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Found 16 results

  1. We had a secured loan on our property with First Plus which was then taken over by Elderbridge. We completed the loan in August 2017 and Elderbridge removed the charge on the house, however after checking the HM Land regisrty this week i noticed that there was still a charge against us from First Plus. Elderbridge said that this should have been removed when they took over the loan from First Plus. This did not happen and now i cant seem to find anyone to contact at First Plus to discuss this matter especially when Elderbridge say they cannot help. Any suggestions please.
  2. hello to the forum, I'm wanting some advice/help. the story is that me and a sibling was left property in a relatives will, but my sibling is the only name gone on to the land registry as i was told it wasn't an issue if only one name was registered, my concern now is by law were does this leave me if me and my sibling have a fall out, I'm named in the will but could he sell with out my permission thanks in advance.
  3. I have only just discovered this site since having 8 properties taken over by LPA Receivers. I am desparately trying to find out what to do next. I read that I can make an Application to Court to get control of sales. Please is there an expert who can tell me how to word tha application? I am scared of making an awful situation even worse if that is possible!!!
  4. More than 50,000 homeowners have signed up to receive fraud alerts in a bid to stop [problem]mers stealing hundreds of thousands of pounds by taking bogus loans against their properties. The property alert service, offered free by the Land Registry, helps people detect fraudulent activity on their property by sending them email alerts when, for example, a mortgage is taken out against it. They can then decide whether they think the activity is suspicious and can act quickly to alert the the Land Registry, their lender and the police. Property fraud is where fraudsters try to steal a property, most commonly by stealing the homeowner’s identity and selling or mortgaging the property without their knowledge. They then disappear with the money leaving the true owner to deal with the consequences. Since 2009, the Land Registry has stopped fraud on properties worth more than £92million. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/beatthe[problem]mers/article-4000954/Land-Registry-service-helps-prevent-property-fraud.html Sign up to the scheme here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/property-alert
  5. Hi, Im hoping for some advice please. My ex is trying to get a share of my property by claiming beneficial interest. From what ive read he has no claim as we are not married, house is mine & he has never paid the bills or mortgage. He has applied for a unilateral restriction to be placed on my house. Ive read I can dispute this with the land registry but im not sure where to start & cant afford a solicitor. Does anyone know the process or anymore info? Will this mean I cannot sell or remortgage my house? Thanks for reading.
  6. Hi All, It's been a while! I have a question for those who have been through this process. Long story short, I'm involved in a case that's going to the above tribunal. Both sides have asked for it to be held locally, but the Tribunal have said that it will be held in London. We have asked them to reconsider as someone on our side suffers bad health. We haven't heard from them yet, but that's by the by. My question is, if it does go to London, is it held in a court-type setup, or is it more like a conference room (all sitting round a table)? I appreciate that if it is to be held locally, it depends on what's available. Its happening at the end of the month.. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated Cheers Luke
  7. First of all thanks for reading We need to sell or remortgage our house as son is disabled and we need to either make adaptations or move to a bungalow. We bought the house 7 years ago but had debt in the past and just after we bought the house we were chased heavily and they got a ccj against us. They put an interm charging order on the property 3 years ago. I am not aware of any final order had been made and they have not communicated with us since. I have obtained a copy of land registry and it sates the following : Equitable charge created by an interm charging order of the xxxxxxx county court dated xxxxxx in favour of xxxxx. Court reference xxxxxxx What does this mean? If we sell do we loose all equity? If we remortgage will the money pass to them?
  8. Hiya, apologies if I've posted this in the wrong area, but I've got to say thanks for all your help in trying to sort out my mess. I've a new question, I've a CCJ, which involved a Natwest bank lodging a claim for an amount against my house with the Land Registry. I intend selling my house, when the Bank takes the charge from what's left after paying back the mortgage, there won't be much left. Is it possible to negotiate with the Bank at this stage to try and reduce the claim against my property? Many thanks.
  9. Hello all, anyone know about second charge and Deed of entitlement? Interesting Case with IDEM Capital, advice required please Hi All Slightly complex situation but here it is, any advice appriciated. Overview We have a mortgage with NRAM and a secured loan with Picture>Webb>IDEM. We cannot make payments and are in default. NRAM looking to put us on a voluntary repossession scheme which are happy with. IDEM have had us is court. Today was the third hearing and they didn't show as they cannot find the correct Deed of Entitlement information, witness statement and paperwork. They asked for Adjornment via letter (not sent to us only the court) but the Judge struck out the claim as they had said they would based on second hearing and paperwork etc beign wrong. What kind of solicitor can best give advice on this? (I.e Conveyencing, housing etc?) Given they cannot prove Deed of Entitlement can we challenge their charge at the land registry and have it removed? Again, your advice is most appreciated!
  10. Hi Ladies and Gents. I have an old Lloyds bank debt going back to 2008/9. They went to court and got a Judgement and then an Attachment over my house registered with HM Land Registry. However, Lloyds and their solicitors have written to me to say they have sold the debt company. This got me thinking that the Judgement and Attachment are therefore void. Reason being if I paid Lloyds to get a 'Certificate of Satisfaction' to show debt was paid they would be committing fraud as they no longer own the debt. Also, I am not sure whether a Judgement can be sold to a debt company. Can anyone shed some light on my thoughts please. Thanks. Urban
  11. I live in a house which was entered on the land registry in 1956 as a freehold property belonging to my grandfather. My parents (my mother moving in once she met my father) and subsequently myself grew up in the house along with my grandparents and still live there today. My grandfather died in 1987 and everything went to my grandmother - but at the time she died in 2007 she had severe dementia, no savings and we were caring for her 24 hours a day. And since her only family were living in the house/paying all the bills etc there was no probate and we could find no will. Since then we have just been living as normal, but I mean, I'd like to have the house in my or my parents name without it getting complicated. I just checked and the land registry entry remains unchanged from 1956. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for any insight, and sorry if I posted this in the wrong place!
  12. Hi All, Does anyone know what a dashed line between 2 properties means? On the title plan (land registry) of a property we're looking at, there is a solid black line around the boundary apart from the front drive, where this line is dashed!!! Many thanks EOS-5D
  13. I bought a new build in 2007 with the tie in of a management company charge of approximately £100.00 each year. The management has changed hands several times.Following my divorce, I wished the deeds to refelct my maiden name, not my married name. Land Registry approached the management company for consent to do this. Why would they do this? My property is Freehold, and the management company basically mow the lawns around the apartments on the estate. Surely, as a Freehold property, Land Registry do not require consent.
  14. Hi there, I wonder if anyone has any experience of this and could offer me some advice? I sold my house end of October and due to a shortfall (long story with halifax) I declared myself br Novemer the 2nd 2012. In December I got a notice B10 and B11 from the Land Registry to say that they had put the deeds on hold due to my br! I rang my OR and she said it was not a problem and just wait till the buyer got in touch! Suffice to say I duly received a letter this morning from my solicitor stating that the buyer are unable to get the deeds, could I confirm my br. What is likely to happen does anyone know? The house it not mine as halifax have paid the mortgage but the house is not the buyers and yet they are paying their mortgage!!!! No idea what happens next; does anyone else have any idea?? N
  15. Good morning, I would really appreciate some assistance if possible. I am currently in the process of selling a property. The land registry title contains three restrictions, two of which are in my name and one in my ex-partners name, with the property being in joint names. My conveyancer has written to all three creditors listed on the title requesting settlement figures. We are currently waiting for their responses. However, I have since found out that one particular creditor, namely, ‘Shoosmiths’ have since passed on my debt/details to ‘Eversheds’ for some reason. I only found this out yesterday after contacting Shoosmiths asking why things were taking so long. I passed this information onto my conveyancer, who is obviously waiting for an official response of sorts. Can anybody please tell me how this will impact on the sale proceedings? Will Eversheds need to apply to have their name put on the title before any further progress can be made or can they simply ride on the back of Shoosmiths? Many thanks, Borris
  16. We are in the process of selling a property (house). The property was bought in 1988 - it was a cash purchase by my wife's parents. We did NOT, at this time, have access to the Land Registry document. In 2005 a restriction, on section 'B' of the document, was made - 'proprietorship' (by my wife's parents) and a copy of the Land Registry was given to them. Although 'we' received a copy we did not see (or understand) that there was a 'registered charge' (section 'C' - charges) to a 'proprietor' (Building Society) There is now a delay to the sale - as this 'charge' needs to be resolved. - we have seen a new land Registry document, dated May of this year, and the charge still remains but the Building Society is different. I believe this is a nme change (it was the 'Abbey' and it is now Santander) Note: the solicitor who was used in 1988 to purchase the proerty was the same one who was used to amend the proprietorship in 2005. How can this charge be removed? - we don't know if it real, a mistake, Many Thanks!
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