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  1. Thanks so much for both your replies - I'll go to a solicitor! Best regards
  2. Thanks! And I'm afraid I don't - and as far as I can tell my grandfather didn't even have a mortgage. Though I'd assumed once the land was registered the deeds mattered less?
  3. I live in a house which was entered on the land registry in 1956 as a freehold property belonging to my grandfather. My parents (my mother moving in once she met my father) and subsequently myself grew up in the house along with my grandparents and still live there today. My grandfather died in 1987 and everything went to my grandmother - but at the time she died in 2007 she had severe dementia, no savings and we were caring for her 24 hours a day. And since her only family were living in the house/paying all the bills etc there was no probate and we could find no will. Since then we have just been living as normal, but I mean, I'd like to have the house in my or my parents name without it getting complicated. I just checked and the land registry entry remains unchanged from 1956. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for any insight, and sorry if I posted this in the wrong place!
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