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  1. Hi, good people, I have had some good news, yesterday I received on email from The FSCS, telling me they have completed their investigate into Guardian Pension Consultants Ltd. They have awarded me just over £33,000 for the lack of due diligence on their part, on investing my sipp into KJK Investments/G.Loans. I would suggest that everyone that as had dealings with this company, make a claim to the FSCS. Decision Letter.pdf
  2. If you haven’t made a payment, or admitted to the debt ,in the last 6 years then the debt is statue barred.
  3. filrobbo

    Argos PPI

    Thank you fro this information.
  4. I told them to ask them to look at the claim again and to mention court cases, were people had redress by way of the courts, and that they were willing to sue in court, they paid.
  5. Ok thank you for that , problem is they will go for bankruptcy, because there is no way I can pay so they will go for the house
  6. I haven't had a letter yet , I did before the tribunal started it's all been on hold for about 3 years , but I an expecting them to be hounding me in the near future.
  7. filrobbo

    Argos PPI

    Hi, could someone tell me who was the credit provider for Argos store card, around 1998-2005, thank you.
  8. Ok thanks as yet I haven't had any acknowledgment from the tax office. It all wrong, big companies making millions get away with not paying, and us pesants have to pay. Take a read T+Cs.pdf
  9. Yes still waiting for the outcome,if we win you will not have to pay the tax,fingers crossed, I would tell them that you are waiting for the outcome of the tribunal before you start paying.
  10. Did you look into this Extra-statutory concession A19” (ESC A19)
  11. No I haven't heard of her but I will look into it, was you part of the tribunal, that was taken on by Martin Westall Optimum Tax Solutions.
  12. Have you made a complaint to action fraud also, I have been in contact with my sipp provider, I sent them a letter regarding due diligence on there part . Complaint. Dear Sir or Madam, I am having to write this letter of complaint as I have been waiting for someone from your company to ring me, regarding my SIPP. I have sent emails and also contacted you by phone , I have been told by one of your staff, that Zoe Morris is in charge of my account, I do not have an account number for this account. I have requested on several occasions by email and by phone for a contract to be sent out to me, but I have received nothing. I have been told by members of your staff that someone will contact me, however, I have now been waiting for over a month for Zoe Morris or anyone from your company to contact me. I would like to know what Due diligence was undertaken before my pension was invested in KJK Investments. There seems to be some fraudulent activity within this company, after been in contact with Aaron & Partners Solicitors they are acting for DSM Edwards Liquidator, that have been appointed by the Secretary of state, in a letter they state that they cannot find any shares registered in my name. You have sent me some paper work regarding this, I received a share certificate from you this is what I want to discuss with you. I know I stated that I wanted my shares invested in KJK Investments, it was part of the deal to get the loan from G Loans, but as a SIPP provider you have a duty of care make sure the company is all above boarded and registered, if I knew more about the company I would not have taken the loan and invested my pension in KJK Investments, if you had flagged up that I was risking losing my entire pension I would of thought more about it. I would like to know where we go from here, do you take out insurance incase anything like this happens?. I would be grateful if you could contact me regarding this matter. Yours faithfully, But it seems they have a way out, they are still chasing me for the fees I think its about £600 a year I have told them that I will not pay and that its all a big [problem], we shall see what happens in the coming months, I am still waiting to hear from HMRC regarding the verdict of the second tear tribunal that's as been on going for 5 years, to see if the tax does have to be paid or not. I also made a complaint to the PAS. The Pensions Advisory Service 11 Belgrave Road London SW1V 1RB Dear sir or madam , I would like to make a complaint regarding my SIPP provider. I opened a sipp with Guardian Pension Consultants, with an investment made into KJK Investments Ltd the sum of £61,430 this was opened in October 2009. In April 2014 the Department of Business and Skills started an investigation to KJK Investments and there involvement with G Loans, consequently they have feuded a lot of people out of their pensions. A compulsory liquidation of both companies as gone ahead in the High Court,its been under taken by DSM Edwards. Guardian Pension Consultants are chasing me for administration fees regarding my investment in KJK Investments, I have asked what admin fees they need because kjk has been shutdown, I have also pointed out that KJK Investments are under investigation for fraud, and until everything is sorted out I am not prepared to pay anything. There reply to that was ,they will start legal proceedings to recover the monies. Could you please investigate my complaint and ask Guardian to put an old on this account or just close it, I don't think there is any assets left in the company . In their recent correspondence they are now saying there is going to be additional charges( please see doc 10) of which I can't afford , with no money coming into the sipp I just can't afford to pay the fees I ask for the sipp to be put on hold until we find out what is happening KJK Investments. I am the victim of fraud , I am having to pay for the actions of the fraudsters and they are getting away with it. A victim of crime should not have to pay.
  13. Hi happy new year, I am posting for a friend that's not very computer minded, he has a mortgage that he was advised to take out to consolidate his debts, he has now received a letter telling him that he needs to find £129,000 for when the mortgage finishes, he is 65 and there is no way he can get that sort of money, so they have told him he will have to sell the house or they will repossess the property, I have told him it could well be mis sold, but the broker as now shut down, would we be still be able to make a complaint to the mortgage company, or is it the response ability of the mortgage broker. He would be great full for any advise given thank you.
  14. I think it was about £56k , when I get home I will help him to post the paper work up , thanks.
  15. Thank you for your answers, I have advised him that something is wrong here ,and yes they didn't check to see if the debts where lawful or enforceable but they did claim back mis sold PPI, to the tune of about £20K, to go towards his IVA.
  16. Hi , I am posting on behalf of a friend , they have been in a IVA, next year it comes to a ends after 8 years, the company they are with have send that when it comes to a end they will have to take out a loan to pay off out standing amount left over, I thought if you went in a IVA after you have been discharged all your debts where write off , the original time for the IVA was 5 years, but after he split with is partner he was left with the mortgage and bills to pay on his own so they extended the IVA , also is ex partner has made him put the house up for sale her name is still on the mortgage. The company dealing when the IVA is X Debt.
  17. Yep its a cock up again, they have reinstated my claim, so we will see what happens in the next few weeks.
  18. Thank you martin it states on my reward that 2016-17 will change but only by a few £ not hundred .
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