact that I had depression stopped me doing anything except what i needed to do to live. I have also been trying to do something about this for 18 months now but keep coming up against the 21 day appeal
  9. Long story short I bought a car on finance had it for three months and life changed enough that I missed the next payment and would miss further payments. I agreed to them having the car back. the repo men turned up we had a cuppa and they went with the car no bad feeling. Due to family circumstances I moved house very quickly to another town to a farm yard hard to find. I stopped paying into a pension and months later thought they were still taking it to find out it was an ATE £100 they have taken me to court for payment including interest - almost £10,000 for nothing:-x Now my stupid bit: This has been going on for over four years (i have had depression etc and could not fight my way out a wet paper bag) I have called the court for an appeal but I had to do it within 21 days I wonder if I have any way out of this . .. i feel £10,000 for nothing is very unjust Looking forward to some replys ... I already know how stupid this seems:???:
  10. You need to keep on at them and the parking ticket will be a different issue be careful and don't give up
  11. I have had lots of these sort of dealings with them .... I hate DVLA. I think they should just let us all do their job for them and get it all done online and print off the proof. They would just need a small amount of staff to help people with no computer. Surly they could do that without messing it up!!! 1 sorn went guilty to this as I never kept proof and didn't have a leg to stand on. 2 cars sold and posted paper work never recieved Partner has one just now for motorbike sold. We had 2 bikes made into one and sold it on ebay done paper work then moved. We have just recieved a fine for £305 from court who "with further investigation found him at our new address." Why could DVLA not have found us before they went to the courts? ..... Here we go again. Must be the same useless individual who shreds the paper work for this area, i wish they'd hurry and get caught You should always go to court no matter what. Say your piece respectfully to the Magistrate take as much information with you set up a face book account solely for the messing up of V5 documents by DVLA (Iwill do this if people join) so you can easily print it off and take it with you to show their incompetence (I love this site but its hard to copy and paste the same sort of complaint to take to court or send to MP's) sorry RANT over
  12. Be Wiser... Don't use them!! We insured a VW Caravelle mini bus online. paid a deposit and one payment. They wrote to us saying the insurer could not insure us as it was a mini bus and not a van. So they were cancelling the insurance in a week from date on letter(5 days inc a weekend) We called then to ask why they took a payment after they had written to say it was cancelled. They said we owe them a cancellation fee of £75 WE DIDN'T CANCEL. they did. We have paid £274.61 for 1 months cover and they still want £77.47 then we needed to get insurance asap and had to pay another deposit etc etc I am really fed up with insurance companies ripping us off all the time. So I will start the complaints procedure but I need my money now, we don't have this kind of spare cash floating around. It means we can't pay other bills because we need insurance I am very angry about this.
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