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  1. I'm having a major problem with mine. Is there any governing body for them or are they ub regulated
  2. I am disgusted that I will be penalised for the rest of my like over something that is not my fault, I lived abroad where I learned to drive and have never heard of some so redicilous or illogical in my life
  3. Their insurance paid in full and she accepted full liability. It's recorded information only not at fault
  4. In the last year an old lady drove up the back of my car. My husband renewed his car insurance this week and he has had to pay an additional increase of approximately 25% due to a non fault claim. I am the named driver. We shopped around and have taken the cheapest quote possible but still it's very annoying. Can they legally even do this
  5. Thanks, not too much longer so
  6. I have checked Noddle and I have 3 defaults on my credit file. The 3 are with Lowell and date from 2011. Lowell tried to take them to court a few months ago but dropped it after I filed a defence The defaults are dated March April and June 2011. Will they fall off my file this year or next
  7. For what it's work my only dealings with HBOS is my house ins is with Halifax and has just been renewed
  8. It just say discontinuance no reason given the form to the court doesn't even say
  9. Don't know what the first one is and can't find the paperwork now. Second one says it is a debt to HBOS , doesn't say what for and I have never been to find out grrrrr. Both cases same defence , I don't know what this is about and they have not provided any info even though it has been requested
  10. For the second time Lowell have bought a debt chased me without giving me any info, gone to court days before the hearing I'm getting a notice of discontinuance from Bryan Carter Surely this is harassment
  11. That's what I was thinking I feel sick
  12. No thankfully it wasn't, it was a loan through work but I'm paying for it for another year
  13. Cash i took out a loan to pay for it
  14. Sar today as def no ppi fingers crossed
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