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  1. Hi, I have just noticed this post and am very interested to hear of another person in this situation who took out a C&P Sipp - as I did. Any progress with taking a claim against Corporate and Professional? Thanks!
  2. In this case, it is relevant for many of us as there were three companies we dealt with originally in this whole pension-backed loans [problem] - KJK, G Loans and IQ Solutions.
  3. No - not as much as the loan - about 50% of it, which then increased with hefty interest charges. I appealed it as far as I could, but have come to the end of the line now and there is nothing more I can do.
  4. Hi, I had a visit from HMRC out of the blue yesterday - he said they were taking legal action against me; before that, I hadn't heard anything since April 2017 when I had a lengthy discussion with someone from from HMRC on the phone - he was supposed to phone me back three weeks later and didn't. Since then, I have been paying instalments at the maximum I can afford but it looks like they may force me to sell my house to pay them. Have you had correspondence from Paul Elliott of IQ solutions re the possibility of a pension rescue scheme?
  5. Good luck with your case - please keep us updated on how it goes. After years of battling with HMRC over this issue, including several letters of appeal, I got nowhere and they became increasingly threatening in the tone of their letters. I am now paying a monthly sum which is making very little dent in the £22,000 they say I owe them. At least the hounding letters and phone calls have stopped, though ...... for now. Would be very interested to hear if anyone has been successful in an appeal. HMRC don't seem to accept that we are victims of KJK/G Loans and as such should be treated with a
  6. The email came from a known source - a guy called Paul Elliott from a company called IQ, who was my original point of contact re the G Loans/KJK pension-backed loan. He says there is a realistic chance of compensation, I just don't know who to trust any more. Anyone else been approached by Paul Elliott re G Loans/KJK?
  7. Anyone else had an email about this recently re possible compensation? I haven't done anything about it yet and am a bit wary.
  8. Just had a response from my SIPP provider to a letter I sent them last week. Not a lot of help, unfortunately. This is what they say: "Matters are still unfolding with the administrators and we are expecting a further communication from them towards the end of March when a fairly large loan repayment is due to be paid to KJK Investments Ltd." I also tried getting info from Aaron & Partners, but they just referred me back to my SIPP provider. Meanwhile, I've just had another very threatening letter from HMRC. Is anyone else being hounded to this extent?
  9. Ok, thanks. Have you any idea how long that will be? I saw a 2nd tier tribunal ruling on this online - it was dated last November and the appeal was dismissed.
  10. Thanks for this - very helpful. Having had no response when I emailed my SIPP provider, I have now written to them and if they can't give me a satisfactory answer fairly quickly, I will make a formal complaint. I think I will also report to the Pensions Advisory Service and try Action Fraud. Have you heard of someone called Angie Brooks from www.pension-life.com? I found her email address when I was researching the KJK/G Loans situation online. She seems to have been campaigning on behalf of some of the victims. I seem to have reached the e
  11. Hi all, has anyone had success with taking action against their SIPP provider for negligence in this matter? My SIPP provider was Corporate and Professional. I too am attempting (unsuccessfully so far) to agree terms with a totally unreasonable HMRC, which doesn't seem to take into account that we are all victims of G-Loans/KJK Investments and have suffered substantial losses.
  12. Yes, I have my own home. I have already sent HMRC an income/expenditure sheet (I'm self-employed) and got a letter back last week to say that it had been sent on to another department for review. I think I'll sit tight until I hear back from them, but it's not looking good.
  13. My tax bill is just over £22k - and there's absolutely no way I can pay it. I appealed and sent all the documentation I had to HMRC, a couple of weeks ago they wrote back and said it had been turned down. Their view is that it was my responsibility to ensure that everything was above board. Don't know what I'm going to do now.
  14. Thanks - that's very helpful. I'll have to do a bit more research as I don't know exactly how that would affect me. My G Loan was taken out in July 2011 and HMRC contacted me in 2012 (I presume you also got the letters from G Loans at around that time, including a barrister's opinion saying the loan was perfectly OK?) However, it was only a couple of months ago that HMRC told me the amount of tax I have to pay as a result of the loan.
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