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  1. Same happened my daughter one week no money in bank phoned to be told your over the threshold
  2. someones made a mistake have you told them what your P60 says
  3. haha me too sounds even more complicated then ever
  4. sorry keep forgetting about UC.
  5. You can just fill in a P46 and tell new employers you dont have the P45 it just takes bit longer for the gross to date to catch up so you may pay tax on a week/month1 basis.
  6. Its easier to find work when your already working, if you got flat you could claim housing benefit between jobs. As for the debts any creditors wouldn't be able to include your rent c/tax or utility bills in any calculations for repayment. There is another section on CAG all to do with debts maybe you could have a look on that bit see if you can reduce any payments.
  7. Hi found this the second figure is council tax deduction Aged 18 or over working 16+ hours/week with a gross income of:– Below £129 per week £14.55 £4.10 £129 to £188.99 per week £33.40 £4.10 £189 to £245.99 per week £45.85 £8.10 £246.00 to £327.99 per week £75.05 £8.10 £328.00 to £407.99 £85.45 £10.30 More than £408 per week £93.80 £12.30
  8. The government should be sorting out low pay and high rents, that's where all the problems started, around 10 to 15 years ago my rent was around a quarter of my take home pay now rent is around half the take home pay of someone on minimum wage and people are having to claim tax credits to top the wages up. A decent living wage would be the incentive to work instead of letting employers pay peanuts while letting the tax payers foot the bill as employers profits soar.
  9. Im sure when my partner got the WRAG top up it was disregarded for HB but this was 2011.
  10. Thanks thats twice they have said not enough contributions and then changed their mind so its always worth applying even if its been a while since you worked.
  11. Resolved after new info from HMRC was downloaded JSA cont allowed for 182 days .
  12. Hi the highly trained staff at the DWP have used tax years end of 11 and 12 for claim put in on 22nd April 2015, and say I havent paid enough contributions I worked full time in both these years. I did have JSA claim Dec 12 for 2 months and Oct 13 for 4 months, can you claim ESA and JSA on same tax years. Im still confused why they have used years 11 and 12 anyone got a clue why these years have been used thanks advance.
  13. Thanks I searched and copy pasted lol the, joke centre telling me today I have to had to have worked for both tax years and any credits for ESA do not count grrrrr. 12/13 - 8 months work @ 32 hrs a week plus 2 months JSA and 2 months ESA. 13/14 - 7 months ESA and 4 months JSA. Had to argue with woman to put claim in as I know I may not have right contributions but its worth applying as you never know.
  14. Hi is this still the same for claiming in 2015 thanks in advance The last two completed tax years prior to the current benefit year are the ones they look at. This is benefit year 2012, so the Relevant Income Tax Years (RITYs) are 2009/10 and 2010/11. Once this is established, there are two contribution conditions, and both must be satisfied in order for a claimant to be entitled to JSA©. The First contribution Condition: In at least one of the two RITYs you must have actually paid NI contributions on an income that is at least 26 times the Lower Earnings Limit for NI.
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