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  1. I recently purchased a smart/fitness watch (Garmin). When purchasing I was lured in by the suggestion that the watch would feature connectivity to Deezer (Music app) so that I could download my playlists and go out running without having to take my phone with me. This was marked on the website as 'coming soon'. Since buying the watch and asking the customer care team when this feature will be added they are unable/unwilling to give a time frame. Is there an actual definition of 'coming soon'? I am tempted to take the watch back but as it is outside of the 28days and there is no
  2. Hello all. Firstly, as a first time poster I just want to say how useful this forum is, so I’m hoping you’ll be able to help me out too. I was recently stopped by a Southern Rail inspector. I was travelling on a packed commuter train and (although many of you might think this is an excuse) I suffer from really bad foot pain, which I have been to the doctors about, and sat in first class as I was in real pain. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have done it. I should have asked someone to get up for me, but being a young guy I doubt people would have taken me seriously. I spoke with the c
  3. This is another recent decision from the Local Government Ombudsman. This particular case addresses the common subject of single parents and whether or not they may be considered 'vulnerable' for the purposes of bailiff enforcement. There have been a couple of Ombudsman's decisions regarding 'vulnerability' and as in this particular case, the LGO confirm that it is for the debtor to provide evidence as to how their 'vulnerability' affects their ability to pay or deal with the debt. LGO Decision: North Hertfordshire District Council Miss X complains the Council has use
  4. I have just seen a RBS agreement from 1992!! At the top it does'nt have the usual bumf of 'this is a Credit agreement regulated under the consumer credit Act 1974' (or similar) I thought this was a must! What legal implications does it have? There are other faults but I can't remember what not having the above means. Its not mine so I can't post it up. Kind Regards jack
  5. I'm doing a online quote for renewal insurance does third party hit driver mean I got hit by a third party driver
  6. Hi all. I got a letter this morning saying my Universal Credit "will be paid on 12th July" (tomorrow). Does this mean I will get the money tomorow? Or does it mean they will pay it IN tomorrow and I will really receive it in 3 working days? HELP! I have been without any money now for 4 months. I am sick of them plaing games. I wish they were mor clear in their letters.
  7. I saw this a little while ago and thought it may be interesting to many on here. http://www.halsburyslawexchange.co.uk/leaving-the-eu-impact-on-case-law-and-legislation/ ‘the Treaties shall cease to apply [to the UK] from the date of entry of the withdrawal agreement or, failing that, two years after the notification…unless the European Council, in agreement with the [uK], unanimously decides to extend this period’ (art 50(3)) "Insofar as any such amendment or repeal seeks to deny EU law direct effect in UK law prior to the date on which, as a matter of EU law, the Treatie
  8. Saw a notice round the corner from my local train station about legal name fraud. It stated its illegal to use a legal name. What's all that about ?..
  9. Hi, Do you know what these numbers mean on my credit file. I hope it is statue barred? The numbers for each year and month starting from January ( Mobile phone company ). 2009: 39 0 63 0 89 0 40 35 0 25 0 0 2010: 46 74 112 129 221 221 221 221 221 221 221 221 2011, 2012,2013, until Mach 2014 show £221 for each month then the information disappeared. I have the above printed on paper in 2014 just before it disappeared. I am sure I stopped paying in some point in the end of 2009 or 2010. Can you please look at the above numbers? Is it statue barred? In October 20
  10. In brief - We went to a local independent flooring company, wishing to purchase a wood floor. The owner talked us through the various products, came to our house to look at the area it was for, measured up, checked the subfloor etc. He then recommended a product for us, ordered it and arranged for "his team" to come out and fit. He arranged the day and time they were to come out and told us that we should pay them cash on the day. In the meantime, he took moisture readings, spoke to the manufacturer and also the manufacturer of the underfloor heating we'd had put down, to check what u
  11. I proved that BG had overbilled for six years and I believe the documentation establishes proof that they accpeted this. When finally pushed in a corner, they refunded one year of overbilling ayaing that they were not required to go back more than one year. Can this be correct? Eam
  12. In the post below is a set of FAQ's sent by RLP to one alleged shoplifter and in my opinion it is full of misleading information. I have tried to respond in a factual way but if I am wrong, I would hope to be picked up on it. The post below could not have been made without the excellent assistance of Stu007. While it is my strong belief the above is factual, I am not legally trained however to go further, here are two opinion from Richard B Mawrey QC on behalf of RLP http://www.lossprevention.co.uk/pdf/RLP~opinion.pdf http://www.lossprevention.
  13. Had a good job, career, home, money, etc. Then had a prolonged period of inactivity, debts piled up, not opening letters, spiral of anxiety and stress. blah, blah. Now, for past year or so, been earning, and getting back on feet. Looking to start paying back, and deal with all my debts. Have done as much due diligence as I can, and need some pointers. I have a number of creditors, with debts totalling around 45K. Have been paying token payments of £1 to most, some more. Looking to get StepChange advice and help. But also need some idea of full and final offers to re
  14. There has been discussion on whether some jailed for life should be kept inside for the whole of their lifes. Should this be the case, no matter how much it costs or should the government look at other options ? If someone is kept in a maximum security prison for 50 years, that would cost approximately £2.5 million. This is the equivalent of the tax paid by 500 full time workers on average salaries. How would these people feel that their hard earned tax is going on paying for murderers meals, accommodation, plus their funeral costs at the end of their life ? While I do not suppor
  15. I need some help, I am writing on behalf of my friend. She moved Italy 3 months ago due to her husband's work relocation, they found a property through an estate agent which they viewed on skype. They liked the property and they paid all the relevant fees by a bank transfer. The property was to be managed by the letting agent. They moved to the UK and they signed the contract for the property the day before their move in date. The contract stated the property was to be fully furnished. The day they moved in they found that the property was empty apart from a fridge freezer
  16. Dear all, I hope this is the correct sub-forum to post such a question. Some background: I live on a private street in North East London, it is a gated street. Outside the gate there is a double yellow line on the narrow street. This double yellow line is used by many local businesses as a car park, free-for-all. Of late parking on this narrow stretch is becoming tighter and tigher, with cars often 'double parking' and blocking access, by car, to my gated street. This same narrow stretch of un-gated street also serves an underground car park, belonging t
  17. I moved out from my old flat at the beginning of last month but still haven't got my deposit back. The agent told me the landlord will contact me to make an agreement on the amount of money returning to me, but he never contacted. When I called, first he asked me to prove I have paid all the bills. After this he asked for a very high price for cleaning of sofa and mattress, but the inventory form never said I made them dirty. Now the lady who answered my following phone call said he was ill and I have to wait until next week for a reply. Somehow this lady also mentioned something like she is t
  18. Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me? I have received a letter this morning regarding my sons child support. it says they have looked at my case again and there is no change to his maintenance. I contacted agency as I have not had contact with them for a long time and thought this had been sent in error. It is something regarding my ex and they wont tell me anything. I understand data protection and all, and I have no contact with him so no idea as to what is what. I know it hasnt been reassessed. Theres a part of the letter I dont understand. It says 'This is because,
  19. hi i just started work for the first time ever and half my wages is goin in tax:x looked at code and its OT W1 asked round and nobody heared of it and cant find any info on net bout it so thought you guys might be able to shed some light on subject for me? and how long will it take to sort out or how fast can i get it sorted as thinking of leaving work as bills higher as not getting full benefits as working and have 3 kids to feed plus myself and gettin less money as of tax code please help thanks all xx:smile:
  20. Thanks for this forum. This is my first post so i hope that someone can help me. I recently received an A2 income support review form, which isn't due but not unusual in itself. The strange thing is that it had a "GI/CI" stamp on the first few pages, and a cover letter which isn't from my usual jobs/benefits office. On the envelope i'm supposed to send it back in has a particular persons name on it so i am getting anxious that i am under investigation . It also had this GI/CI stamp on the envelope. Does anyone know what this means? TIA
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