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  1. Hiwas tuped across from old company so I have been with them 2010 I don't want compensation from them but I am worried about how much exposer I have had 2 years possibly more. Booked in to doctors for Tuesday next week wife thinks I'm suffering with stress not sleeping and been sick I came home from work yesterday. I am in a union but I joined a couple of days after this first started,union rep is a nice guy and helping me with advice. Just trying to get it to stop line mama her has not been reporting asbestos drilling events to any one no pun intended but it's been brushed under the c
  2. Hi guys I have just gone on the sick yesterday because of the company I work for. Lots of us have been voicing our concerns over asbestos for 2 years,the company have taken no notice what so ever. Final straw came this year when we had a asbestos report saying ceiling was clear so we started work. One of the guys said lets just check this again comes back it had never been tested it was asbestos. So now a big investigation,on my interview they was sounding like I was wanting to make a claim for compo and talking differently with me then the other guys.also asked the others if I was suf
  3. i have just been talking to my wife and we are on the line of paying £1 per month to the courts for a few more months then just declare my self bankrupt,i really want to see this summer out on my mototr bike
  4. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/249213-cca-correct.html many thx all for helping debating if to just pay £1 per month then go bankrupt
  5. yes there is charges for late payments and it was for a edge store card,sent of for a cca and only half of the documents turned up,i was told on this forum it was unforcable because there was no right to cancel
  6. i had a account in despuit with santander who the passed it on to howard cohen,just recived court papers whats the best way for me to deal with it,i dont want to have to take time off work i have just started for the company
  7. thx pgh7447 is it the letter in post 4?thank you for your time helping me
  8. no m8 nothing i thought it was all still with santander,then today this letter in the post
  9. hi m8 it does say cl finance this is our first contact
  10. many thanks bazooka,at the moment im totaly thinking of going down the root of br and making shure theese **** bags dont see a penny of my money
  11. hi m8 thx for the reply,its a notice of assignment and telling me to pay £700 or court action will start
  12. just recived today a letter from howard cohen about a santander card i use to have,i sent a cca to santander about a edge card i had with them,i recived page 1 of 2 of the cca request and was told it was unenforcable due to there been no right to cancel and only sending pages 1 of 2. so i sent them a indispute letter and heard no more until today what should be my next step bemused letter?
  13. i sent yorkshire bank a sar request , in the letter i put all my account details and wife sent a cheque,recived today all my wifes details posted to me and shes not happy
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