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  1. Thank you for this. You're right, and I really appreciate your words. I'll let it drop
  2. NO! I'm actually offended you even suggest that! I've said lots of times its not about the money. I can honestly say hand on my heart I don't want any money. I want justice. I can't believe a company can get away with theft.
  3. So for 6 months they promised to refund my money when I returned the items as per the small print. They even admit in the email that I returned the items and I should get my money back! Yes I'm gullible, I'd even call myself stupid for falling for this [problem]. Sharp practices? No. Stealing for refusing to refund someone's money? Yes! Read the Internet. There are people all over the world scammed by this company. It's illegal practices. A search on the Internet will confirm this.
  4. I agree! I have my money, I just want justice and to protect others from the stress this causes when they clear out your bank account! Its theft. Simple as. If someone stole money out of your back pocket you'd be pretty p'eed off wouldn't you? I have emailed them back and told them my final decision is passing it on to Trading Standards.
  5. So this is their latest reply: "Dear ****, Thank you for your email. As explained multiple times there is nothing else we can do except to reship two products - Stemologica kit and Beautemer serum free of charge. Please let us know what would be your final decision. Kind regards," The people who work for them must literally be robots with no feelings at all. How they feel comfortable working for this company is incredible to me.
  6. Do you think Barclays will bother? I asked the guy I spoke to and he said they wouldn't. I just can't believe companies can get away with this!
  7. Like I said. Its not about the money any more. How they are trading surely breaks every rule in the book? How can a company get away with holding onto someone's money!?
  8. Hi All. Thanks for the add to the forum. I realise the forum is littered with Stemologica threads, but I feel each case is individual so would appreciate help. I 'fell' for the free trial thing back in June and unfortunately got stung for £97.95 back in June. After a very distressed call to them, they agreed to refund my money if I returned the products within the 14 days, got proof of posting blah blah blah I did all of this. Emailed them the tracking numbers and awaited my refund....and waited...and waited... 6 months later, 6 fretful phone calls later they tell me they c
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