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  1. Tried that, They are not interested. Just wanted to know if anyone has been sucsessful against HSBC with no documents over 6 years old.
  2. Hi, Had done the SAR request and they just sent me blank pages of my loan numbers with nil on them. The loan was through my bank account which I had the account number and sort code, but no statements. Very frustrating, thats why I fancy claiming at County Court and seeing how far I get. They may well use the ruse of 'destroying information' after 6 years, but I dont buy it. No other bank does this. They microfiche all info, and I only know this as they kept a 'default' on my credit file for over 7 years and they had all info on this which was microfiched. Its a get out clause for them not paying out.
  3. Hi all, Been mulling this over for about a year now as I was fobbed off by HSBC for my PPI claim. Here are the basics: Had a loan with HSBC in 1997 as I was 19 I was advised I HAD to have PPI for the loan, as I was buying a car and paying off a credit card. Loan was for £3000 Xmas 97 extended the loan to £3500 and again (I remember sitting at the desk in the Crawley branch) and being told, as I was extending the loan that PPI again PPI HAD to be added as they are 'helping me out'. '98 was going through debt problems and my father took me to HSBC branch again and they took my debit card off me and restructured the loan again with PPI till I paid it off in 2000. Now I followed all protocol for the information of the accounts and statements, but none was forthcoming. HSBC eventually (after 9 months) sent me the loan account numbers but said there was no PPI on any of them. I spoke to two different HSBC people in two different parts of the UK. One guy stated that he has all info in front of him, but can not 'verify' I had PPI and the lady I spoke to just said that she cannot confirm that I had PPI as it was too long ago and all details are destroyed after six years. I stated to both of them that if all details are destroyed after six years and no data stored on Microfiche, how can you send me details of all loan accounts and statements? Both staff said that if I can provide the PPI certificate, I have a claim. Now this was last year, The Ombudsman agreed with HSBC that there is 'no proof' that I had PPI, but I know I had PPI. Where do I stand. Barclays paid out on my PPI for years 98-2000 and I had no info for that. What I want to do is file at County Court for say £3000 for PPI Mis-selling and see how far I get until they settle or I go to Court. I have nothing to lose apart from my fee's for the County Court, and maybe HSBC might find my information? Look forward to any replies.
  4. I issued CC proceddings, and surprise surprise MKDP have taken the Defaults off my credit file. Just to let everyone know, if you think it is wrong, do your research, and hopefully (as in my case) it pays off. Good luck
  5. I had to wait for MKDP to give me their final response before you can go to the FOS
  6. Hi again, I argued to MKDP and Nationwide, that this debt was made up of charges, and that it also stated on the default notice (DN) that County Court proceedings will commence if balance not paid. There was nothing on the DN to state that my credit file will be impaired at all. I then spoke to the FSA, the FOS and the regulator. I then proceeded to go through the FOS. Nationwide agreed with me, that this was made up of charges, and have confirmed that this debt will be written off and that MKDP will remove default within 6 weeks (not 8 as I put before) I have always stated to MKDP and Nationwide that I was prepared to go to County Court as this was a basic bank account, nationwide have never put anything on my credit file and that this should of been chased via a CCJ; and that this debt was made up of charges. Until I see the default removed from my credit file, I will not be satisfied. What has annoyed me is the people on CAG always stated that I would lose, and this is the 3rd time that I have 'won' by persistence 1st Mortgage redemption penalty back 2nd Cabot financial removing default from credit file and 3rd this.
  7. Nationwide has agreed to remove the 'Default' from my credit file. They have advised MKDP to close the account and remove the 'Default'. I have this case through the Ombudsman and I have sent details to them, inc the letter from Nationwide who are dealing with MKDP. I have been told to wait upto eight weeks for the 'default' to come off. I also started County Court proceedings as well, but that is on hold at the moment.
  8. Ok, worth spending the £35 court fee and challenging it that way then. I just gobsmacked that something that should of been pursued as a CCJ (as was stated in the Default Notice) can then be sold on 4 years later, a default placed on my credit file for a sum with out any notice, until i chased it and the default made up of charges!
  9. I have just read the ICO's 'Data Protection Technical Guidance Filing defaults with credit reference agencies'. It doesn't state in there that if a default is made up of charges it cannot be 'Default'. It also doesn't state when a 'Default' should be placed on a credit file after a Default Notice has been served. MKDP stated to me that you can wait up to a year to place a default?
  10. wow. Thanks Andy. So can you be Defaulted for a debt made up of charges, when the Default notice states that Court proceedings will commence for the recoveries of the money?
  11. Hi all, just hoping for some answers or advice. I have had a 'Default' placed on my credit file from a DCA called MKDP from an old bank account with Nationwide. I have an ongoing complaint with the FOS, and have taken advice from the OFT and the FCA. My questions are this (as no one can answer them): When you receive a Default Notice and you have to repay by a certain date and you don't, when should the Default be placed on your credit files? When the Default notice states that Court action will be taken for the recover of the monies and no mention of a Default/credit files impacted, can this debt then be sold 4 years later and a Default be placed on your credit file, when a CCJ should of been chased (and I would like to add that the bank never placed anything on my credit file)? Why can a 'Default' be placed on my credit files for a basic bank account, that was made up of charges, and has been confirmed by all parties that this was not a credit agreement? I look forward to any replies. I am going through the Credit Consumer Act online and so far I cannot find anything that helps me. It seems that the world of Credit Files/Credit regulation is a world that no one wants the average person to learn.
  12. Having just called down after Brigadier2JCS little sniping comment, surely the DCA should at least reply to me, they have had close to two months. The only other way I can think of dealing with this as MKDP now own the debt, is going after the charges that this debt is made up of through the CC. I might or might not be successful, but if this is the only way the DCA will speak to me, so be it. I just need to clarify if anyone is reading this, is that this was a basic account. No visa/visa electron card, just a nationwide cash card, no Overdraft, no credit facilities at all. Nothing ever put on credit file, no searches nothing, as this wasn't a credit agreement. I have had one letter from MKDP recently, that said they will take me to County Court for this. However they have defaulted me. This is like owing money to a milkman, not paying, and then them defaulting you. So so wrong. Look forward to any replies.
  13. Ok, I have sent the first letter asking for 28 days notice to remove default, not received anything. Sent a further letter giving 14 days notice or I will take Court action, nothing back from anyone (that was on Monday the last day). Both letters sent recorded delivery. I also sent a copy to the Compello ltd who are the parent company, and not heard anything. Should I go ahead and file a N1 for costs and removal of default now, or send a third letter? I have done this before with Cabot financial and they never responded to the N1 and I ended up with Cabot's solicitors who were desperate for me to settle after they realised I could send the Bailiffs in. This is what I would like to see happen here and my default removed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Hi all, Its been two weeks and not heard anything from MKDP or Nationwide, should I send a 'Letter before action'? Thanks for all of your help.
  15. Today I have received the following responses from MDP and Equifax through the 'my questions' on the Equifax website: This was originally Nationwide account that was opened 10/08/2006 at a previous address and defaulted 01/09/2010 Nationwide sold the defaulted account MKDP LLP have loaded the data to your credit file as we are now the legal owners of the account The default is recorded correctly There was activity on the account in March 2008 therefor the account is not Statute Barred A final response letter was sent Mr XXX October 2012 There was no activity on the account in March 2008, that was me questioning the charges on the account. I have never received anything from MKDP the response after from Equifax is: Thank you for getting in touch. Mkdp Llp has investigated your query and have told Equifax that the default information is correct and should remain unchanged. This information is supplied by the company and we can't change it without their permission. You should get in touch with the company directly if you need more information. The note that we added, stating that your information was in dispute will be removed within 24 hours. You’ll find more information about your credit report at: http://www.equifax.co.uk/help. If you have a question, you should find the answer in our FAQ section. If not, you can send us an online query, and attach your documents to it – no need to worry about them getting lost or delayed in the post. I hope you find this useful. If there’s anything else we can do for you, please let us know. Kind regards What's next? Not heard back from either MKDP or Nationwide regarding this. I would like to know where the piece of info is that's states that 'Defaults' that are made up of charges cannot be placed on a credit file, is it under the CCA? Thanks again for any help.
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