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  1. You can pay less than £100 to stepchange - a dmp is not a legally binding agreement - you pay what you can afford. If you have a positive chance at the tribunal, i recommend contact stepchange and ask them if you could go on token payments also i read your debts are quite old, did you have contact from all creditors constantly? if any of your creditors haven't contacted you regarding a debt for more than 6 years it is 'Statue Barred' now which means that the debt is outstanding but is not enforceable. look into it and I do understand it is difficult for you to tell your partner about this situation, you need to let the companies know of your mental health and inform them as you are going through finanical and health issues, they should consider stopping int and charges on your accounts as not considering to do so will detoriate your health and teh companies will potentially be breaching FCA code
  2. Hello All I need help I booked a holiday with a company and they now want to charge me for a name amendment as per the company my partner who book the holiday using my phone and my details (email etc) booked a holiday for us whilst i was present with her she spelt our names correctly and the agency is saying that it was spelt incorrectly hence we need to pay the charge now cut the story short - when we brought this to agency's attention, they were very rude, sent a call recording from their system which sounds snipped and edited we complaint and told the company that we suspect the call is edited etc Now the thing is I have a copy of teh call in my phone (i have this app in my phone which records all incoming and outgoing calls from this phone) and in this recording our names are spelt crystal clear and correct !! but the agency people are saying we have amended this recording to 'suit us' I mean its a mere phone how on earth I would do that i do wnat to complaint to someone higher up like regulator, but dont know where i stand and how much weight this recording in my phone holds. The holiday company has been less than helpful, being really belligerent, accused us of editing our phone recording and threatened of involving police to which we said by all means they should do as its about principle and honesty. the business then backed off and said its a civil matter !! where do i stand with this as i m feeling really cheated and hurt because of thsi behaviors and dont want them to get away with this i look forward for your replies
  3. Thanks for your reply. The reason I put them on my CV is tat I work in financial services n the checks are thorough, I wasn't sure if p45 would show them on my records plus if it got known at later stage I might be done for gross misconduct. So I thought to be honest. Then I involved the union in the matter as it was a big shock to my crisp career history that I was dismissed on 5 weeks worth of job, the union rep spoke to this company n got me an email saying that dismissal won't show on "standard reference" but I m not really sure what to expect from this company who decided in 5 weeks of employment that they did a mistaje in interview n hired a wrong person. Don't know should I trust them re what they are saying in email to union rep I just want some peace
  4. Yeah I understand. The funnier part is they never mentioned any of this on my termination letter, it just said - u r not up to marks with probation standard hence we are dismissing u. !?! I understand its not in my hands mostly now but they agreed not to mention dismissal in any interview I have - my union rep got this to mW in email, I still can't trust them even though I have got this in writing Let's try n see it from this way, based on this email thy shpuld not mention dismissal on my reference but if they do, can I sue them or bring a legal charge against them Thanks
  5. Hello All I was dismissed frm my 5 weeks old job in probation - the real reason was i questioned company's process fo charging interest to their customers and that wasnt really taken well by management few days later i was told i havent been performing up to probabtion standards hence i m dismissed !! now i have to put them as my employer on new application forms i m filling in for another job the issue is if th prospective employer asks for reference what would this company (who dismissed me) say ? i have an email frm the peoples head of this old company where he said i do not need to tell any prospective employer about my dismissal as they are sensitive to my future employment - this email came to me via my union rep so now the question is on the back of this email - would this company not provide actual reason for my contract end? or if they tell them i was dismissed would they have to back it up with any evidence of unsatisfactory performance? what should i do now i have been offered a job subject to references !!! please help i cannot handle any more anxiety attacks regards
  6. Hello all I have got a job offer over the phone which I accepted however I have not recd any contract yet. The job starts in first week of June as per the discussion over the phone. Now what kind of contracts are issued in UK when ppl have gaps (time duration) between verbal offer n joining date - conditional or unconditional The reason I ask so is I have been contacted by other co who wants to make an offer but I m not sure should I accept the second offer or not. Both are equally good, but I would really want to go for an offer where they have completed my references prior to joining as I had a bit of issue with my prev employer Any advice on type of contract issued with time gap between verbal offer n joining date would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hello All i have a question relating to situation I am in My contract was terminated in probabtion without apparent reasons - the letter issued says 'unsatisfactory performance' and i was there for 5 weeks only Now I contacted my union rep, who in turn contacted the people policy director of business and expressed my concerns over this as i have a very good career record and this new job was just not for me and they asked me to leave Now the union rep has sent me an email showing his conversaton with the people director, where he said that I do not need to mention any 'dismaissal' however i can say that the emloyment didnt worked out for my future interviews, which i did Now i m still in trouble rather mental deliama that can this previous company's HR/Salaries dept say that 'reason for leaving - dismissal in probationary period'' and if they do so what can i do to remedify this situation I m ver stressed as I m about to join a new job (thank god for that) and they will obv do referencing for past 5 years employment any advice would be greatly appreciated
  8. I just came across a very peculiar situation has any one heard that some employers provide personal acctack alarms/rape alarms at work ? would u work for an employer who gives you rape alarm for personal safety
  9. It is for a colleague who wants to know about the terms of x ntract but at this minute do not have access to internet. Its not hypothetical but is not related to my own query
  10. Hi HB No, its a general employment contract query
  11. Thanks for reply. They aren't two same products fundamentally. One of them is short term loan like a pay day loan and other is a large amount loan which isn't launched yet but still in process of bring designed. I'm just trying to get my head around it.
  12. Hello All I just had a quick query regarding employment contracts. Should a worker only be authorised /required to work under the job title they are contracted for.. For example - if someone is hired for gaurator loan process and there contract says their job title gaurantor loan worker. And. If the employer has asked them to work for another loan which isn't a gaurantor loan but say a short term loan similar to wonga ...... Is the employer breaching contract Thanks
  13. Hello All I need some advice, some of you would have read my earlier post but i feel i didnt really gave much info I was dismissed in probation - I know I have No rights what so ever for any tribunal claim I m not wanting to do one either - also i m not after any money or compensation sounds strange BUT I actually want to negotiate teh terms of reference my situation I applied for this job via an agency in Nov last year - they got back to me in december confirmed teh employment from future date in feb/march nearer teh time they got in touch gave me the start date - i gave my notice from prev job and all that in the interview (whih was very comprehensive) they told me that teh product is not launched yet and its a new product and detailed what it will entail plus how much training and support will be there now i joined the job - teh product was to be launched in mid march - which never did launched till date and they had no computer systems ready to work or train on - till now they arent in place - SO what we were training on ! NOTHING some part of the product feature were ready trained on that for few days - some call scripts that will be used when someone buys that product - NO SUCH real trainung of the product what so ever then they put us in a call centre fucntion they do for another product in the business without any training on that and asked us to take calls in a call centre !! without any knowledge of product i didnt wanted to take call and i just siad that i want to sit with people who work there and learn more before I go on teh phones AND THAT WORKED AGAINST ME 3 days after this ''resistance'' (my won way of learning what actually those other employees with that product training are doing) to take call on a product i know nothing about I took calls for two full days with all teh knowledge i could teach myself from just listening to those guys i sat with in last three days ............. 2 days later they called a meeting and told me i failed probation !! its not fair but again i no i dont have tribunal rights BUT BECAUSE OF THESE PEOPLE NOW I HAVE BEEN DISSMISSED FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN MY CAREER OF 5 YEARS in meeting i tol them i do have potential definitley else why other companies which are 20 -40 times size of this business would employ me for that long?? teh answer to that was we DID A MISTAKE IN INTERVIEW AND WE CANT CONTINUE WITH YOU BECAUSE YOU NEED EXTRA TRAINING AND WE DO NOT HAVE RESOURCES !!! i just want to know can in any way i can come to an agreement with ths company to convert my ''termination'' to a resignation?? i do NOT want to work with them ever and do not want any moeny off them just a plain agreement In a nutshell i have failed probation from a job where the product i was hired for is not launched none of teh systems are ready and no actual training was done on THAT product i was hired for, how COULD I FAIL PROBATION?? any lawyer, union or even MP would be able to help ?? The reason I want the negotiation is - as i m looking for new jobs tehre is a question in employment form ''have you ever been dismissed from any office'' the answer to that would be Yes but i m not incompetent - i can explain my point to the future employer inan interview but declaring this information on my application as last employer dimissed me would seriously jeopradise my chances of getting that interview :( what do you folks advice i m sincerely thankful to all teh patience and effort you put in answering my query
  14. thanks for yor replies I have spoken to a previous colleague she adviced i should leave the job off my cv and tell the gap as personal reason for leaving previous employer which is true in a way when i joined thsi job i had some issues going at home and i had to travel 3 hrs a day to get to my old job which i liked and did very well there, even after getting a pay rise i chose to joing this new job (from where i m dismissed) because it was closer to home and gave me enough time to focus on personal issues,(which i sorted out within two weeks of changing jobs) but i wasnt aware this new job would become anew perosnl issue in my life my only concern is if i will leave it off my cv is there nay way my new employer would find this out??
  15. any advice SP I have recd the letter today saying that as i didnt had a decent performance my employment is terminated in probation, nothing about rights to appeal
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