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  1. Hi there I am going through my payplan accounts with a toothpick at the moment. And I found a confirmation letter from Apex regarding an old Lloyds account , confirming that the account has been settled thanks for paying blah blah blah....... I paid in full £1000 back in 2012. Yes paid blindly. I do not recognise the account number on the confirmation. I am trying to match the account up. ( I am going to process a SAR with Lloyds after the 24th ) - but want to start this now with Apex. Is there a standard template letter of sorts - that I can send to Apex asking
  2. Today I received in which looks like usual fob off letter from barclaycard rejecting my initial claim for unfair charges totalling over £240. All my charges were for £20 and a one-off charge of £40. In their letter they state that their charges of £12 are in line with their actual and estimated costs etc and are printed on back of statements each month. What next - do I reply mentioning the above statement and what I have been charged ? Thanks for any help
  3. I originally had a repayment plan in place with Barclaycard in which was passed to DCA. I currently receive a monthly payment allocation statement advising balance of debt less monthly amount. Is this suffice in order to comply with what is required ? I have never received any annual statements showing complete allocated payment details. Thanks again.
  4. Following on from dealing with my fathers debt thread Received a letter from apex today with a signed photocopy of the actual agreement that my father took his virgin credit card out with from 2002. I take it a full and final settlement is the only way for this one now is it ? Cheers Matt
  5. I am having problems with Apex ,well I assume it is Apex. My mother has Alzheimer's disease and is in a care home . I sorted all her credit cards out some were written off and some accepted a small payment to close the accounts as she did not have much money. I am now getting letters addressed to her sent to my home address (she has never lived here) I keep returning them unopened but still they keep arriving once a week . Where do I stand with this as I am getting fed up of the harassment ? I feel like writing to them and giving them the address of he
  6. Letter sent to Apex (egg loan) requesting CCA. Let's see what they send back! Apex (Egg) - £2527
  7. hajzel

    tsb - apex

    Hello everybody I have a loan from LLOYDS bank taken out in Nov 2007 of £12 500 with APR 16,5% without a PPI for 60 monhts. . My every month's payment is £ 302, never missed one single payment. This week I am made redundant and still do not have another job so, I am going to sign up for JScontribution or JSA. I want to write to the bank and ask them for a settlement. I want to offer them 1. a 40% - max .60% payment and the rest to be written off /cca £ 2500 - 4000 from £ 6 200/ or 2. to get a reduced monthly payment - the minimum I would be able to afford
  8. Hi, Does anyone know if it's a legal requirement to inform a company that you are calling that you are recording the conversation.
  9. hi all i sent a CCA request to Apex credit managment on the 21.7.14, this is the reply i got today, am a little bit confused what to do next hi this is an old debt for halifax credit card, of approx £8,500 dating back to 2005 which my husband has been paying a token payment of £1.00 for the last 9 years
  10. Justforthem

    Apex and Egg

    I had an egg loan sold to Apex credit. I sent them CCA request 3 years ago and they replied with a CCA. However I have never paid them and they have never chased me. I am trying to sort out finances at the moment but am wary of phoning them after all this time. Does anyone know why they have not been in contact ?
  11. Dear CAGers, In July last year (2013) I sent out a CCA request to Apex Credit Management and all I had back was a letter to say they would work on it. Then last week to my surprise (10 months later!) they sent a copy of the CCA. Now I’ve started to get a few calls a day from them (I haven’t answered any though). Would someone kindly cast an eye over what they’ve sent so that I know whether I have to start paying them something, or suggest any ideas? Many Thanks
  12. Hi everyone, as you might tell, I'm new here... I pretty clueless in which direction to go and I desperately need help from people in the know so I'm here as this seems the right place to get different opinions etc... Right, my situation... Back in March 2009 I took a personal loan out for a newish car with Blackhorse Finance, the agreement was for £9,600 spread over £207 payable back over 60months... Originally the agreement was to be on Vehicle Finance terms but for some reason I couldn't get that so they changed it to a personal loan and got it through for some reason... T
  13. Hello all, I have another DCA on my back now, this time with an existing Natwest account. This is my existing student bank account and I already have an arrangement with Natwest to pay token payments of £1 pcm until my circumstances improve. Unfortunately this has been going on for a number of years due to never having enough cash to settle the debt quicker. I've received from Apex. They wrote to me advising that Natwest had instructed them to "manage my account", I sent them a "prove it" letter as I was still paying Natwest. They replied with some fli
  14. Hi, I don’t ever remember joining CAG but stumbled upon it again recently – wish I’d known about it years ago, the information and support I’ve seen here are amazing. I’m looking for some debt and DMP help, and would really appreciate people’s ideas and advice on my position. It’s grown pretty long but wanted to get down everything, so to anyone who reads it all a BIG THANKS! I have had a DMP since 2007 and would like to get these debts cleared off because they’re such a drain, but haven’t been able to contribute that much so the total is still big. I did try for an IVA originally
  15. Hi Guys, Apex Credit Management... What do we know and what are they like?
  16. Dear All, I currently have a student account with Natwest, with a £1,500 limit which is maxed out. Cut the long story short, when the Natwest Systems crashed last year I was due to receive a payment of £1,850 but it was not reflected on the account due to the system crash. Natwest kindly credited my account with the £1,850 into my account. A few months later, Natwest misused my account £1,850 leaving me in well over £3,000 overdraft as they said they have not seen the credit come into the account which was supposed to. ( I am in the process to find out, if the cred
  17. Hi All, First post so Hello to all. I have ( had ) an Egg account that I opened in 2003. In 2008/2009, I had financial difficulties and all creditor apart from Egg played ball and accepted F+F offers. Reading this forum it seems this is the norm. Egg accepted my token payments of £1 pm as advised by the CCCS. At some point, Egg decided my £1 wasnt enough and told me they were going to pass on my debt. Im not sure exactly how or when that happened. ..Im getting old and my memory isnt what it was and also, I cant find some of my original paperwork. To cut a long
  18. Emrys

    LTSB / Apex

    My current account with Lloyds TSB has been handed to Apex for recovery with a balance of just under £700. I have written to TSB on several occasions advising them that I have no phone to call them on as I can only afford line rental for my internet access at present. Now the question is do I acknowledge Apex by issuing them with an offer of repayment? Their letter requests I make contact within the next 10 days as they require or deal only with TSB, who to date have ignored my complaints and letters totally, instead simply sending me a default notice etc. This all began wh
  19. Hi i recevied a letter on 16 march 2013 from lloyds tsb dated 21 febuary 2013 to inform me that the debt was sold on to apex credit management on the 3rd of august 2012. Should i have been imformed earlier of this the account is still to be managed by aic this has been the case for the past 8yrs and has been done on the basis of income and expenditure Do i need to worry about this change Amd2012
  20. First time using this forum so please excuse me if I have not posted in the right section. My husband had a credit card with Monument in excess of 6 years ago, credit limint £250. He used the limit on the card and then stopped making payments. He then ignored any request for payment. Over the years Apex Credit Management have been in touch via letters and telephone calls. My husband has acknowledge the debt and in the past offered to make a lump payment of half the balance outstanding, this was refused on several occasions. There is no record on my husbands credit file in relatio
  21. Evening All, I have spent an hour skimming the forum but have found nothing directly on point. I would be grateful for any assistance as I would like to respond to Apex in the next few days on the below. I was contacted before Christmas by Apex saying there was a balance of approx £560 outstanding on a Santander account. The last contact I had on this account (that I can find) was a statement from Summer 2008, showing me to be around £50 in credit. It may be I am at fault for not updating Santander as to a change of address (I genuinely cannot remember as I thought I had
  22. hi having problems with apex agreed to pay 60 monthly taken by dd from my account no december payment has been taken should i pay it by card and cancel dd and write to them requesting standing order details as have had a funny phone call from someone asking for me about my dyson when i said i don't have a dyson she hang up funny i haven't had a phone call from apex as payment was due 15 december think they might be going to court any advise please
  23. Hi all, Some years ago I had major financial and personal problems. Managing to get myself on my feet again but am worried about this outstanding account. Pretty much all of my other debtors agreed to a one off payment to close my accounts after months of offers and writing letters. Egg did not accept my offer. I had been paying them a small sum each month ( as I had with my other debtors ) and then suddenly out of the blue, my account was passed to a company called Apex. I stopped my payments to Egg and waited for Apex to contact me. Nothing has happened for about 2 years.
  24. Just had a letter from a company dcm apex my DPM co. have folded is worth going to another one i had a plan since 2001 with DCM and only paid off some loans what is the best way to go about debts the other firm are advising a iva ?
  25. After I used my LLoyds debit card in a hotel outside UK, bank has withdrown 5 GBP and charged me ever since on a daily basis until the amount reaches 172.23 GBP when they stopped. I had no intension of paying, especially ever since a friend "negotiated" with a Lloyds bank cashier over her overdraft and she settle down the amount! Then I received a letter from a company named APEX credit management about the outstanding balance of 172,23 GBP on 28 Aug 2012. "We have been advised by our client that the option to pay a reduced settlement is available to you. Depending on your circums
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