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  1. thank you for that, has eased my mind a bit & as in this case I think he's doing this to intimidate me.
  2. Thank You. Were we together on & off for 6 years. He moved into my house which I paid the deposit for, the mortgage, maintainance/improvements & all bills. He paid me keep every month.
  3. Hi, Im hoping for some advice please. My ex is trying to get a share of my property by claiming beneficial interest. From what ive read he has no claim as we are not married, house is mine & he has never paid the bills or mortgage. He has applied for a unilateral restriction to be placed on my house. Ive read I can dispute this with the land registry but im not sure where to start & cant afford a solicitor. Does anyone know the process or anymore info? Will this mean I cannot sell or remortgage my house? Thanks for reading.
  4. thats ok, i really appreciate your help. thanks alot.
  5. So will the court write to me again & do just sit tight for the time being?
  6. Thats ok. Yeh it was set aside & the judge said I had to file a defence within a month. I sent the letter that was kindly provided earlier in the post. Ive had no response to that so I sent the defence form back the court saying id no response. Ive now received the reply from the court as detailed above. Im really worried about the costs on this & to be honest the CCJ is due to drop off next year anyway. Wish Id not bothered with all this as its so much hassle.
  7. I thought id already got the set aside? Is this not the case?
  8. Will this prompt a response from the creditor now? Will the court write to me for another hearing? Do I need to do anything or just wait? Sorry for all the questions.
  9. What do u mean by ask for an order? Im sorry I really dont understand any of this & am stressing about it all.
  10. Im worried now as I cant afford to pay any costs if they win. Can I withdraw my defence?
  11. Hi, im hoping for some more advice regarding this. Ive had no response to the above letter that I sent. So I wrote my defence to the court on those grounds. Ive now got another letter from the court saying........ The defendant has filed a defence. An allocated questionaire is enclosed which contains notes for guidance on how to complete it. You must complete the allocation question on or before ***** and return it to the court office. A fee of £40 is payable by the claimant on the filing of their allocated questionaire. Can someone please tell what is
  12. Thanks alot. Ill get the letter posted tommorrow.
  13. Im just editing the letter you have kindly given me a template for im abit unsure what to put in the following paragraph On (date) A Claim Form in this case was issued by you out of the (Name) County Court and was set-aside on Obviously I know the set aside date but what date do I need to fill in about the claim form, is that the date of the original CCJ? Thanks to all for your help, dont think id be able to get thru this without all the good advice on this forum.
  14. Yeh im sure its been set aside, thats what I went to court for. Surely there would only be 2 possible outcomes to a set aside hearing??? Maybe I should wait to see what turns up in the post.
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