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  1. Hi All, I am hoping someone can help me or provide some advice on what i need to do: I live in Birmingham City Centre and have received a number of Parking Tickets from Premier Parking Logistics- these notices are usually issued during the night time. Upon advice from blogs etc i have ignored these Parking Ticket due to them being unregistered with the appropriate parking authorities and a certain Mr W*lton W*lkins being the owner or previous owner of the company. I have racked up about 4-5 of these notices and now they have passed this to a company called DCBL (debt recovery company) they have written to me at an address where i no longer live - they also spelt my name incorrectly. They have somehow obtained my address and written to me advising i owe them £160. £100 for the Parking Ticket and £60 admin fee. On the back of the letter conveniently hidden it says "This case is not subject to High Court or Bailiff Action" firstly yes i have written to the DVLA to request who they have given my information to and i have not acknowledged any of these letters or contacted DCBL or Premier Parking. Has anyone else had any issues with Premier Parking & a Debt Recovery Company and if so how was it resolved? I appreciate any advise or help!
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