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  1. Ah ok, that just sucks but comes as no surprise. Its a bit like me owning a fish shop and saying "oh, by the way, I now own everything in the sea", "if you buy fish from anywhere you must pay me a fee". In the 20's it was called racketeering. There's nothing connected to my TV now but I have a mountain of DVD's and music, I've become so disillusioned by the lies and censorship of the BBC news broadcasts that I'm actually ashamed to have ever contributed to this bunch of thieves.
  2. Hi everyone, a quick question, do I need a TV license to watch old programmes through a freesat box ? My wife watches a couple of American cookery programmes made years ago, these obviously cant be "live" and they are broadcast by foreign channels via satellite. Surely the BBC dont have the right to make me pay for pre-recorded programmes not made or broadcast by them ?
  3. I believe this is from the consumer rights act........ even outside of the 30 day period, if goods cannot be repaired in a reasonable amount of time or a repair would cause significant inconvenience then a full refund or replacement should be offered. Is this correct ? If it is then I'll be taking them on, one month isn't a reasonable amount of time to repair a cooker and going without our cooker would certainly cause significant inconvenience. I'm disabled and my wife has Diabetes, we both have specific needs when it comes to cooking and foods.
  4. Ah ok.....not as straight forward as I had hoped, there are very few choices for kitchen appliances where we live, currys would have been bottom of my list but its about as far as I can travel. I'll still wait for a reply from their customer services and take it from there, I'd like to know why Currys take no responsibility saying its down to the manufacturer and why they wont accept that it was broken before the 30 days were up. Thanks for the idea of charging them for storage, I might also bill them for takeaways while I'm waiting
  5. Thank you ! just as I suspected, they did something similar to me years ago, I had hoped things would have changed. Anyhow, I just sent off an email to their customer services so I'll wait for a reply and let you know. Then as you suggest I'll go further with this.
  6. Hi, still trying to calm down after my visit to Currys today:x We bought a cooker there less than 2 months ago and its been faulty from the start, the oven cuts out during cooking leaving food half done and only fit for the bin. This happened in our second week of ownership but we weren't sure if it was us or the cooker, now we know for sure its the cooker at fault as its happened 4 times. We went back to currys today to complain but were told the manufacturer would only consider a repair and it might take a month So I've been looking up our rights and would appreciate some help from the forum First, they insisted we could only get help from the manufacturer, but our contract is with Currys, no one else, do they have the right to fob us off in this way ? Second, the fault has been there since we took delivery, do we have the right to a replacement or refund or do we have to accept a repair ? I know we're over the 30 day limit but its not our fault, this seems so unfair, any advice ?
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