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  1. ----LATEST--- CABOT has replied with the attached letter. They claim not to have the documents but will respond with 12 days. They also mentioned there is a credit default on my account. I'm not sure what this means though I expect it will make it harder for me to acquire a loan, future contracts or a mortgage. Please let me know what you all think. Is it worth settling with them and how bad is the credit notice for reduced settlements? PS. Since I sent the CCA request they have stopped calling me. Though lets see if they get back on it once the xmas booze has worn off.
  2. I've tried and they use multiple number including different landlines and mobiles.
  3. Ok thank you I will send the CCA request and updated address. Do you think its possible to get them to stop contacting me by phone or is that a daybream?
  4. Hi there, I've been chased by CABOT FINANCIAL for several months now for an AQUA CARD debt. After ignoring the mass of phone calls which they also harassed my mother on a phone I used to call AQUA. They also sent a stack of letter with increasing plea's to contact and arrange some settlement. The latest now gives 14 days and threatens getting a solicitor involved leading to a possible CCJ. The original debt is around one year old and I have not paid anything back after the credit card company referred the debt to a collector. My parents are worried about the bailiffs k
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