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  1. can some one please update me what I have to do next as looks like I am stuck with builder money as I did not receive anything from Santander
  2. Hi About my complaint to CEO office in santander i have received email from CEO Complaints team they have declined my complaint saying Fraud team already made their decision based on information they have received. They can not alter decision and it will remain same. I try to explain person confirming this that we have enough evidence and information regarding this one as our details used fraudulently. But he refused to understand says fraud team will write a letter to us.
  3. Yes i already emailed to Nathan Bostock ceo of Santander and i have received phone call from complaint chairman office confirming they are investigating matter and will update me soon. I have contacted Santander today as previously they sent out another dispute form as they require further information but we did not receive anything so will chase. Hopefully this matter get resolve without going to court.
  4. Yes I did all video recording and I have received email from him instructing branch to process refund
  5. Hi Sorry for late response. As i had meeting with Travis perkins Security Manager he confirmed he will refund money as some of items missing so he will deduct that amount and pay rest . Lets see how much he is going to refund Thanks,
  6. As per instruction i have contacted Travis Perkins regional area director and i have received response from them. They will come tomorrow between 1pm -3pm visit property and discuss matter. Branch Manager from local travis perkins and Investigator will visit property. I have called santander regarding we submit visa dispute form for Building company and travis perkins. They update me they have sent another disclaimer form asking for more information they require what service was provided and if goods has been returned how much value of goods. Now i am facing problem in that disclai
  7. Building company refuse to response any letter i have sent previously now time will finish tomorrow what do i have to do I am really depressed due to all these situation as we do not get any help from any one. I just checked my bank account and left with only £8.90 which is really hard as i recently lost my job and i do not get paid yet any benefits due to we have property. Now we cant rent this out as its in a such mess condition or nothing we can do i dont know what to do..
  8. Hi, Thank you so much for all your support. I have contacted Travis Perkins CEO and they informed local Regional Director to resolve this matter asap and reply me. He has sent me copy of email sent to each and every person. Unfortunately, I can not put Building company email over here as they were threatning me to take legal action for damage their reputation so i am worried what will happen. We have sent all disclaimer form to Santander to look into this matter as well video copy on pen drive confirming travis perkins collected their goods back.
  9. I have received email from travis Perkins they not going to refund money I have to contact my bank for refund. I have filled dispute from and sent with all email conversations pictures and copy of videos they collected their goods back. I have received email from building company saying they will not refund money but they confirm they did not provide any service.
  10. Finally i have received dispute form. I have only problem Travis perkins refuse to provide any information or not responding to my email or calls. They start hung up on me. Dont know how do i have to prove in dispute form goods has been returned and they refuse to give me any letter confirming. Without it its hard for me to fill dispute form
  11. We have submitted this evidence to bank confirming when payment was taken wrongly name used and we have no involvement in this matter. But they refuse to see this only one word from them decision has been made and email address we used in past for correspondence thats it
  12. My wife used her card to ordered bed in some point December after coming back from holiday. (sorry i dont have her bank statement wth exact date) Builder not telling us anything when they have been instructed or anything but payment was taken out on 09/02/17 so we have informed bank on around 11/02/17 Travis perkins same date on 09/02/17 payment was taken out from her a/c
  13. yes i took screenshot but again same problem if we go to bank and try to prove then bank will say same thing as we know this email address and we have done correspondence in past. I am really stuck with this complicated matter its a sophisticated crime used our details
  14. Yes I did tell police false name used but police says they can't prove that so it's a civil matter
  15. I forgot to mention one thing when having chat conversations with builder website they have sent me one link which relates to card payment made. On that link I can see that they have received email from tenant saying please take payment from my card and they have provided my wife card details when providing card holder name he put his name on card.
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