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  1. Hi, good people, I have had some good news, yesterday I received on email from The FSCS, telling me they have completed their investigate into Guardian Pension Consultants Ltd. They have awarded me just over £33,000 for the lack of due diligence on their part, on investing my sipp into KJK Investments/G.Loans. I would suggest that everyone that as had dealings with this company, make a claim to the FSCS. Decision Letter.pdf
  2. If you haven’t made a payment, or admitted to the debt ,in the last 6 years then the debt is statue barred.
  3. filrobbo

    Argos PPI

    Thank you fro this information.
  4. I told them to ask them to look at the claim again and to mention court cases, were people had redress by way of the courts, and that they were willing to sue in court, they paid.
  5. Ok thank you for that , problem is they will go for bankruptcy, because there is no way I can pay so they will go for the house
  6. I haven't had a letter yet , I did before the tribunal started it's all been on hold for about 3 years , but I an expecting them to be hounding me in the near future.
  7. filrobbo

    Argos PPI

    Hi, could someone tell me who was the credit provider for Argos store card, around 1998-2005, thank you.
  8. Ok thanks as yet I haven't had any acknowledgment from the tax office. It all wrong, big companies making millions get away with not paying, and us pesants have to pay. Take a read T+Cs.pdf
  9. Yes still waiting for the outcome,if we win you will not have to pay the tax,fingers crossed, I would tell them that you are waiting for the outcome of the tribunal before you start paying.
  10. Did you look into this Extra-statutory concession A19” (ESC A19)
  11. No I haven't heard of her but I will look into it, was you part of the tribunal, that was taken on by Martin Westall Optimum Tax Solutions.
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