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  1. Ok, thanks for this Yes will work my way through this tomorrow as just off to work You have slightly misunderstood the warranty, the awning isn't damaged. Is the actual structural defect that has been the result of the awning being wound out due to the poor construction of the frame of the vehicle in factory With regards to me getting another quote to repair the vehicle we are talking about a 7m roof being removed!! This just isn't something that anyone other than a motorhome factory could deal with. It may be that it needs a new roof because I don't know if the roof can be removed witho
  2. No, he has been copied into all correspondence from Marquis but he's stayed very quiet
  3. Apologies for the long message but wanted to explain situation Please can you advise? Purchased a Motorhome in July 2015 Paid bank transfer for lot (yes I know now I shouldn't have) £61K Endless problems over last 2 1/2 years and MH spent months over this time being repaired Even had a fire in the garage in a socket that wasn't working which they said they had repaired I could supply a list of repairs but I'd take up too much time for you to read them Main issue now - last June whilst on holiday during the heat wave we wound out the factory fitted awning on the side of the
  4. It was two years ago, it was a bank, and the debt was a business loan and a personal credit card.
  5. Hiya, apologies if I've posted this in the wrong area, but I've got to say thanks for all your help in trying to sort out my mess. I've a new question, I've a CCJ, which involved a Natwest bank lodging a claim for an amount against my house with the Land Registry. I intend selling my house, when the Bank takes the charge from what's left after paying back the mortgage, there won't be much left. Is it possible to negotiate with the Bank at this stage to try and reduce the claim against my property? Many thanks.
  6. Hi, I've been dealing with debt collecting agency by letter, regarding monies I owe, and can't pay back in full. I made two offers to pay the debt as "Full and Final", they accepted my second offer, and I have now received a letter as shown below, please can you advise me on whether to accept this, kind regards. "We can confirm we are willing to accept your offer of xxxx in partial settlement of this debt. Once paid, you will not be pursued for the remaining balance by us or any other third party. Once the account is settled, our entry on your credit file (if ther
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