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  1. WELL WELL WELL. Yesterday was the day that my upgrade was meant to be delivered. Low and behold I get a phonecall from Lee who stated that both orders had been cancelled (even though I checked when he was online and they were still active) and that he would look into getting my phone un locked. He also offered me a good will gesture of no final payment for my last bill (I am guessing around 30quid). Sadly I am not going to accept this as I am goin to follow my complaint through with the ombudsman as this company needs a kicking in the nuts so to speak for the way in which they treat customers. Ironically 3 hours later the manager of my local vf store rang to say that SHE had got the contracts cancelled and that she would also get my handset unlocked!!! The top and bottom of the whole pre order cancelation fiasco is that VFwere s..t scared to cancel on the off chance that the handset was sent out by mistake on release date! They must think im stupid!!!! To top it all off I have no way of contacting their customer service as my number is now ported, they have removed my access to their site via login and the ever so not helpful glory taker from the shop will not answer her phone. It looks like another trip to the shop to see her as I got the impression that creating a scene in their 'cool' shop didn't go down to well. Oh and I have just got an email to say that they have received my instruction to lift the bar on PREMIUM RATE NUMBERS. The biggest bunch of lying, numb inept fools I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with.
  2. I did send the letter to them stating i wanted back charges etc. I have had no response from them however they must of accepted the content as they stopped marking my credit file 2 weeks ago and marked it as 'settled' I will start hounding them now for payments made and charges etc.
  3. going to use the pac code on friday. Im going to have to dig my old old phone out as its sim free. This is because VF won't un lock mine. i have looked at a lot of lees responses and they all seem to be the same 'I've got your email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.' with little action after that. It looks to me like another branch of customer care(?) that tells you all is sorted and do nothing. I am a paid member of experian and they send me alerts as soon as there is a search or change on my credit file. I got this as RBS were continuing to mark it after an eleged debt was wiped off in court. I got compensation from them for this.
  4. well what a shock. i found a text on my phone from thursday last week from shannon from vodafone who promised me that the contracts would be cancelled in 2-3 days as thats how long it takes and that she would ring me on monday to confirm. All lies of course. The contracts have still not been cancelled, vodafone are still refusing to un lock my iPhone from their network as according to them i have not paid my bill for 3 months and to top it all off LEE FROM VODAFONES SOCIAL MEDIA COMMS TEAM has not responded in time to stop the pre order contract coming into force on the 1st of october. Nicely played in using delaying tactics to your advantage. Luckily enough i did put into all my requests to cancel that I will not and am not responsible for any financial loss incurred by them sending out handset and continuing with the contract I have also cancelled my direct debit so payment can not be taken. I only wish terrible things to vodafone as a company and the employees that have lied to me over the past 8 days . truelly disgusting behaviour from the last british network provider.
  5. I have checked on line and orders are still active. I rang customer services again and said i wanted my pac number. after being passed to customer loyalty team who interrogated me for a little while i stuck to my guns and kept it simple. To my amazement i got the PAC code, 26 mins on the phone but I got it!!! all i need now is my current phone un locked and their 2 alleged contracts cancelled. oh and some compensation would be nice for the lies and stress endured at the hands of the customer deflection team!!!!
  6. I am documenting every step of this even to the point of videoing me handing over the cancelation contract in their store yesterday so they can not say they have it!!! DONT HAVE IT
  7. I have hand delivered cancelation to one of their store yesterday, sent a copy via registered post, cancelled via live chat with proof of transcript and also emailed them. None of these have worked and they refuse to cancel for any reason they can think of. I was waiting for a call back yesterday from one rep that I talked to on Thursday. She promised this would be cancelled and said she would ring back on Monday. Utter lies from every angle from these lot. I am documenting every step of this even to the point of videoing me handing over the cancelation contract in their store yesterday so they can not say they have it!!!
  8. Sadly I went onto VF website last week and realised I was due an upgrade. I ordered the new iphone6s plus under pre order. it was meant to be £59 per month and £309 upfront cost. When I got home that night I noticed that my monthly payment had been billed at £120. I rang vf customer service and was told that I was more or less lying and that I could not cancel over the phone and would have to do it online. There is no where on line to cancel a order. over the next 36 hours I spent a total of 7hours 12 mins with customer service who said everything from 'you can only cancel within 1 hour of placing on line order' or 'your order has 100% been cancelled' to 'I am not allowed to cancel your order' I have now tried to leave VF and requested the PAC number to port to another network. They now say that I am in contract with them and if I want to retain my number (which I have had for 20 years )I will have to pay them £708 pounds. They are also refusing to unlock my handset from their network as they say I have not paid my bill for 3 months. All of this is complete rubbish. My bills are paid via direct debit and come out on time every time for the past 3 years with vf. I even went into a Vodafone store on Saturday and requested cancelation there which they refused. I asked her to write it on a bit of paper that she was refusing and she point blank refused to. All in all Vodafone are breaching just about every distance selling and cooling off period law, threatening customers, lying to customers and what amounts to stealing from me. I am disgusted, stressed and out of pocket from these fraudsters. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM, IT WILL END IN TEARS.
  9. Hi. Quick update. I wrote to both carter and lowells regarding their defeat. carters back heeled the whole thing onto lowells. Lowell took 8 weeks to complete their investigation into my complaint but did respond. They have apologised for sending me demands after the court ruled against them. They have stopped marking my credit file and sent me a chq for £50 as a GOGW! Some more good news came in the form of compensation from rbs for a cock up they made. Over £200 for not keeping their promises. I am aware that rbs trolls snoop about so Im not saying much but all will be revealed in about 12 month if it makes it to court.
  10. Thanks SCARLET, just what I was after. Should I also put in that letter something along the lines of 'stop marking my credit file please'? thanks.
  11. UPDATE. Lowell Financial sent me a nice letter today offering me a 30% discount if I pay them £4200 within the next 14 days. Pass me my cheque book!!! Does anyone have a link to a letter template to stop these nurbs sending me letters ie a 'you lost now get stuffed' kind of letter? Thanks in advance.
  12. had a quick skim at that it looks slightly different kind of case as he had been paying them but they still marked his credit file as default. I may be wrong so I will read it in full later after work
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