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  1. Thanks Suziebear. Appreciate it. Looking at that it is a shame this job isnt permanent, because for a bit extra per week I could get a flat of my own, but sadly I will not be able to even do that at the moment as I am in too much debt.
  2. Hello, I was wondering if anyone can give me any idea about my current situation. I am 39 years old and have just got a job after previously being on ESA, I live with both my parents who are both in their 60's they are both retired and my mother gets her state pension and also they get pension credits and claim housing benefit and council tax benefit for the house they rent. My question is this, this is only a 12 week temporary job and obviosuly regardless of that my parents will have to notify the council about the change of circumstances about me getting a job. Does anybody know how much their housing benefit will change? they already deduct £20 per week off their housing benefit because I live with them, even though I am not on the tenancy agreement it is just my mum and dad that are. Will I be expected to contribute a lot of money towards the rent now I am working? Even though the house is rented by my parents only? The job is full time and I make £295 a week. Thanks if anyone can help
  3. Hi all, My friend is on JSA and is wanting to train as a Phlebotomist, there is a company that trains you and it says this> Q: Can I get funding for your courses? Phlebotomy Training Services is a DWP approved training provider and so we do get a large number of students who receive full or partial funding for our training courses. We can provide you with an information pack which explains further details about the courses and how they can increase your chances of employment. http://www.phlebotomytraining.co.uk/index.php/faq Is this true? Would the DWP really fund her to do this course? If so does anybody know how she would go about it? Thanks x
  4. Thanks id6052, I will check that out. No, my parents aren't in receipt of attendance allowance.
  5. Thanks id6052. xx
  6. They have taken off £14 each per week. x
  7. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone here could know the answer to this question. My sister and I currently live with my parents in a 3 bed house which they are privately renting, as they receive pension credit they made a claim for housing benefit, which they got a letter today saying they will get £311 per month, they have taken money off that as I (over 25 years old and currently claiming ESA) and my sister (over 25 and currently receiving JSA) live with them, there is still a lot of rent to pay between us all and I was wondering if anybody knows if we would receive more housing benefit if my sister and I were on the lease and making separate claims for housing benefit, currently just my parents are. Thanks
  8. Thanks Estellyn xx I will pass that on to her. I did tell her that they just want to know what those payments are, but shes a worrier lol
  9. Hi all Just an update. The DWP rang my mother today asking what a lot of payments of different amounts by cheque that was showing in my dads bank account were for, he has been selling off his vast dvd collection on online auctions over the past six months which my mum explained, my mum now is saying she is worried that my dad is now in trouble and they suspect some kind of fraud :/ The DWP said they had passed on my mums explanation and will contact her again if they need to. Has anyone else have this happen and can offer any advice?
  10. Thanks Estellyn. They were told it would take 6-8 weeks, so am surprised that it takes three months! Why on earth does it take so long? But thank you, I will pass the info on to my parents xx
  11. Hi all, my parents made a claim for pension credit on the 25th November 2014 and have still heard nothing. My mum rang up today and the first person she spoke to said it was inactive, they then told her to ring the change of circumstances number, who told her it was pending, and their bank statements had been sent to the wrong account but they now had them and it wouldn't be much longer. Does anyone know why it is taking this long and one person would say it was inactive and the next person would say its pending? Thanks
  12. Thank you Lula, appreciate that
  13. Hi all, does anyone know when payments would be paid for me? I am due to be paid Friday 26th December, will that still be the case, or will I get it earlier, if so does anybody have a round about idea when it could be? Thanks all x
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