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  1. The tracking number is scanned into the system when using a self-service machine. I don't think they will necessarily lose the parcel, but if they did it could be a problem and I usually provide the tracking number to my customers so it's quite inconvenient. I understand you may not like using a self-service machine but an error in the receipt printing could still happen either way, although I'm sure it's a rare occurrence.
  2. Hello, I used the Post Office self-service machines to post a parcel and my receipt only printed correctly on one side. So I don't have a correct receipt and most importantly the tracking number is not printed correctly. I have spoken to staff in the Post Office about this the next day but they have stated that they are unable to help and I sent a email to them but they have said there is nothing they can do to help. Is there anything I can do in this situation? Thanks.
  3. Thank you for the reply I can see there is little room for negotiation to date I have received only a email informing me of the increase I suppose that is not correct notice? My main question is and I would appreciate it if someone could clarify this for again... The above website says that rent paid monthly requires 1 months notice, rent paid per year requires 6 months notice, whereas my rent and contact were paid 6monthly so I am wonder what the required notice if any is?
  4. Hello, My landlord has asked for increase in rent now that my 6 month fix term has come to a end. My questions is how much notice does he need to give me? https://www.gov.uk/private-renting/rent-increases "Your landlord must give you a minimum of one month’s notice (if you pay rent weekly or monthly). If you have a yearly tenancy, they must give you 6 months’ notice. " I can see from gov.uk but I paid for my rent upfront so how much notice do i need?
  5. but would I be able to claim back the cost of any report? otherwise it is not worth it.
  6. Yes! it was incorrectly described. I was unsure if i could claim because auction returns are very different from retail and that get out clause in there T&C's. I have not contacted the auction house yet so will first see how they respond. I agree with you a independent expert may be needed to verify the authenticity but who would pay for that? The value is £100.
  7. Hello, I'll keep this brief because I know sometimes people can give a little to much information on these forums... I bought a piece of antique Ivory from a auction via the-saleroom.com a fair while ago in April. I was overall happy with it and I treasured it in my cabinet until recently. I decide I would like to part with this item and I took this to a dealer in my local area who trades in ivory and I was shocked to learn that she very confidently believes this not to be ivory but instead some sort of resin and so of significantly less value. I strongly feel I have been misled as the item listing was described as ' A small Ivory carving 4cm ' I would like any adivse on this matter because I know my rights are different than buying from a shop and I have had a look at the T&C's of the auction house one clause is below. "11. The auctioneer undertakes that care has been taken to see that catalogue descriptions and condition reports are accurate, but these must be taken as matters of opinion only and shall not be taken as statements of fact. Buyers must make their own judgement as to the nature, authenticity or condition of any lot. The auctioneers do not give any warranty as to the title of the lots sold and will not be liable for any defect in such title" How can they get away with this surely they have a responsibility to accurately list the items for sale? Paul.
  8. The dvla have still not sent me the LLP. They dont seem to know what one is has anyone got a copy they can show me?
  9. Hi, I left a job a few months ago. While working there on my first week i never got paid because they said i get paid a week in hand. so this should mean when I leve I get paid 2x wages. But when i left i was not paid 2x wages. This happend 2 months ago can i still claim this money back? also i dont have any proof because i did not keep my wage slips, can i request them to send me the proof?
  10. thanks bubzy, they did not read my letter propperly so I have asked them again for a copy of thr llp. will wait to see what they say.
  11. I Have asked for a copy of the LLP. The dvla have said they do not send copys of legislation. How did everyone else get a copy?
  12. Thanks for the advice, I will ask them to send me the a copy of the LLP. I am more likely to get a friendly verson of LLP because my "offence" is recent. Do you expect the dates on the LLP will be still be inccorrect or have they since picked up on this?
  13. I am have received a penalty from the DVLA I am about to write to them to 'appeal'. Should I ask for a original copy of the LLP or has this change and is no longer useful to me?
  14. Thanks for the advice. I will send them a brief letter and refuse to pay. They can send the matter to a DCA as the debt is in dispute. The only thing that is worrying me is they have threatened a £1000 fine if this gets to court and I can afford that. Finally do we know if anyone else has been successful with this?
  15. I want to keep my letter brief and to the point they can put up or shut up. I have not yet sent them a letter but will probably remove that last part and remain open mined. I just wanted to no what my chances are of getting either let off or winning in court? like yourself I own more than one vehicle but I am 80% sure I sent the sorn off.
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