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  1. Great stuff I will take that advice, so basically if I get a court summons come back here? Thank you!
  2. i have an update, I set an appeal off and have had no reply, they have sent me a 'debt recovery letter' demanding I pay the charge by the 1st of April. I have not been taking this very seriously but they are obviously pursuing me, so I would like to ask what my next move should be? Thanks, hopefully the attached is readable and correctly censored (there are two images there)...
  3. hah, re-reading it does sound like that, but no, exchanged some money, came back to the car, drove home, then went on holiday!!
  4. Hello, Im swimming through a sea of forum posts trying to work out what to do about my charge notice, I decided to just post. I paid for an hours parking (from memory) at a 'Premier park' car park in torquay, enter number plate in the machine (no physical ticket). I then went on holiday and am back a month later, and have a PCN, stating parking session expired or unpaid. Duration 1hr 15mins. its a £100 invoice, £60 discount, but was sent 29 days ago. I would really appreciate advice on what to do, I was going to ignore but see the consensus is not too.
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