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  1. Many thanks for providing the photos and letter. As stated if the letter of appeal. 'Parking at this site is only for vehicles that are parked in accordance with the site instructions, as detailed on signage on site. This signage is clear, in excess of industry standards and clearly details any charges that may be imposed should these restrictions be breached.' Please could you ask your client to provide evidence of signage on the date in question. Many Regards Will no longer have email correspondence with them, will use recorded post from now.
  2. I sent them photo proof of the ticket; this was included on the first email I sent them. I made first contact with them via email when I first got the letter.
  3. Thanks for all the advise given. I had asked them to provide signage proof for the car park in question; this was end of last week, They now have replied with the following... Thank you for your recent email, the contents of which have been noted on file. Please note that the matter is currently being queried and your file has been placed on a hold. Confirmation of this has been sent through the post, you will be contacted in due course. Does this mean now they may have now started court proceedings ?
  4. Hi Thanks for the quick reply. My first contact to BW was via email. This was their reply Good Morning Thank you for your recent email, the contents of which have been noted on file. Should you wish to discuss this matter via email, please confirm the following: 1.Please complete your full name 2.Please provide first line of your address 3.Please provide your postcode Of which I did
  5. Hi As the title, I had received a letter from BWLegal dated 3rd July 2018, regarding a ticket from nearly 6 years ago; 22August 2012. Upon recieving the ticket in 2012, in my first instance I sent the following email to 'Premier Parking Solutions' On returning to my car this afternoon I found a fixed penalty notice on my drivers side window. This was a terrible shock to me, knowing I had purchased a ticket from the Pay and display ticket machine. once inside my car I realised the ticket I had purchased was on the center console of the car, I can assume that upon closing my car that the Non adhesive ticket that I had purchased and placed on the dashboard had been blown off by the gust of the closing of the drivers door. I have taken a photo and attached the image so you can see the purchased ticket. Please take this email as a formal appeal for the issue of the parking charge number …., with the reason why charged was issued ' No Valid ticket on display' After a automated reply all that time ago, I received many letters from so called debt collectors, and after reading advise online; I ignored. I did think after nearly 6 year, they would have dropped the case; not so. I have shot myself in foot in regards to not being driver. I have since contacted BWLegal, regarding the case within the 30 days they requested. I have also sent them a photo of the ticket via email, and asked for all documents of proof; They have now replied to the email with Photos of the car and the original letter of from Premier parking; but not any signage. What would my next course of action be? Would it be to request a CPR 31.14 by post? Is there any way of finding out if they have started court procedures? As I think if I can delay them a couple more weeks I would have taken them over the 6 years (Statute of limitations for civil cases). Thanks in advance
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