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  1. Do yo mean put each charge on one row or to do a separate sheet each for charges and for ppi?
  2. I was self employed at the time, they were adding ppi without my understanding or consent, actually I am not sure from when but probably around 2001 (the statements I have don't go back that far). It took me a while to realise what was happening and I phoned and had a very heated discussion demanding my money back in 2004, I said this insurance is not suited to me and it was never discussed with me in the first place otherwise I would never have agreed to it. Their response was "tough"! I then got a letter confirming it had been can
  3. Hi, Ok I have sent off my SAR but in the meantime I have found a load of old statements with charges and PPI on. The PPI they just randomly decided to add once month and kept charging me until I complained and asked for my money back which they denied me. So out of the four spreadsheets, which one do I use to calculate my claim? Its a cc with some late charges and PPI going back to 2003/2004.
  4. Is this still the one to use for charges and PPI paid on credit card statements. Does a further 8% need to be added?
  5. Is this still the one to use for charges and ppi paid on credit card statements. Does a further 8% need to be added?
  6. Thanks, do you think I should resend SAR to that address?
  7. Sent it to the Leeds address, is that the head office?
  8. Hi Are these addresses still up to date?
  9. Is there any benefit in complaining about this?
  10. I am just checking my credit file and there are loads of searches from DCA's and there is a note from equifax "a Enquiry Agent company, has made an inquiry against your credit report on 17/03/2014 . If you were not aware of or did not consent to this search, contact CABOT FINANCIAL EUROPE or Equifax for clarification". Is this normal practise?
  11. About 4 years ago I requested CCA's from Barclays who sent a generic agreement, not a copy of the original and interestingly they didn't pursue a CCJ, however MBNA sent a copy of the original and now have a CCJ and are pursuing a charge on my house. I'll check the rest.
  12. I have had a look at my credit file and a couple of the debts are not on there including CCJ's. is there any reason for this? Even if creditors do not have a signed CCA for dates prior to April 2007, would I still have to ensure they are included in an IVA. I am wondering whether some of these debts are enforceable.
  13. One of them, not a chance - the other maybe!
  14. Hi I owe around £60k to approx 8 different companies in the form of loans and credit cards. I have been chased for these debts for a number of years and have CCJ's. I am only just in a position to start paying something (my ex left me in the lurch previously). I own my own house and I own another which gives me a small rental income, both houses are in negative equity. I am looking into what would be the best solution for me, I am thinking an IVA. Has anyone got any advice as to a way forward for me. Regards Penny
  15. When the interest rates reduced to 0.5%, RBS did not reduce its standard variable rate from 4% to 3.5%. Now as it is seeming more and more likely that interest rates will go up, do you think RBS will honour the first 0.5% hike and keep its svr at 4%? Regards TwoTicky
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